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En Basit En Kapsaml Firestick Kurulum Videosu

Hello everyone, welcome to my new video. first of all, there may be a problem due to the little green screen. i ‘m sorry for that, i’ve been shooting videos for the longest time , i had things to carry, i bought new accessories for these shots, i’m trying to get good shots in one step, to clarify a few issues first of all, i tried this youtube channel. i don’t want to sell

It. i get a lot of mail about it. it’s like selling about the youtube channel. i don’t have any idea and therefore you don’t need to send an email. for your information, i’ll come to this second topic, some friends are following me, asking me questions, but i was answering my answers in an abusive way . if you don’t believe me then you can go and buy the device. in this

Video, i say again, do n’t buy the device now. this is the second ready, it breaks down quickly. it’s in the 390 and processors and memories can break down unexpectedly because they are used second hand, so look for branded devices. link sleep you can look at hiremco in tanks turkey. now i shot a little more detailed amazon fire tv stick 4 promo video. first of all, after

You buy amazon fire tv stick , the first thing you need to do is go to and open an account there, but how will this work? you won’t open america, we need to fight on netflix and youtube this summer, i left six information to upload without requiring any extra market. by entering this address , you can create an america account by going to six american pictures.

Thank you to 6 for the information he uses and this address, let me tell him now, let’s move on to our device as soon as this article is opened, the first screen comes up on this screen, home cinema presses the ten button on the remote control for ten seconds, then presses the home button for ten seconds and says, press the play button to start pla you press the y button

From the remote and we choose not to choose english from here, we choose english and after this challenge, we see that we bought the cable, i chose my own wireless network from the wireless network, i’m connecting to the wireless network, but the performance of amazon fire tv stick is really good and after this process is finished, it checks for updates and if there is

An update, it does it. then it opens and asks you to log in. this is the account you created before, the account i told you about, our american account. you log in here . after logging in, either the fly drove me crazy, your device is installed, and you should not lose the wireless network password itself . he asks let’s go, then he asks whether there is control of the

House. i pass it as a good comment yes, now we will separate the control. i ask you which tv you have, there are many brands here. you can find it here, let’s see a list like this subscribe. this one is available even this evening. look, now i choose my television lg 50 and i continue now ezgi and it has a stake to understand which model it is. confirm with finish that

Device dry, you know you can bring it in a way. summer installation is finished. amazon prime aygül asks you if we want to make rope, we check it. here too, and in bone services, he wants you to choose what you want to install. you can switch to our normal installation by saying no. this guy looks good in this way. look now we o let’s start installing our applications i

Was starting from youtube e ok, i’m printing it, i start this process let’s install this netflix or on it, these internet programs are its own amazon delete let’s download it in browser fatih and firefox version is not needed, but still, let’s download beach buggy r let’s download acing for testing o red ball 4 movie test who are these? subscribe to be 2 of them. when we

Say , you can see all the applications installed on your device. also, the applications recommended for you here are also the last straw, we will use it to download abdul tevemarket. i will show you a few tricks first of all, we go into the monkey fire tv and open the wallops one frahman infinity. this is necessary to install applications from unknown sources from abdul tv.

Then we enter the pro french section and from here, if the tonic is on, we make it from setting dunat for modding later. we do ten in the interactive part so that we don’t get notifications so that we can autoplay the video from the fikret commander section and then we turn it off. but if you want, you can make it 24 hours and choose our 24-hour time activity according to

You. do this too i show you sometimes the television changes, for example, you wear a different television to change it, you can give mensing october and what to shoot and change the television brand of your television this way, the amazon remote will be compatible with your television yes, now i will go, they let me install the fire tv application from my phone, uv wow tv

Remote this is because it is difficult to enter the link one by one here, i will paste the link directly from your phone here i paste the link on the phone and paste it here, it will start the download as soon as i press the google play button, this will start the download as soon as we say install and we install that application an indispensable application for the market

