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Hi everyone!

Hi everybody it’s nani how you doing today i am great i am back today with another dollar tree haul for you and i found some awesome stuff as usual they just keep knocking it out of the park i’m telling you did you guys see what was in my thumbnail they have these i’m going to show it on this side because there’s too much noise here they have these really cute

New candle holders i think that’s what they’re called what does it say here taper candle holder they reminded me i mean i know they’re very modern looking but they kind of reminded me of the old time candle holders that people would use before there was electricity on the more modern aspect of it so i went ahead and i had a box of these in the drawer and i just

These are the emergency candles five hour by luminescence emergency candle and you get six in here i had these opened in the drawer so i went ahead and put one in here to show you i did pick up two of these and these fit very very wobbly but they do fit in there nicely so i thought that was really cute but i also picked up a pack of their tapers in red i’m gonna

Go ahead and open these you get two in here bioluminescence table taper candles and these are unscented and they are 10 inch let me see if i could open this there we go i’m gonna make a mess of the box because i’m going to open it i want to see if they fit let me do this i just broke the tip of it off dang it that’s all right i broke the tip right off but i’m

Going to go ahead and try to fit this in oh these fit nicely they’re very tight but they fit great look how long they look guys and then this one has the little emergency which i actually like better i like the shorter candle better but i thought those were so nice not sure i don’t know maybe the longer one will grow on me aren’t they nice so yeah i picked up two

I’m gonna use these in my christmas decor somewhere very nice just different they just keep coming out with different things and they also have the taper candles these tall red ones they also have them in white but i do have several in white already so i picked up another pack of the red i think i picked up a couple red not too long ago but i grabbed one more pack

While they were there i grabbed them so and i know they still have these off and on in the store as well then let me see i needed some duct tape yep it’s my duct tape out of the cabinet i have my secret stash somewhere it disappeared into hubby’s stuff i don’t don’t know what he was doing with duct tape i know what he was doing he was actually he cleaned the dryer

Vent and he needed some duct tape so that’s where it went keep some of this on hand guys and if you haven’t cleaned your dryer vents yet this year for the fall clean your dryer vents it’s very very important to do that if you can’t do it have the neighbor kid come have your you know one of your kids do it clean your dryer mint but these are just a nice little

Pack to have on hand by tool bench hardware duct tape and it is how many it is 10 yards 1.89 inches wide and this is just the silver they also had it in black and dark blue all different colors but i just grabbed the silver it didn’t really matter to me what the color was another boring item i don’t think i have any food i have no food in this haul how did that

Happen needed some more freezer bags thanks hunt miss is right around the corner so everybody’s going to be out hunting and i needed some freezer bags and i like the dollar tree bags they work great for me and you get 20 bags in here they’re sure fresh heavy duty freezer in the court size 20. you get more in the box without the little slide or zipper slider thing

So i i don’t care for that little slip zipper thing so i always get the 20. and i think it’s maybe 13 with the little zipper slider and i also got the gallon size is it the right way gallon size same thing no zipper and it’s 13. for the gallon these work great for me i use them for everything that i put in the freezer never have a problem with freezer burn using

These they work very very well so i picked these up quite often had a little fail real quick i threw this in back in the bag so i could show you this is one of the car air fresheners i wanted to get it to try it i vowed to myself i would never buy car air fresheners from the dollar tree again but this one caught my eye it was in around round like little container

And the top it had a foil you pull it off and then it had another lid that you could adjust the top like a little vent thought i’d give it a try it smelled great like when you open it up it smelled amazing it does absolutely nothing we couldn’t even smell it in the vehicle at all i just that’s it for me and car air fresheners from the dollar tree other than the

Little tree brand i like those the little hangy christmas tree shaped ones i like those my leg my power just clicked i don’t know if you saw that but the power just clicked wonder what that’s about but anyway i won’t buy these ever again the smiths the scent’s amazing it just you can’t smell it after you put it in the vehicle it’s by driver’s choice this was in

The hawaiian no big fail big big fail i saw these in the makeup section and i thought this was very different i don’t think i’ve ever seen these before they’re by sassy and chic and you guys all know i do my nails myself all they’re not done of course i actually have a set ready to go i just didn’t put them on but i thought i would give these a try they are for um

Putting stamps on your nails this is the little stamper this is the little metal plate you put your nail polish on here and it gives you all the directions but you put a little tiny bit of nail polish you clean it off with a scraper and then you use this little rubber stamper thing you roll it over whichever part of the sheet you did whichever design you want it

Gets transferred onto here and then you just roll it on your nail so i thought that was very different i’ve never seen them do something like this sorry for the glare guys it’s very hard for me to get that without the glare showing but they had a couple different plates to choose from and i just grabbed this one and then they had just these with the actual stamper

