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El Kindle perfecto.

⎯⎯ 💝 1MORE ComfoBuds Z

The truth is that it is very difficult not to recommend a quin, that is to say, it is a product that historically has always performed very well for the price, it lasts for many years, the battery has to be charged once every i don’t know how many weeks and what is more, what brings us to the world magic of books so what more to ask for well this is the new paper white

Version 2021 in this case we brought the signature there are two versions that are very similar and luckily even the base is spectacularly good it is probably the kindle that many of you come following this type of products with an electronic ink screen, perhaps they were waiting to make either the change or the jump something like this instead of continuing reading with a

Tablet for example and if i spurred them all the analysis is great i almost don’t have reviews and that’s hard to find seriously so let’s start you have trouble sleeping at night because of noise you have tinnitus or even earplugs conventional ones are useless because, for example, enjoy asmr a lot to relax. well, these are the one more comfort z headphones, ultra-small

Headphones that passively reduce outside noise by up to 24 decibels and connect via bluetooth wherever you want to play relaxing sounds like that of rain or sea in fact you don’t even have to look for sounds because there are a few pre-installed ones that can be managed from the application they also have a timer to cut the sound after several minutes and since they are

Super light they weigh 27 grams each look how they remain practically unseen, it is as if i had nothing on. i tried them for several weeks and they are really very comfortable, so if you want to know more about it, you have the link below in the description, it is here together with its original case, they came through an import service that we have been using for a while

And now that it works great for you you can of course do the same by looking for the step-by-step tutorial in the description. there is an exclusive discount for the pixel community of 20% of the shipping cost, so take advantage if you want, for example, to calculate how much it costs to bring a tablet or a laptop that pays 14 percent taxes in argentina you can do it

With the calculator via web it works very well it is super transparent they even put a photo of the products that they take to the warehouse really a great goal so it is paper white it is great mainly because of the screen that is and obviously it’s all the six or eight inches change a lot yes logically the screen is larger compared to the classic 6 inches performance even

Immediately that is the reading comfort is much greater however before continuing talking about the speed of others things that it has very good is here in it i think you know the technical specifications and pay attention p because this is one of those very rare cases where the specifications on paper translate very well into the product so listen we have two versions the

Regular and the signature which is the one we have here which is the top of the line which adds some little extra features that they can serve as a quality of life for some people, but they are not necessarily so important for everyone, so the allowance has everything that i am going to tell you now, which of course is what the regular one brings, which costs from 139.99,

Or 140 dollars. it has a 6.8-inch electronic ink screen with a density of 300 dpi and the text is read very well it has 8 gigabytes of internal storage which is a lot it comes with cold or quality backlighting with 17 leds against 4 in the previous version which are collectively 10% brighter than the previous generation when the brightness is at maximum finally luckily we

Have a usb type c port on the l at the bottom, the battery was extended to last up to 10 weeks. the charge is fully charged in two and a half hours with a 9-watt source. it is certified and px 8 up to 2 meters for 60 minutes. listen to this because it is very rare to find and fabulous that amazon has tested and certified it, it holds up to a depth of 25 meters in seawater

For 3 minutes, that is, it is good if obviously you are not going to take it with you to the beach and submerge it in the sea, but if it just falls, they take it out wash with non-mart water and that’s it, everything seems great to me and you can tell me about the last few comments if something similar happened to some of you or if your brushes are something that you usually

Drop or you don’t take too much care because you know they can last we have a thirst for almost 78 years and it is a little scratched but functional or rather and if for some reason you follow us you see all the videos but you still have not subscribed like almost 47% of you i don’t know what you are waiting to subscribe ortho explanations with the bell if you join this

Beautiful community at least officially and do not miss any supra pixel video and we also have to bring the two million so join us we continue obviously brings support for bluetooth in case, for example, we want to listen to an audiobook with wireless headphones and support for 2.4 and 5 gigahertz wi-fi, now the subject that costs from 189.99 because if technically that

Is the version that brings advertising or promotional content, they can pay a little more to take them out it brings 32 gigabytes of internal storage of which 27 are available to the user that even this amount is beastly for books they have to have a huge library and not want to take anything out but thousands and thousands of books come in there are the eight gigabytes

Very good 32 absolutely excessive but good if you need it and you also bring cargo in wired i think it’s the first time we’ve seen a store or a product of this style with wireless charging that if i tried it and it works through the case, so it’s very good that it charges in three and a half hours using a charger, what would you say? of the battery so it is very far from

What it takes to charge it by cable and finally something i wanted to try up here we have an ambient light sensor so it can automatically manage the backlight and inside everything works fine except in some very few cases where where i found that the automatic was not what i was looking for, which i imagine could also be a problem for the vast majority, so i did not end

Up deactivating it, but for example, in some cases i realized that perhaps i did not want to have the brightness on 5 i wanted it in 4 because because i’m a kick and i’m because i wanted to be more comfortable when reading anything at night with everything dark so there good or bye automatic brightness because i end up doing it by hand or for example in this case if i

Put the automatic brightness here you will see that it is set to 16 but i don’t really need it for the amount of light i have in this studio so it’s like that it is there and when they use it and it works because in fact it works, that is, it is not that it works badly, everything is ok but it does not seem to me the great feature that can break the product if it is not,

