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Reviewing and giving my thoughts on dumbbells and which ones you can go with. Also going over how I was able to acquire mine during this pandemic!

What’s going on youtube it’s just jc and today i’m going to go over one of the things that i feel like you need inside your home gym which are dumbbells so most of you may know that right now anything that involves gym equipment home gym equipment is going to be hard to find one of the biggest things that i found difficult for me during this pandemic were dumbbells

So with the dumbbells i was initially gonna go with some power blocks or adjustable dumbbells from both legs but i know with the kind of training that i want to do at home i needed things that could take a beating that i could drop and just wasn’t what i needed so i decided to go with some traditional dumbbells i looked into some and i found some of the rubber

Hex dumbbells rubber coated dumbbells i’m like all right perfect let’s get some one big problem though we’re in copenhagen it’s pandemic and everyone’s buying them they’re all sold out so what i did is i started doing some research and today i’m going to show you all what i ended up getting and i’m going to give you some tips about what to look for some of the

Differences in the dumbbells some of the not so big differences dumbbells and what helped me find what i needed so hopefully it can help you make a better decision for your home gym so let’s go ahead and check it out you can see i have pretty much a tire set from five in increments of five going up to 50 minus the 45 pound dumbbells which i am keeping an eye on

For but all of these are all made by cath so cap is a pretty known brand they sell at academy amazon walmart dick’s sporting goods all that so everyone knows this brand and it’s a pretty reasonable quality everything is good as far as the quality goes for the dumbbells here’s something i did not know all right so what i didn’t know is that obviously there are

Other brands like weeder rogue rep fitness all that stuff well here’s the thing i didn’t know for a majority of these dumbbells they’re all made and manufactured in the same place which i believe is in china so literally all this stuff they’re all the same the only thing you’re paying for is the name and the difference in how they stamped it so let me show you

What i’m talking about here’s a side by side comparison these are the cap dumbbells these are the weeders so almost exactly the same even to where the knurling marks are for your grip they’re the same same depth um the only difference that i can see is just the ends right here so it looks like they use kind of shorter ones for the weeders a little bit longer

Ones here but how they’re put together the rubber they use looks almost identical and the biggest difference that i you could visually see when looking at them is just the text they use other than that same exact dumbbells probably from the same manufacturer so even when you hold them right you can see from there and from there they’re even put together in the

Same exact manner obviously at this point you can’t tell which one is which right they feel the same um even when you’re carrying it even though the handle is slightly different the way the weight is distributed it’s all the same so weirder cat so after having the dumbbells for a little while now i can honestly tell you that it’s the same thing whether it’s

Cap weeder rose rep it’s all the same from what it looks like it even boils down to where they’re manufactured because it’s the same rubber they’re put together the same exact way there’s only some minor differences maybe of the handles they use but even then it feels the same in your hands and the text like me i have a little bit of ocd so i want all my stuff to

Match so i went ahead and made sure i got a matching 35 pound cap dumbbell set to replace the weirder ones i have but regardless they do what they do as far as weights go 35 pounds 35 pounds just make sure y’all keep an eye out on facebook marketplace on the academy or walmart or whatever web page or website that’s using make sure you keep an eye out to see when

Stuff is in stock or visit the stores you know that i know for me that’s what helped out i hope you all can find what you need hopefully this video helped you out if you allow like what you see if you like your sea starters think flies everywhere if you like what you see please hit the subscribe button and follow me on my instagram at dressjc i’m gonna post more

Videos on here and i’m gonna start posting my workouts because i don’t just buy this stuff to make videos actually work out so hopefully it’s helped y’all make a better decision or help you in your future decisions when you’re buying dumbbells or plates or wherever it is and i’ll see you all next time

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