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Dry Hair Routine – Restore Moisture and Health to Your Hair


Dryness is one of the most common hair problems out there but it’s actually really easy to fix so why do so many people have this problem if there’s an easy fix because nobody showed them how to actually fix it welcome to hair university today we’re going over a hair routine that will fix even the driest of hair and like i said it’s really easy if you’re able to

Watch this video you’re able to fix dry hair let’s get into it first part is you need to understand that there’s really no such thing as dry hair it’s so easy to fix no one really has dry hair it’s kind of like describing yourself as a hungry person nobody goes on a first date and describes himself as hungry it’s just it’s weird it’s so temporary and easy to fix it’s

Not really a thing and dryness and hair is the exact same it’s so temporary and easy to fix and everyone deals with it it’s not a thing really the only difference with hunger is that you know exactly how to deal with it and make it go away but with hair you don’t know so that’s what we’re going to teach you so by the end of this video asking what’s the best shampoo

For dry hair is going to sound just as ridiculous as asking what’s the best food for a hungry person so let’s get into it if you don’t know me my name is chris i own a hair salon called live love locks we try out every new hair product and bring the best ones to you i make these videos because way too many people have unhealthy hair and i don’t want you to be one

Of them to combat dryness you need to understand what creates dryness and the answer to that is pretty much everything going outside being out in the environment dying your hair styling your hair only using shampoo and conditioner not using the right products all of those things will create dryness in your hair so it’s pretty much everything your hair is actually

Really similar to your skin i like to use this comparison because everybody knows that there’s different skin types and everybody knows that you need to help your skin stay moisturized hair is the exact same way so today we’re going to figure out how to help your hair stay moisturized the worst thing about dry hair is that it loses its strength as it dries out it

Gets brittle and damaged and starts to break off and damage is actually little holes in the outside protective layer of your hair and it’s not bad just because it looks bad it’s bad because those holes actually make it harder for your hair to retain moisture it will leak right out of the holes so you get this vicious cycle where dry hair gets damaged and brittle the

Damage creates more holes in the hair which means it loses more moisture so it gets drier and even more damaged let’s step back for a second i know this sounds really bad but here’s the thing it’s actually an easy fix the point i’m trying to make here is that you and your hair are team you need to help it out and if you let it continue to be dry it’s only going to

Get worse so let’s fix it now before it gets worse the first thing you need to understand about keeping hair healthy and moisturized is that it’s made up of two different components number one of course is moisture but number two you actually need your hair to have the ability to retain moisture the first part moisture is super straightforward conditioner or hair

Mask will put a ton of moisture in your hair but if it were that easy why do so many people still have really dry hair the answer of course is the moisture is only half the game you need products to add moisture and products to help retain moisture in other words you can use a ton of moisturizing products but if it can’t retain that moisture it’s just gonna leak

Right out and leave you with dry hair you’re gonna be super frustrated and wondering what you’re doing wrong so believe it or not with that simple framework you now understand hair dryness better than most stylists so congratulations on that now we’re gonna actually build you a hair routine with specific products to get both moisture and moisture retention we’re

Gonna start out by prioritizing moisture retention because if your hair can’t hold on to water it doesn’t matter how much you put in there it’s like a leaky bucket it’s gonna come right out the bottom remember that a minute ago i told you the damage was actually holes in the outside of your hair that allowed moisture to escape we need to figure out if your hair is

Damaged because if that’s a problem it has to be addressed first so how do you know if you have damage breakage is one of the easiest things to look for if some of your hair is much shorter than the length of your hair then some of it has broken off and that’s breakage another way to know is that your ends will split right after you get a trim like within a week

Or two that’s a sign of damage that the hair is unhealthy in the first place so it splits really quickly another way to tell is if your hair is looking duller if it’s lost that vibrant shiny look to it and now it looks kind of just like dull and uh it’s probably damaged so if you’re noticing those problems you probably have damage and we need to do something to

Repair that damage so your hair can retain moisture these things are super common in blondes because going blonde causes a lot of damage so if you’re noticing these things you have damage and we need to fix it for your hair to be able to retain moisture the best product for that is olaplex 3 you only need to use it once a week for 10 minutes if you want to see an