In fact we never had and we were fine with wireless cal for on the other hand, it’s like it ‘s good for me because we can put it here in there and we say it charges, but at the same time, how many times a week are you going to charge your kindle, that is, you have to blow up the page, turning pages all the time with the brightness high to kill the battery in a week i very

Much doubt that they will do it so going through the enormous inconvenience of once every two weeks having to connect it by cable to charge it doesn’t seem so serious to me and if on top of that we add the issue of internal storage which, as i told you, is a bestiality. this other option i like that they have done it this way because there is the cheapest version that

Does not have this, which is absolutely unnecessary if you are not looking for something like that and that’s it, you save. almost about 40 dollars and why not use it in the case so to recommend both but i am not going to tell you that if the truth is that it is worth a lifetime to pay that extra for these three different characteristics because as they were seen they are

Not nothing special in case you don’t know the system or didn’t see the new one, notice that with a soft downward we can access all these configurations we also have quality control from here that is colder warmer and we can program so that this is automatic for example, the same thing that happens with telephones, that is, as the hours of the day go by, it gets warmer

Or warmer or not, or whatever they want. you can activate the active bluetooth wi-fi and switch it to dark mode if you want to invert all the tones because they are not colors everything works very well and from up here if you touch you can access the other controls such as leaving here to return to the library or touch there to be able to change our font or if we want

The text to be displayed more contact or the format that is if we want to orient it this way or that way what you can imagine i chose all this and in general i was great let’s divest this is here it reads a little better in the video i want to show you one last thing that is here and that is that you see this there is page turning animation the first thing i noticed when

I started using beyond the extra screen size was how fast it it’s here, the difference is impressive, and we can’t believe it here. so they have the luxury of being able to make an animation this is tremendous and this is very noticeable when we are doing touches on whatever for example let’s come here imagine that they want to look for something we raise the keyboard

Yes the keyboards historically worked well but we always had to have them patience in this case we are going to put galadriel look at the speed with which there was also nothing accelerated in this video he responded perfectly he even showed it on the panel so this is a great goal that is, it is worth going from one to another if they are there all the time using it and

It needs greater speed than the previous generation to this one solely for this reason because if the spectacular disk change is not so much with respect to activation you will see that it is very fast, it is not instantaneous but more than enough i cannot complain to remove the cover they have this side and still it doesn’t come out so easily you have to want to take it

Out as you can see it’s similar to the previous design l ivianita and recontra as such fantastic determinations there is a difference quite well that the screen is now not embedded in the front body but is practically all flush the only difference in detail is that there is a slightly raised edge so that if we support it upside down or the screen down, it is not touching

Directly against reality, it is not the screen but the digitizer but hey if the front part is well covered and i imagine that although it does not foresee it, it has to withstand some blows but hey from the latest case plus and that’s it the backlight is extremely even you can know where the light comes from at each point if you don’t have to look for it but in practice

It is so well diffused that it looks as if it came from the back of the screen this is really spectacular, it also shows a lot so, as you can see, the vertical scroll works correctly, nothing to criticize here, a detail you have to know that it is extremely minor but good to find out about these things is that when, for example, we load an image or something more or less

Complex, we can find a band that should not be there, so what do we do? we force it to refresh and generally in in the vast majority of cases, this is not problematic. of course, it raises slightly more complex things, such as manga. look at the page turning speed. obviously, it is not instantaneous, as if it were only text, because it has to process all this, in fact,

It has no lesser data. a mediatek that if i’m not mistaken runs at one giga hertz if they didn’t know mediatek feed all 15 i understand but hey if you see everything works great and it looks very good and if i have to know which chapters chacón i would have to watch it again come on let’s go too bad what happened later but well i charged the battery because i could with

The wireless charging but like everyone who says like one the charge for sports from time to time or because it is fair we squeeze giving the battery after a month of having used that one also 35 percent this charge but both are for six weeks we did not reach ten weeks of use but it lasts a lot nor does it don’t worry then, as i said at the beginning, it is difficult not to

Recommend this product, so it already bears our recommended seal because speaking, i have practically no criticism. the screen is bigger, it looks better. the rear light is very well achieved and it works very well. noticeably faster even with animations the base storage is already more than good usb type c the certifications that made it so barbaric a product seems quite

Resistant to me whose battery lasts a lot and then lasts for many years and on top of that with a price that is very good for me for a product that lasts so long, which in general we tend to be very fond of, so if you recommend it and if you are thinking i am going to go from the previous generation, that is, with the smallest, slowest pension and others, yes, it seems

To me that it is worth it if they have had it for a few years now, well, the previous one is bad, it is not worth it, it is not on top of that, they are cheaper, continue being a very product, what happens is that it complies with everything, it will be difficult for me to find someone who says no, this is of no use to me, perhaps because they want a bigger screen and well,

If there are other options that i would like them to tell me if they want us to show this or the other, for example, to larger or color screens to read more in color, whatever, but for me this is great and i can also recommend it even with our analysis of the amazon kindle paper white in version 2021 i would like them to have a name an identifier that is not only the year

30, it is easy because it is the year, because after you see small revisions and you do not know what you call the delivery, there is no sonic mess or the signature or harass us next videos

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El Kindle perfecto. By SupraPixel