Amazon, which he forgives, has been installed in our abdi tv market let’s download the necessary applications from here, subscribe, subscribe today, let’s log in to youtube let me go to my channel from here, let me open a video see the performance on this device which you wo n’t have a problem, but let’s open a sample video anyway, let’s take a quick look and there is no

Problem, it opens fast, you will not have any problems with youtube, subscribe anyway yes, let’s open netflix now, i don’t log in because i don’t remember my account, but at least see the opening speed and some friends ahmet’s account it doesn’t come on netflix because it doesn’t open. in american warless , filiz arrived. it’s open right away, but it’s okay yes, let’s try

Beach buggy racing now , you won’t have any problems with the slightest simple games. you can play it comfortably on this device, with the help of this controller or if you buy a joystick, you can play honestly or fly it’s still not gone by the way it keeps bothering me this game we started playing it with this controller this is quite a fun game you can play it comfortably

On amazon fire tv now watch the time-lapse videos a little bit performance is not a problem anyway read more then we will try red ball 4 yes now let’s play reball4 game oh be gol 4 is played smoothly with the controller you can play to kill time or if you have a child he can enjoy such games he can enjoy spending time with ultra games our child can also play these games

With the remote subscribe yes now hu hu blue tv, which i downloaded from aptoide, let’s see as ip tv, i opened this tv and who is the company that sells it, let’s see a short opening speed and this girl i played let’s find this vs repair yes subscribe here and it opened immediately and there is no problem this image quality it’s fine. let’s get out of here, this blutv

I’m going to write blutv, i installed this old version, it doesn’t open anyway, but on blue tv if you install this normal new version, it will ask you to install google play services, install it, i wondered if you added bricoleur by mistake , let your device sit for a day without removing it from the smoke. it will come to itself worker, let’s see, this opening is fast and

Right away, let’s open a movie and see if it’s fast. let’s open this aladdin to the format of the subtitle size and so on, and it’s smooth. we’re taking it a little further. subscribe to this image quality. in fact, a friend on youtube said so in the comments for the sale of this device, i do not sell this article, i wish i had such an opportunity, i can bring plenty of

Such an opportunity to you, there is no such thing, so it will be sold in germany and america. no device application if you say master , do you do it like this. after you come from me, you press the controls on the line and you can delete the serious application. the performance is really good . i get it around 20 21 no. normally with this wifi, i still get around 20 21.

What’s wrong with her sister, let’s make this gear for 34 years, subscribe, if this 20 21 gets a block no 34 again, it will be subscribed subscribe subscribe subscribe, god bless you, we wore perfume now between 34 let’s see the internet performance from ravza, let’s open our newest site android box , you should visit it in the meantime. you should definitely

Visit it . we entered the system , it opens a little slow because the joint works, it is not a situation with the device, so give it now, we will go into the subject, you will understand when you go there, you will understand how fast it opens, we will go here, you understand that it opens fast, it’s very nice vomiting 4 fraudulent purple damer cleans coma redirection

From there, mert cleans coma let’s go, you will understand how fast meltem opens. it’s that simple. is it turned on in seconds ? yes, its performance is such a success. the device is very successful in every aspect. i wish google play services were also available. we will take a short look at the 4k test and its last video. then i end the video , thanks for

Watching guys , don’t forget to visit our android bak site while cleaning and i will inform you about the draw, we will have a draw soon he he i hope you like our new concept yes to all of you thank you very much , do not forget to subscribe, recommend your friends, do not forget to share the video, do not forget to like the video, i am waiting for all of you

In our program group. it is very difficult, i find it very difficult to send comments by e-mail , but it is not possible for me to reply to all of them, but if you are in telegram, if i am not me my friends will help you yes, i thank you all again and again . god bless you. see you soon. i leave you alone with the video .

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En Basit En Kapsamlı Firestick Kurulum Videosu Amazon Fire Stick 4k-HD Kurulum İnceleme Testler By Mert Temizer