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Easy Self-Tanning Routine to Look Lean & Toned!

Sharing my at-home self-tanning routine for a glowy look that defines my muscles and gives my confidence a major boost!

Hi friends what’s up and welcome back to the small lytics channel so nobody asked for this video but i’m in my bathrobe because i am about to fake tan and people in my real life ask me this a lot like my friends ask me what i do for fake tanning how i stay glowy um but i haven’t shared it with you guys really in depth i haven’t showed you how i did it and i just

Went to see my dermatologist i’m a big proponent of going and seeing your doctors this is your reminder if you haven’t seen your you know if you haven’t gone to your pcp this year your ob gyn your dentist your derm go your eyes get your eyes checked get it done once a year so i just had my annual skin check with my dermatologist and you know she just reinforced

Like good job not doing tanning beds good job not going out in the sun too much wearing spf also if you have very fair skin like me you’re at a higher risk of skin cancers and whatever so she reminded me keep tanning the fake way and i’m about to go do that so i’m going to show you guys what i do for my fake tanning routine what products i use i remember i

Started this about a year ago and before that i was really intimidated by fake tanning like i was very worried it was just gonna leave like streaky product all over me and i would look fake and orange and it hasn’t been like that at all it’s actually been really easy i love the products i use um they don’t smell bad and they make me look tanned and the added bonus

Bonus of tanning is that makes your muscles pop more so if you really just want to like feel good about yourself feel confident just getting a little bit of a fake tan like darker skin tone can really help bring that muscle definition out and um make you feel like you know just a little bit more defined leaner whatever makes me feel more confident so i’m gonna

Walk you guys through what i do for my fake tan routine so to start i just got out of the shower i’m totally bare-faced i have like literally no makeup on um and you know how peop like people say that i have no makeup on right now but then they have like under eye like concealer and like they did their eyebrows like no i literally bare-faced i just dried my hair

And um the steps that you haven’t seen that i didn’t get to film that i’m just gonna explain to you are as follows so step one you need to make sure that you exfoliate and shave before you self tan this is really important because if you imply if you apply the self tanner over her hair like if you haven’t shaved your legs it’s going to look weird like you’ll see

Like little dots of orange and whatever so shave first exfoliate scrub with like a loofah get like a sugar scrub or whatever kind you like it doesn’t matter um and make sure you get all the dead skin off and this is gonna make sure your tan lasts longer and then after that you can start the tan and i’m going to go grab the tanner now and get started so this is the

Tanning product that i like to use it is bondi sands arrow liquid gold quick dry formula this one is my favorite one because it doesn’t have a guide in it so it won’t come on like brown on your skin and this is the best part when you put it on you don’t have to shower it off so most channelers you have to literally put it on and then take it off like six to eight

Hours later by washing it off in the shower this one is foam you put it on and it literally you don’t have to wash it off it just there’s no guide there’s no whatever you can just go on with your day and it gradually develops over eight two they say like eight hours but i find that it really sets in after like 10 and it never streaks it’s really really awesome

You’re also going to need a mitt to be able to do the tanning you don’t want to use your hands because they will turn orange another thing that’s helpful is having a longer thing to use for your back so this basically just unfolds and then you can reach your back it has a sponge on the other side this one is from loving tan and then lastly i do use loving tan

For the the lotion this is their dark natural olive color nourishing tinted body lotion this is a gradual tan and basically i just apply this in the mornings after i’ve done my bondi sands tan just to keep the tan from getting cracky and dry and to keep staying dark throughout the week it just helps you maintain your tan basically okay so this might seem like a

Weird place to be doing this but my bathroom doesn’t have like any light welcome to new york so doing it in here so i’m gonna start with my legs i put like a puff on and then i literally just apply it and when i first started using this stuff i really wasn’t sure how hard to rub i would say like rub it hard like just rub it in i like to do like a puff for the

