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DVD16 pt 3 Joe Lewis What Bruce Lee Taught me

DVD16 pt 3 Joe Lewis What Bruce Lee Taught me

I’ll follow through your hand combination bruce wasn’t much for combinations except when he was working in the film industry but we once again two of the themes that he permeates his style is simplicity and movement so we try to keep everything down to just what works and when i work with bruce bruce i said there’s only one thing that does this work can i make this

Can i make myself a better fighter can you can i use this in a tournament tomorrow if i can’t throw it away i’m not interested in work with it as you can see these techniques are very simple the key here is learn to bridge that gap between the two of us it was a stickler he was a martinette for chewing your house explode bridge at gap pass coming off that fire line

And being able to bridge it got quickly and deceptively and i still work a lot of that quite a bit in my system today so now we’ve got a good lead off technique a good lead off to equal the hand upstairs good lead off technique with a leg downstairs now bruce took my sidekick i used to work a scientific off the left side stepping up and had four or five different

Ways of throwing it and he said joe i think you can get more power and i said sure sure bruce i’ve been working on this thing an hour a day every day seven days a week in okinawa gets a heavy bag and then i’d go through a three and a half hour class you’re going to show me how to get more power in a sidekick basically this is what he worked on as long as scruffy

Gets a heavy bag over here for a second and i’m just paying what is over here i just ron you want to get us this side of the heavy bag and hold it okay you got us in frame over there both of us am i still in frame okay i am frame now okay now watch let me take the shing pal most people when they throw a sidekick execute kicks against a heavy bag or focus pads or

Shields and against their opponents pretty much the same way i was showing you how they throw a traditional punch against the focus pad the way ron was holding against the shoulder while ago now hold it tight run hold it tight and come in and explode as hard as you can and it sort of stop the energy sort of freezes right there at impact hold it again rock all the

Time everything just sort of stopped what bruce tried to show me was instead of tightening up at the point of contact in other words right as you make contact on the cake don’t tighten up but relax release that energy follow through polluteness of your technique try to be water-like just like this bag here’s the water bag i’ll hold it tight again all right so you

Try to show amount of released energy but look a little more supplement yes notice how i got much more fall through an end of that bag got time and i drove ron back why same kick but there’s more fluteness in my body i was still exploding but that time when i exploded i didn’t tighten down by the point of contact i relaxed i was able to fully release convert my

Energy not to a force the impact but into a more of a flowing motion i was able to transcend the bag and send the energies through to run and therefore drive ron back it’s like taking three quarters you play a little game when you’re a kid you put two quarters flat side by side against each other on the table you take your finger you hold the center core in the

Center quarter you take a third quarter over here with this finger and you come up and you hit the stationary quarter and you send the other quarter to the opposite side sending off the side of the table well it’s the exact same principle that we’re utilizing here i don’t want to try to explain the physics involved but i just want to give you a visual idea what

It looks like hold it again releasing the interject point of impact are you driving your opponent back because everybody got the idea what i mean by how to get more power in your kicks all right now ron come back over here a second so now i had two good tournament techniques the 40-inch strike where i was able to be more effective with it and the sidekick which

I was already beating everybody with but now i had more explosive speed and i even had more power like i really needed powering point tournaments all right so that was able to make me a more proficient fighter now we went down and we started getting into um what bruce lee was really hot on and that was sticky hand movements right one face me right side forward we

Would do this little drill you see a lot of this in the all of the tiny styles and even some of the okinawan styles like waterloo which is a japanese style shitaru in particular the goju styles sticky hand movements the idea is here i’m working on a principle which bruce stress is called constant forward pressure the idea is i want constant pressure i want it to

Be forward at all times and i want it to be pressured so with the wrist we’re just touching the wrist unlike karate block where you walk up down out in the end you’re dispersing your energy you want all your energy going towards your point so slowly i would push towards him and he’d push back so i get a feel of where he’s at high or low everything is forward

Towards the opponent now we would do some sticky hand movements coming from here he would show me some inside fighting which is what we call trappy and watch let me break these zones down out here the outside zone we have kicking long range heating here’s the medium zone you have long range punches and short range kicks inside here is your trapping zone so now

We’re concentrating on becoming more efficient more proficient on the inside of the trapping zone here’s a little drill we used to work on to enhance my speed my deceptiveness of my forehand strike from this point here we take the rear hands everybody see my rear hand i come up i would trap his forward arm trap it now this is a trap it opens up a whole channel where

I can pathway straight to my opponent’s face without me knocking his hand to the side i’m just simply pulling it down as i pull it down it releases the energy on my front end the front end goes straight forward here was the key the traditional karate is according to bruce they would always block on the count of one punch on the counter too block on a count of one

Count your kick on the count of two everything happened in beats of two here we’re working on what we call economy of motion making your techniques faster so instead of going one two it was just simply a one as soon as i dropped here the hand was automatically there so i was able to move faster but i always thinking about this economy of motion principle now watch

