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DRESSLILY Fall Haul | How much 50 Can Get You | Shirts, Pants, And Dresses

This was a pretty great haul. Hope you enjoyed this video!

Foreign hey guys it’s me melissa and welcome back to my channel today we have another dress really dress lily haul um they contacted me to see if i wanted to show you kind of a little bit of a fall haul and i was saying like hey it’s been fall for a little bit melissa not in florida not in florida so like your winter is like our fault so i picked out myself

Um it was supposed to show you kind of 150 worth of things you get on the site so i picked out seven items that i think are pretty cute a lot of them would be a little bit more lightweight due to the fact that i do live in florida but i did pick up two pairs of pants and these pants fit i’m gonna be over the moon this is also the first video i’m filming after

Coming back from the cruise even though it’s coming out much after it um i almost feel like i was a little nervous i was like do i still know how to film do i still know how to do this we we had a great time everything was good i got a little bit of color but i don’t really go on the sun that much because i do skincare for a living so like i said this is a dress

Really haul i’m gonna put the link for dress lily down below a code to save you 20 off on the site and also the links to all the products that i am products clothing i am testing out today or showing you or trying on or whatever we’re also going to try out a different filming for where i’m gonna try the clothing on see if that works better um still crazy town

Over here still working on that so i think i’m just gonna show all seven items i think maybe i’ll go like tops first then bottoms then dresses yeah look at that all right so we got three different tops three yeah three different tops this is 14.99 you know i love me some tie-dye and this is just a lightweight long sleeve and also i’ll put the picture when i’m

Trying them on so you can see the difference or what it looks like and on the model and one on me but yeah it’s a cotton blend it is soft and it is tie dye and you can’t go wrong with that then the next top we’re gonna try on was 18.99 that’s a little bit heavier weight also all the products all the items i got in a size medium and usually that fits me really well

Um sometimes i could get smalls but i’d rather have a little bit of room or even room for if they’re going to shrink at all so this is number two this is kind of like a basic thermal you want to call it a thermal but jazzier because it’s got the buttons can you button it up no so that’s just like a button for like just aesthetically pleasing button and then this

One is even heavier so we’re going like lighter a little bit thicker and then this is the heaviest one this is 18.99 and this is definitely heavier than other ones but still like a little bit more lightweight kind of ribbed at the bottom and it’s got that little pouch because you just love a little little pouch plus this cute little detailing that makes it a little

More feminine on that yeah so this is definitely gonna be like a warmer one that i might wear late december january february is still a little cold so we got that so let me go do that maybe we’ll try on the shirts then we’ll go to the pants and then we’ll go to the dresses so let me figure this all out i’m gonna film it over there and just in advance i put like a

Glitter tablecloth over the tv so there was no glare but it’s cute all right so let’s try these shirts on all right so here we have the first one it’s very comfy and it’s not super tight which i love i probably could have fit into a small but i still am happy that i got a medium also yes this is goldie or fair fish that’s been around for over a year this is their

Third tank so you know and this is the other side of my living room minus this is ashley tv but yeah i like this i like this a lot the bottom is kind of like not fitted at all so it’s kind of very flowy definitely see you wearing this i don’t know why i like tie-dye i wasn’t born in the 60s it’s not like a cute pattern i don’t know it’s just me but yeah super soft

Loving how it looks loving how it feels let’s try on the next one and here we have this one which yet again also i could get a small on this curly sure no problem but i don’t mind because i could even i’m wearing a pair of blade jeggings if you could even like tuck it in like this and a pair of jeans i have the back kind of relaxed like that very soft very comfy

Like the detail like i have one it’s a black one like this but it’s just like a back in the day thermal and this one definitely makes it look a lot more feminine and i wish i could see it like you know i feel like if i got the the small it would be more like form-fitting like this and then i would not have liked it so yeah i’m happy i got the medium and it may

Even shrink a little bit in the washer and dryer yeah this was also very very comfy very very good for florida but it’s actually still warm right now all right now for the warmest one let’s go try that on all right so here’s this one and even for it being a medium it’s a little it’s definitely more snug it’s not as relaxed as the other one is i love the pockets

And then you can always wear it like this or you remember how back in the day we all did like this make it look a little poofy to do that too um but it’s got the cute little details the cute little detail is on the pocket too again right now i can’t be wearing this the sun’s a shining out there but in the winter this would be something i’m gonna do i was never

Always having a bunch of little like zip ups but i think i’m just kind of over the zip ups now like i’m at a certain age where i need to have like an outfit or something but yeah so i think this one’s really cute it is definitely a lot warmer and the other ones for sure but it’s very comfortable and it’s ribbed up here too it’s a little extra with the ribbage

Cribbage does that work all right now now let’s you know i almost want to like just stay right here and show you the other stuff that might be easier for me you won’t see paco let’s try this time okay i put my other shirt back on because it’s hot so now i got two pairs of pants now i’ve never ordered pants from dress lily that weren’t like leggings so these

Are like legit pants if they fit i’m gonna be so excited i wouldn’t be able to even contain it so these were 21 or 21.99 they’re corduroy the model looks so cute on oh and they’re stretch huh i didn’t even know that i thought they were like actual like you had to like set them up well there’s a zipper there’s zipper on the side it looks like they’ll definitely