Front and the back um i usually start with my legs and then i work up and yeah just really rub it in i use only a little bit amount or the residue left on the um mitt to do my feet and like you really just want to make sure i can’t emphasize this enough you want to get like all the cracks and crannies like in between your toes like on like everywhere just like

Don’t forget your belly button um you know i don’t do the bottom of my foot but really rub it in and then sometimes i flip the mitt over and just kind of like rub off any excess around my heel or wherever there’s creases on the body one of the things you want to keep in mind too is like just think about areas where there’s creases on your body like underneath

Your armpits if you don’t do your armpits it’ll look weird you need to do your armpits but we’ll get there i’m just doing all the crannies in here toes whatever okay so i did my legs i’m now gonna work on my body i’ll do my thighs um stomach area remember don’t forget your belly button it looks really weird if you’re like have a white in your belly button um i’m

Gonna do chest um neck arms when you get to your elbows wanna make sure you use the leftover residue or the back of the pad that’s not as wet to rub it in there after i finish that i’m gonna go and do it all over again so i get that really nice like darker tan that i like um but if you’re worried just start with like one coat you notice it doesn’t leave a guide

So there’s no like brown residue on my skin you can’t see the guide at all it’s just white foam so i’m just gonna do my legs stomach chest and then i will show you guys my hands and my face in just a sec sometimes i just use the excess honestly i’m going to do that there’s a lot of excess on the mitt still from doing my face and i’m just going to rub it and then

Really grab the fingers and do them individually i don’t do this don’t do the palm of your hand because it’s just gonna look bad and then i just buff it out with the back side of the mitt around the knuckles but yeah i don’t do like too many coats on my hand and then i’ll do the other side each individual finger hopefully this is enough i think it is you can see

It’s like glistening a bit i think is enough product yeah really get in there and then i’ll just kind of buff it out on the back and then again like usually on like here you can just kind of get any excess off and that’s how i do the hands okay so i’m back from finishing up my um body and the cool thing is right when you finish you can put on clothes like white

Right when after it dries and you don’t have to worry about it transferring it doesn’t really transfer unless you like if you sleep and you sweat at night it might transfer a little bit but generally like i’ve let it fully dry and then put on white before and it’s not transferred so that’s a plus so my last step here is the face some people don’t like to tan their

Face i do because i some days i don’t wear makeup and i just want my face to match my body so i don’t know why i’m so out of breath today i feel like i’m talking so fast here we go i’m lay puffing it that was a little too much for the face but it’s fine so i’m looking at mirror in front of me i’m just gonna dab it on a lot of people have different styles for this

I don’t mind kind of like going heavy and then just spending a lot of time rubbing don’t forget your ears like it looks weird and your jawline and then the other tip i have is like rub off the excess on your upper lip otherwise this is weird but like you just end up looking kind of like dirty like i’ve noticed when when i don’t like buff out the upper lip i just

Look like yeah i just look dirty the next day like it’s kind of it’s kind of just too dark there and then i’m taking some finishing off with my forehead and then again i’m using like the back of my the back of the mitt this dryer to buff it in and just like really make sure it’s it’s like rubbed in if you obviously if you have someone who can do your back that’s

Preferable gary used to do my back a lot but he’s not around when i’m doing it now like during the day so i just use the uh the want like the stick the assistant stick um and then that’s it you guys it’s gonna develop over like the next eight to ten hours probably six to ten hours i don’t know i always find like it looks like it’s done at eight but then like if

I go to bed and wake up in the morning like looks way darker so i will report back and show you guys what it looks like when it’s fully done and we can do a comparison and see how dark it is it looks all right it’s the next day this is how the tan came out i’ll show you guys the before and after here and that’s it if you guys have any tanning tips that i missed

Let me know in the comments below and give this video a like if you enjoyed it subscribe for more content taylor to petite women and just health and fitness and lifestyle stuff and i will see you guys next week i hope you have an amazing rest of your day and we’ll chat soon bye

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Easy Self-Tanning Routine to Look Lean & Toned! By April Whitney