Entire video on that showing you exactly what to do i’ll link it right up here so essentially this will repair the holes in your hair that are allowing the moisture to leak out this basically gets the bonds that were originally holding the structure of your hair together in the first place to be created again just go with it all right so that’s a major win if you

Have damaged hair if you don’t have damaged hair don’t worry about this let’s go on to the next step which is moisture retaining products so after you wash and condition your hair it’s going to have tons of moisture in it that’s great but we’re smart and we know that shampoo and conditioner are not nearly enough to stop dry hair we know that your hair has no way to

Naturally retain the moisture from your conditioner so if we leave it alone at this point all the moisture is going to dry right out like we never even used the conditioner in the first place and if we allow that to happen like most people do that is an absolute disaster we retain basically zero percent of the moisture but what if you could retain 100 of the moisture

Your hair would go from here to up here it’s actually really easy let me show you how so let me unveil the first of two products that are going to help you accomplish this and it is leave-in conditioner and i’m not exaggerating when i say that this is the most important product of all time this hydrates your hair a little bit and that doesn’t sound that impressive but

Really the secret to what’s going on here is it forms a protective layer around the outside of your hair that locks in 100 of the moisture this completely transforms your hair without this your hair is basically like a broken fire hydrant if you’ve ever seen it it’s just spewing water all into the air that’s usually your hair without this this completely transforms

Your hair if you’re not using this you don’t care about your hair leave-in conditioner is one of those products where it’s already super light so it works for every single hair type this is the best one i’ve ever found it’s pure ologies color fanatic i highly recommend it it’s one of our best sellers if you want to see a video on the exact benefits and how to use it

I’ll link a video right up here but now let’s move on to the second and last moisture retaining product probably notice that your ends are the driest part of your hair and that’s completely normal if you think about it it makes complete sense not only are your ends the oldest and most damaged part of your hair they’re also completely exposed in other words i want

You to think of your hair like a pipe pipes always have this hard outside protective layer that lets the fluid go through the middle but your ends basically got cut so a pipe where the water is just flowing right out what we need to do is seal off your ends so the moisture can’t come out the end anymore and to do that we’re going to bring out the heavy artillery

Which is hair oil we’re going to be very very careful about hair oil because it’s so strong if you put too much in your hair will feel oily and gross so we’re only going to use a little bit here oil is great for sealing ends because oil does not mix with water so when you put this on your ends the water cannot pass through and escape this is so strong we’re only

Going to use a little bit it’s only going to be on our ends if you have a little bit left over you can use it on your mids but really on your ends don’t get too crazy if you want to see a video on exactly the benefits and exactly how to use it i’ll leave a link up here you have two options for hair oil if your hair tends to get weighed down really easily if you have

Fine or medium hair i really recommend olaplex 7 it’ll help your hair stay fresh and clean longer but if your hair is coarse and drinks up hydrating products i would recommend moroccan oil it’s much stronger this olaplex 7 isn’t going to do much if you have corsair you need something really strong like this all right so if you’re waiting for the hard part of what

You think that you’re not going to be able to do because you’re not that good at hair here it is no i’m i’m just kidding we’re totally done that’s the whole thing it’s super easy i told you you could do it all alright so quick recap hydrating your hair requires two things number one moisture and number two moisture retention which is equally important you have to

Have both moisture comes from using conditioner or hair mask forget all those other crazy products that you leave in overnight or whatever don’t worry about those conditioner or a hair mask after those products put moisture inside your hair your job is not to lock 100 of the moisture in your hair so it doesn’t leak out the absolute best way to do that is with a

Leave-in conditioner and a hair oil don’t go for any crazy or exotic products they don’t work nearly as well as these two if your hair is damaged and you’re experiencing a lot of breakage and super dry hair you should definitely use olaplex 3 to plug the holes that are actually allowing moisture to leak from your hair that is the entire routine feel free to take a

Screenshot so you can remember this later but healthy hair routines are actually really easy it’s the styling that’s the hard part so with this you should never have dry hair again just stick to the plan it’s really only two products don’t try to fudge it with this product or that product stick to the plan and i promise you you will see immediate results it’s not

Something that takes months to happen it’ll happen really quickly for you i wish you the best of luck i’m gonna link all the products in the description and if you have any questions leave a comment i’ll make sure to get back to you thank you so much for watching have a good one guys

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Dry Hair Routine – Restore Moisture and Health to Your Hair By Blowout Professor