Us do this drill he’s going to try a couple against me now when you trap with the rear hand do not turn the shoulder to use the hand do not go one two that’s incorrect everything is simply one and he’s going to try to trap the rear hand throw the punch in my face what i’m going to do is take my rear hand and as this punch comes far ones and try to block it so i

Got the idea now just try a few against me relax so you can move fast relax so you can move fast good relax on the inner punch try not leave that punch up to try to pull it back before i block it now good watch you’re gonna turn the shoulder a little bit now okay now let me try a couple with you nice and relax nice and relax oh then once you get the front

Hand down where are they looking good looks good dan you learned to trap the front end see i now trap the front end fine with the rear hand again he would block now if i trap if he traps here he starts to throw the punch holes up i can trap here crisscross his arm come over the top now this sticky hand stuff didn’t impress me what i used to do is go to parties

And i get my spar important up there and we do this little drill like this who could tag him first this really taught you how to use your peripheral awareness and develop an inner sixth sense of your opponent and it enhanced your timing speed and it stabilized your concentration okay and it really made you a better fighter if you could take this gimmick practice

Enough times and take it into a tournament context but here’s where it played well for me now scarf against me is a box left side forward right a box of what we do a lot is we do a lot of jams jab downstairs and jab upstairs and one of my favorite moves is a left hook simple love tuck however you want to throw it but let’s do it what i noticed is if i could get my

Opponent’s attention make him think i was going to throw a jab if i find a couple of jabs there burn a couple jabs at it now he’s watching my front hand then all of a sudden instead of jabbing the front hand i went through a jet with a rear hand but don’t turn the shoulder don’t turn the shoulder when i threw it just did the rear end out and i can incorporate some

Of the stuff that bruce lee showed me any full context and then full contact contact rather so watch make him take a couple jabs and come and make them take a couple jabs to come and guide him looking at the front hand got him looking at the left hand then all of a sudden i jab the rear end but notice i didn’t jab his head what did i check i knocked this front hand

Down i’m now trapped in the front hand notice i’m opening up for my favorite book left hook straight in switch that so you see how it look from the other side i’m here i’m sitting about making a couple jabs coming guys looking at the front hand and i was like boom notice what i did i trapped with the rear hand right hand with the left hook upstairs and this is

What i would do i would take the material that bruce lee would show me in terms of the mechanics of the drill then i would take the principle such as economy of motion independent motion and i would incorporate that in what i was already doing yet i would take that spiritual philosophy that he had that philosophical strategy that he always emphasized which few

Schools emphasize today and i would incorporate that i was able to dig down and tap something which was more innately me like i didn’t necessarily like a power sign for it ron spikes that way he smells foreign part of does that i spent one of the top world champions of all time he learned to put his power aside for it he slept and he fought left side left side

Forward bill wallace is left-handed he didn’t fight with the right side forward the greatest fighter of all time put his left side forward becoming world champion so there are people like that justin up bill wallace quite a number of them who proved bruce lee’s theories could be adapted in the real world in the traditional world and actually bring it across and

Actually make it work now to sort of wrap this up without our recapitulation there are a number of things bruce lee showed me what i’m showing you here probably took place in a matter of a month or two if you work on the drills you can learn them overnight but so far as the application of this material this is complicated stuff want to move forward inch right a

Little sidekick a little leg obstruction go out in the competition truck would just foreign part one time it doesn’t come easy you have to work on it that four hand strike i worked on it an hour every day for 14 months before i had it down the way i’m demonstrating here tonight um there are a number of other things bruce got into jit condos far more complex far

More involved then want to have demonstrated on this brief tape i just want to give you some insight and sort of point you in the right direction as bruce lee used to say as i’m pointing at the moon uh do not take my finger to be the moon one or the heck that meant so the same thing here don’t think that what i’m showing you here on this tape that this is jit can

Do in a nutshell it was just simply a direction that bruce lee who i worked with personally pointed me in and how i took my old fighting stance and i took the movements of wing chung and jitendo that he was working with me on and was able to transcend some barriers and move myself up a couple of notches so far as proficiency and ability goes and he really enhanced

A multitude of aspects for me uh is in particular my overall self-esteem and my whole sense of well-being which was able to transcend into having more confidence and more believability in myself and i was able to take that believability and convert it into a real source of energy and direct and channel that energy towards my opponents with real authority and was

Able not only just to run my opponents over but instead of just running them over i buried them what is that energy in that spirit that i got from bruce that was able to help me do that and there was a lot of other things we worked on such as learning how to move it different ways of moving staying in motion at all times a moving target is hard and hit than a

Stationary target when your emotion is easier to set your opponent up it’s hard for him to see you coming but that gets very complicated when you’re trying to convert it from a a video form format and put it into a written format and we can pick this up later on and i hope you follow it with me later on when i can take you into some of the deeper modes that bruce

And i were able to venture into okay so from the spirit that you condone bless your heart go to sleep this is for you until next time thank you for watching foreign

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DVD16 pt 3 Joe Lewis What Bruce Lee Taught me By Team Fearless Martial Arts \u0026 Fitness