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Egg Meets Waffle Iron | How To Make Easy Omelette In Waffle Iron

Hey guys so today i’m gonna make omelet in the mini waffle maker not sure what made me wake up this morning and decide i wanted to do it but i decided to throw the camera on and catch it on camera i have the salt there but i ended up not used to make soldiers disregard to salt being in camera this is turkey meat deli turkey meat scallions and cheese and pepper of

Course you’re gonna need nonstick cooking spray and that’s my mini waffle maker right here is so cute y’all i do not regret getting this little mini waffle it’s so cute and yes so this is pretty much all everything we’re gonna need for this recipe so to this bowl already added my black pepper as your scallions you can add whatever feelings you want whatever your

Favorite feelings for your omelet bacon sausage beat vegetarian whatever you can add it all down in here so you want to mix this thoroughly because what you don’t want is bits and pieces just stuck in one area in your omelet in the machine in the oven in the waffle maker so make sure you mix it really really good you also want to thin out the egg like break up

The egg really good when you mix it like this so for all my omelet should be the same size i’m gonna use a quarter cup measuring cup and i’m put using a spoon to put it in there because if i just put the measuring cup down in the bowl i wouldn’t get you know pieces of the turkey pieces of the scallions and the cheese evenly so i use a spoon to ensure that i have

Everything i want in the quarter cup before i put it in the waffle maker so you want to spray it and then we’re going to cook it and y’all first of all to smell this was it the waffle maker was just crazy yes these are what they look like oh i actually impressed now if i had a bigger waffle maker this is a tiny tiny one what you would do is if you have the bigger

One once you take it out the thing just flip it over and it’ll give you that exact like i’ll let feel to it but this is real chinese no point but i can’t believe it actually works yikes and let me take a couple second job i’m telling you if i had to do this on the phone with my skillet take me like god only knows how long this literally takes 30 seconds each time

Literally oh that was just some some ball i put on there hmm and it’s cooked all the way through all the way through that’s crazy you

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Egg Meets Waffle Iron 😱 | How To Make Easy Omelette In Waffle Iron By Mesha’s Corner