Be a little bit long on me but they look long on her but i can always other bell bottom-esque i’ll have to bring you down when i try them off um but i really want them to fit i really want them to fit well they look super comfy and then the other pair i don’t know i really want these to fit so bad i can’t even stand it these were 20 and 23.99 foreign medium

And they are those like leather pants but not really leather like faux leather oh if these fit and they’re skinny if these bed don’t be so happy i don’t know why but this would be a really cute i’ve seen like my clients coming in and stuff like this like to wear out dinner or something um yeah i’m just hoping it works out so let’s try on these and then we’ll go

From there stay fit guys yay and you know is that they’re more high-waisted which i’m kind of been crushing on now um yes and they’re comfy let’s see if they’ve passed the crack test no crack coming out oh my gosh and they’re not even that long if you look i could probably still wear these little pair of shoes or maybe just take like a cuff up they’re really

Not that long i’m five foot two i’m not gonna tell you how much away because i’m not weighing myself but yeah wow i’m so excited they fit so excited they fit i’m so excited that i have a pair of cords that are i mean they fit like well black is hard to show up on camera but they fit well yeah i’m excited now let’s cross our fingers for the other ones let’s try

Them on and we hit a winner again look they said and there’s pockets i don’t even know there’s like real legit pockets one on each side two in the back that it’ll do it pockets it probably doesn’t show as well on camera but look at them what are they watching it just regular all through the thing and they are like a little long on me but you can’t really tell

They just bunch up a little bit at the bottom i don’t really care these are so comfy too i don’t know why i thought that they were going to be so form-fitting that they were like choking you but they are not this reminds me of like going to the club pants back in the day isn’t it funny how you can tell like when i have a item where i was like yeah yeah oh my

Gosh and one regular price for him too okay i’m super stoked about these now we’re gonna move on to the dresses yet again i think i’m just gonna stay here uh we’ll probably end the video over there so you can see paco again and what is a dress silly haul without dresses so i did get two dresses some of you guys like to see dresses i’ve actually been like shying

Away this summer from dresses and going more towards shorts and shirts i think if i’ve been doing more like active type things so this is a long war one not all the way to the floor oh dropped it i didn’t say what it was either 24.99 24.99 and it’s a longer one tie at the top which i i’m gonna try i’m gonna try to try it on as it is yeah so it’s a longer one

Feels to me like cotton i know it’s like a cotton blend or something so we got that one and for the final item trying on today is 14.99 also these are size medium too nowhere in the pants i’m still loving them all right so this is definitely out of my wheelhouse um long sleeve but shorter it’s got that like baby doll vibe to it i don’t think i have anything

That is long sleeve and a dress i never put that two and two together but we’re gonna try them on and see how it goes and here we go we have this now kind of i’m definitely gonna have to tie these up a little bit more um now this one i definitely think i could have gotten a small it feels unless it’s supposed to be like i need to look at the picture supposed to

Be like super mega flowy um which it could be it could be supposed to be like super mega flowy but i think i could have got a small in it it goes pretty much all the way down to my feces so for me being five two this is a long dress whereas if you’re really tall it might be one of those what they call minis worth it a little bit above your ankle mini i’m not

Down on the terms guys yeah as you can see leave my bras coming out so i definitely have tied up a little bit more hopefully it wouldn’t annoy me where it sits right here but i’m not sure um but it’s a little big dollar company definitely got some like weight to it yeah this could definitely be an option for me in the fall and or winter with just like a little

Jean jacket black jacket something like that on yeah here we go get a little spinachy that’ll work probably not all right so now let’s try on the other dress and here’s this one it’s definitely that like baby doll oh that’s a that’s a good spin it feels weird to me obviously having sleeves and a dress on at the same time but in the fall when it gets to be fall

At some point you know it’ll be something i will probably wear uh it does have these elastic bands right here but nothing here is tight anywhere yet again this could be another one that i could have possibly gotten in a small i got room to grow no just kidding the spin again that’s a good one all right so now let’s go down over there and get a little glints of

Paco and we’ll finish this video i mean all in all i’m pretty happy with this haul those pants the fact they both fit me dreams um i’m so warm right now you like i know a lot of you watching this and you’re like freezing but it’s just it’s so different from the north to the south i couldn’t imagine if i was in miami right now like it would be i’d be dying but

Like even just having long sleeves on right now i’m like so yet again i’m going to tell you that the link for dress release down below a code to save you 20 office down below and also the links to all these products are also down below uh dress lily is more than just dresses they have a wide selection of sizes of stuff you could possibly want and more and also if

You’re down with like holiday attire they have so much holiday christmas halloween um dresses and outfits like that is a place to go if you want to find a cute christmas dress or um leggings or things like that so he’s out he chose pillow today he was like i’m all set with my bed like this video give it a thumbs up if you have any comments or any questions please

Put them down below and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible if you haven’t yet subscribed do it well thank you guys so much for watching i hope you have an amazing day i’ll see you soon bye

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DRESSLILY Fall Haul | How much $150 Can Get You | Shirts, Pants, And Dresses By The Cheap Chick