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Electric Gate Motor Replacement – NICE ME3000 or ME3100

This video shows how to replace the electric motor in an electric gate made by NICE. Quite easy really. Save some money and DIY.

So i finally succumbed to getting a new because the old motor was grinding away and finally packed up completely there’s the part number down there, the gears look a bit better so first of all remove these two phillips screws to get the cover off and then get a sharp open up and probably a lot of spiders like this one a lot of muck

In it hich certainly didn’t help and hopefully let’s zoom in you can see that shaft is so take a note of which hole this lever to the gate goes in and on mine we also got the junction box holding the capacitor in there that motor itself does actually come with a spare capacitor so we’ll clean up and take our junction box apart i intended

To put extra silicon seal around and just before we open up the junction box we’ll so here’s our junction box open up the and identify the circuit this supplies this, in here is you can just twist and pull out the all the lights have gone out that isolates the live supply from the box was full of water which of course doesn’t

Do the electrics any good so i’ll change this whole terminal block later, so you make sure you put it back the same way so i i don’t think there is anything wrong with so that gives us access to the electrics and then you need to get a bit of muck out of the way and we just need to get a 17mm socket so that’s taken

Off we could remove this stop bracket like so and then we’ll clean out the box get the new one in surprisingly it doesn’t come with new nuts and washers the other thing to check is that your drain hole, that’s a common problem, that it does get blocked off so on all of my gate boxes i’ve dug up the bricks that fits exactly so the

Orientation for this side of the gate this diagram i think is more applicable to with this right hand side one i believe it’s that and when the gate shuts this stop bolt will hit the lever and that on that new design and then we’ve got to tighten the little bolt which needs a hex key, tighten that up onto the gear this uh

Bolt with the lock nut adjusts where the and that should be a quite straightforward job actually as it turned out so we’ve got a gray wire instead of a basically where the blue wire was going the grey wire goes and luckily the other side that goes off to the very importantly this yellow and green one is brown is the closed phase of

The supply and gray is the common so it supplies an out of phase supply to the other coil and impossible to get screws off you can, mind your fingers, just gently slice you could of course get some wire and if you’re lucky you can then just bend over the wire twist the end and again because of age give it a little scratch until

You see some nice shiny copper and then it saves getting confused or lost over which connection is which to strip the plastic off as well and we’ll just clean that up a little bit also notice on this box the waterproof or lack of waterproof perhaps but try and make sure you do keep the water out somehow that has the advantage that if the box does

Leak and so as it was between the brown and the black wire, so here are the two sets of wires that go to each motor left and right because i’ve got two motors you could just so i’ve pulled out the plug, get yourself a multimeter switch it to the ohms setting which is this little symbol here when they’re connected together,

It has a very low so ordinarily we measure say between the brown andthe gray between the common and either the open or close then you normally get if you measure between the open and close you’ll get about 100 ohms and then measure the resistance again and you’ll be able to see and you’ll be able to see which of these two sets of wires has the

Brown wire toloosen off the wires the screws are at the other end and i’m just going to put my capacitor across thebrown and the black wires and of course it’s a lot safer, a lot more waterproof so if it ever goes again, that saves having to open up the motor box justmake sure you got no little slivers of wire poking out and shorting across anywhere

And they’re in securely and i believe the wiring in the motor junction boxwas correct but when i tested it the motor closed when it should open and vice versa maybe they changed the motor wiring on those 3100 motors i don’t know and it’s no big problem because all we can do is swap over the open and the close signals these two the brown and the black and then it should

Correct itself all you’vegot to do now is adjust the stop so when it hits that pin that will beabout right then we’ve got to tighten up that lock nut up you have to havethe gate closed at least for my setup the nipple that’s on the end of the joint with thegate plenty of grease on the plate joint as well

Transcribed from video
Electric Gate Motor Replacement – ‘NICE’ ME3000 or ME3100 By comeinhandynow