Fit all the directions are on the back on how to do it it’s very simple and there is kind of a learning curve to it i used to do it years ago and got away from it but i thought why not give it a try again and see see how it works great little stocking stuffer idea if you have a young lady in your life that’s just getting into playing with nail polish doing her nails

Or if you know someone that does their own nails grab a few nail polishes make a nice little gift bag so i’ll just grab one of each just to give them a try they had some of their christmas towels these are the microfiber the ones that stick to your hands but these felt different they feel better and it does say on here something heavier weight 100 polyester these

Are by christmas house does say microfiber kitchen towels but i really liked this one this one says wishing you a merry christmas and it has the little red wagon with the gifts in the christmas tree i thought that was really pretty and it is on both sides you could also cut these in half and make a pillow out of it i always save my old bed pillows just a couple of

Them to use when i want to make stuffed pillows myself i just pull the stuffing out fluff it up and shove it in and it works but i grabbed that one and then i grabbed this one that said have yourself a merry little christmas and it has the red truck and the barn and on the other side it does have some christmas trees it would make a great pillow so i went ahead

And just grabbed one of each and it is on both sides of both of them and the little pillows are so easy to make you don’t even need to need to sew really if you have a hot glue gun just hot glue around the edges cut it in half hot glue around the edges you know put them stuff whatever you know what i’m talking about i grabbed a few christmas plates and napkins

They’re coming out with all these things and i like having these on hand i need to get my fall and not my fall but like my thanksgiving ones out and start using them but now i’m stocking up for christmas and they had these cute little snowmen with christmas trees and the matching napkins so i grabbed one pack of each these this is an 18 count and does it have the

Dimensions on here my glasses almost fell down they’re 8.75 rounds very cute and then you get 24 of the napkins and they are 13 inch square so i grabbed one of each of those and i’m not sure if these were from last year if you guys know that let me know it really doesn’t matter to me but kind of curious if they’re coming out with different ones but these i know

They had out last year because i remember picking these up and you get 18 in here as well 8.75 inch rounds and the napkins you also get 24 13 inch square and they’re the red plate with the red and white snowflakes thought those were really nice and we don’t use these just for like family dinners and things me and hubby use these ourselves just you know if we’re

Having a slice of pizza or making a sandwich or whatever you know don’t want to dirty up a bunch of dishes we go ahead and use the the paper plates and napkins why not they’re cute i like having them around are they a great deal no you can go and get a big pack of napkins at dollar tree or walmart or whatever but i like these they make me smile they make me happy

I love it and then they had these they had another one that was gingerbread themed but somebody had destroyed the cover of it it was all ripped up there was no way for me to fix it but oh i wanted it so bad and there was no more so i picked up this one just to let you guys see it i think these are well worth a dollar 25 this is gnomes and friends and it says there’s

Over 40 puffy stickers in here it’s an activity book a sticker activity book and i just thought the stickers in here were amazing am i stuck oh they actually have the the page kind of glued together why i don’t know not sure why they have that glued together like that probably just to keep it so you can see it i don’t want to destroy it because this is going to

Be as a gift guys but they are the prettiest stickers and the gingerbread man one was amazing i should have bought it just i could have ripped it apart and used it but all the pretty stickers in there and then it has your activity book inside so many different things and what i liked is a lot of these pages are in color usually when you get an activity book it’s

All just black and white these are actually in color and there’s little stories and just like this one circle the bear that is sledding in the opposite direction just different things to have to do let the kids have it while getting ready for dinner getting ready to open packages keep them occupied and there’s even in the back there’s postcards that your kids can

Fill out give to people it says press out the card and complete it with your own message and share it with somebody special just i thought this was so nice and then in the back there’s more um not as fancy stickers in the back of the book like in the front they’re all kind of glittery and sparkly but in the back they’re they’re playing and these were all on an end

Cap in the store they had a big display of all different kinds of activity books these were amongst those and i am on the lookout for the gingerbread man because the gingerbread man one because i it was very nice and the stickers were amazing in that one but the whole cover was all ripped up and you could tell somebody had tried to open it and i mean they just

They ripped it horribly so this is going to go as a gift and i think that’s it guys i found some really cool things i just i love the dollar tree you just never know what you’re gonna find and it’s they just keep getting better and better it’s all right everybody i’m gonna get off of here and get this stuff put away i was nibbling on some sunflower seeds before

I made this video and i’m just hungry i need to go make myself something for lunch so i hope you guys are doing well if you like this type of thing please subscribe i’d love to have you as part of my youtube family you guys mean the world to me have a great day everybody and i’ll talk to you again here really soon peace

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