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EltaMD SUNSCREEN! EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46 #eltamd EltaMD on DARK SKIN SUNSCREEN WORTH THE HYPE? EltaMD SUNSCREEN WORTH THE HYPE? EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46 REVIEW! DOES it leave a white cast on dark skin??

Hey you guys it’s shandera if you’re new here make sure you subscribe to the channel so in today’s video we will be trying the elta md skincare uv clear broad spectrum spf 46 facial sunscreen 1.7 ounces of this sunscreen will run you anywhere between 29 up to 40 dollars with that being said we are going to see what this product is working with and let’s go ahead

And swatch this product here is the product i’m doing one pump then we’re going to swatch it that is what the product looks like let me turn the light down do you guys think it’s giving me real purple tees real purple vibes so it’s unscented but it has that hint of sunscreen scent you know that real like chemical metallic scent it has a faint hint of that but

It’s not loud it’s giving me really like cheap aloe vera store gel tees um you know this is an expensive sunscreen so i had to scrape half of it off my hand to apply to my face because i want to use some more pumps and i don’t want y’all judging me so i’m gonna put uh another pump there and then one and one more pump here you have enough sunscreen to go all the

Way down the neck to get the full protection and coverage and like i mentioned to all of y’all uh this is why my sunscreen works and yours doesn’t it’s because i use the proper amount and i also want to say this there is no proper amount they tell you to use they don’t tell you oh please use uh six pumps seven pumps they say apply liberally and for me liberally is

Like three to four pumps okay so this is what this sunscreen is looking like giving me real purple teas oh help us all this is about to be a miss y’all i’ve rubbed the sunscreen into my face um i’m not looking white cass i’m gonna go ahead and turn the light down to see what we’re working with oh you guys no white cast what do you guys think on my lips that’s

The sunscreen so they looking a little ashy that’s the sunscreen but look at the rest of my face what do you guys think here’s my cheek here is my forehead here’s my other cheek and here is my chin uh other than my lips with the white jazz my face it doesn’t have a white cast at all i am i’m sure cody um i am going to go ahead and wait 20 minutes because you know

Well 15 minutes to be technical to let all of the sunscreen settle down to see because sometimes sunscreen gets off a very white cast but if you wait 15 minutes then you know it all disappears so that is what we are going to do to see if you know it leaves my lips so it’s been 20 minutes and the lights are completely down and this is what the sunscreen looks like

Here is my uh left side of my face here is my right here is my chin and here is my forehead what do you guys think this is like completely with the light down what do you guys think let me get the mirror um we have a lot to discuss so let’s talk about it i’ve been using this sunscreen for about a year now this is actually my second bottle and i honestly enjoy

The sunscreen it’s actually one of my favorite sunscreens next to my skinnies it’s very lightweight the sunscreen filters are not overwhelming meaning they don’t have a metallic taste in my mouth i also like the fact that this sunscreen really sinks in nicely if you have very dry skin it gives your skin that sort of glow look however since i am combo there were

Days last year when i was really oily and i didn’t have a problem with this making me look too shiny it sort of gave me a matte look when i have very early days it’s not heavy at all so you won’t be sweating with this sunscreen when it sinks into your skin it like sticks to your skin and it just really creates this amazing protective barrier for the rest of

Your skincare products that’s how how i feel because it’s so lightweight on the skin it hasn’t made me sweat i’ve never got a sticky feeling it’s never made my face feel slimy or greasy when i was wearing a mask i never had like that icky feeling you get on your mask from sunscreen i never got that feeling now i did notice that for this sunscreen you need less

Skin care so let’s say you do 10 steps maybe eight steps with this sunscreen i think about three to four steps is enough i noticed that it works well without moisturizers for me because there’s a lot of peeling and also i noticed piling depending on how i rub it in so if you’re rubbing it in a lot it’s creating friction on the skin and this sunscreen will pill

On you and you’ll see like the white residue however that can be combated by layering it so you don’t have the three four pumps all over my face you may want to start off with a half a pump apply it to your face and then keep going until you see peeling it takes a while to literally see it peeling i do have videos on my channel where i’ve used a beauty blender

And a brush a foundation brush to apply sunscreen i think this would work well with this sunscreen because this sunscreen is a very lightweight sunscreen it’s almost mimics a lotion but it does give you that peeling so you may want to be careful you cannot rub your skin vigorously with this sunscreen if you even notice a white cast you may want to start patting

You may start getting scared and want to rub it but you have to be very gentle or this is going to pill on you and this sunscreen is expensive in my opinion so it’s not one of those sunscreen that you could just throw away once you start seeing peeling so please be very gentle with this i did experience just a little bit of burning with this product and that’s

Because niacinamide is the third ingredient on the list some people may consider it the second ingredient on all of the lists if we’re not including water but water first so i did experience a little burning because of the niacinamide and if you’re a person who is real sensitive to niacinamide in your products then this product does have nice cinnamon i don’t know

What is with this nice cinnamon craze like i mean i look they probably started at first so i’m not talking about them but i’m just in general people are really loving i said i don’t under look look i just don’t get it anyways if that being said i do feel if you’re a person with very dry skin you may need a moisturizer with this sunscreen because it’s just very very

Lightweight however if you’re a person with oily skin you probably won’t even need a moisturizer with this sunscreen you could get away with just doing your cleansing your toner your serums unless you have a very lightweight moisturizer and then apply this sunscreen but in my personal opinion you really don’t need a moisturizer if you have a really great serum and

Toner regimen it would just be pointless using a moisturizer with this sunscreen because it will cause flaking and peeling and this is a very expensive sunscreen if you live in a humid climate i think you would really enjoy this sunscreen but however if you have dry skin you live in a dry climate this sunscreen will definitely be very drying to you you may need a

Light mist because this will definitely flake and pillowing you i will say this it is an expensive sunscreen that’s why i’ve only bought it twice because it’s very pricey but i will say this it’s a wonderful investment if you’re looking for an upgrade in your skincare or something a little more high-end versus the drugstore ones okay that’s all i’m gonna say i’m

Not naming y’all know what i’m talking about with that being said you guys let me know your thoughts in the comments down below i want to thank you so much for watching this video make sure you subscribe to the channel make sure you thumbs up this video make sure you’re following me on all my social media sites i love you guys so much and i’ll see you in our next video bye you guys

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EltaMD SUNSCREEN WORTH YOUR MONEY? EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46 By Shundara Castion