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👋🏼 Olá!! Neste vídeo, vou mostrar alguns dos principais produtos que compramos no enxoval de 1 a 3 anos nos Estados Unidos. A Mommy’s Concierge faz uma consultoria de compras completa para o enxoval de bebê, e neste vídeo estão a primeira fase das compras: a compra de produtos (carrinho, alimentação, banho, higiene, desenvolvimento, entretenimento, entre outros!

It’s a lot you’ve heard about we can drink on this channel but know that there’s also a layette for babies over three years old and today i’m going to show you a little bit of the products that we chose with a customer and i’m going to share it with you so you can get to know it what you buy in the layette from 1 to 3 years old we love concierge is a complete one we come back

As a baby already eight years old and since when we started ours we have shortages that our client grew up so we make layette from 0 to 1 year but then the baby had nothing else, there were no items according to age and clothes, so we have a package that calls for calling the dashboard. we come back in about three years and today i separated some things from this trousseau

So i can show you what we buy, right in this package, okay first, there is no longer a baby that is already a child well small, right, so she already walks, she already needs other stimuli so let’s talk here we bought this tricycle that i think is really cool because it grows as the baby grows, there are steps that we take so it looks like a stroller for a baby then you

Take out a folder, take another one and at the end it becomes a tricycle so it’s a product it’s pretty cool talking about a stroller we bought a yo-yo there’s a compact stroller here it gets on the plane super cool for the trousseau tumblr right it’s a stroller very light very easy to use what else we have here little mat to use in the park so you don’t put the baby the

Baby sometimes straight on the grass you can ask little black things for the bath right so now for the bath i have a kit here that i showed in the last video it was who wants to know about baby layette from 0 to 1 year old watch this video i’m going to put one up here for you to see not up there i never know the sides it’s here and above for you to see the layette for 0

To 1 year olds i showed this little kit there, very cute for bathing but the layette for a three year old we use this kit and use more interactive things so for example this one here is a skip hop product that the baby already plays in the bath, water falls, right, so it’s a more attractive thing, the baby likes it more, it will attract more attention from the baby and i

Think it’s really cool that you finish the bath time much more pleasant, right, not to have that conflict, you live of relaxation of fun of the baby we also have a little thing here that you can use or not this one here is totally optional to wet the baby’s head there are babies who don’t like water falling on their face so there is that’s what we have here super organic

Repellent sunscreen i recommend it i also said this here in the last video it’s a soap to put in the bath if the baby has congestion it helps to relieve breathing it’s pretty cool already in the baby’s bag what we bought is a the bag for my grandmother so the baby is vomited there is a wet clothes you put inside this bag and seal everything has to be very nice to call me

A three years old it is a bath towel little bag for you to put inside the bag the baby put a dirty diaper i don’t have to throw away these little bags, and there’s also a refill inside the repellent. there’s this one from prima paz. listen so it helps to repel it also call to put it in the cart here i think you can see what else we have here little toy already bigger made

Of wood protective by wet tissue to carry in the bag and it’s also super optional i think it’s very cool i used it for my kids because it doesn’t dry out the wet tissue so i really like the nosefrida for those who don’t know that nasal aspirator that i think is very important it is super efficient manual for the baby he already uses more plastic suction cup he eats more

This one has two divisions for you if you want to separate the food in the food i think it’s essential silicone bib it’s not very easy to clean the food house rice beans meat and then you just stay there it stays super hygienic much better than the plastic one we also made a complete skip hop kit she chose the unicorn so she has the thermos bottle that keeps both cold and

Hot there is also the one to put the baby food so there is the solid version liquid version enjoy it here this here is a really cool tool that we buy in general for a three year period which is precisely for you to clean the straw that comes in here you see this item so it’s a little wrench that you can clean better than just a bottle brush what else are you back here for

Is leozinho for the children to start eating alone combined making a set i love the set we have the most ointment for diaper rash, because the baby still wears diapers, let’s also buy this napkin here, i don’t have it here, but items for toileting, right, the baby is already close to 23 years old, he’s going to talk about toileting so there are several cool items that we

Recommend that there’s one more wet wipes for the cold to clean the pacifier when it falls to the floor and if you have it very nice to go to the bath look how cute the child makes a ball in this gap so it’s super fun for the bath this is also a job that the super famous baby shark the children brothers and he comes out and plays music what else do we have here we have

This cutlery if you want to introduce belle w right that the child eats alone so these cutlery are made for that and continuing the bath part i like it very nice these bath days even in a bathtub that the child paints and comes out with water in which he has fun in the bath if you have a large bathtub same thing with this one here the crayola one that we are saying t

Also that the child is ergometric right for her to hold it right intention very cool in fact he called state one right that is the first stage that the baby starts to hold already continuing in the crayola everything that is but free i think it’s very cool what that are things that the baby does not mess with his hand he is doing baby always small making that mess in our

Rooms sometimes you will take him to someone’s house you want them to interact with something you are very nice this gift is a little light that he plays with his finger and it doesn’t get dirty so there’s paper there’s ink this one here is with a little finger i love you that more than that i have to go to the wooden toy i think it’s very cool at this age it’s for them to

Start assembling it’s super educational i love it wooden thing and more that i have here if you have a bathtub and a normal bathtub for you to crouch seems a silly thing but it hurts your knee right so this here is exactly a pillow that you put and on your knee as it is here in the photo for you to give the baby a bath totally optional but i swear it helped me a lot with

Mine when i had my little children it ‘s in this baby shower she’s going to change to a normal bed so the we bought the normal sheet it can be a crib sheet or that turns into that crib that turns into a mini bed or a normal single bed so choose pottery barn which i swear has some really nice ones there doesnt make a lot of pretty ones here in the united states she chose a

Ballerina and a wow also that we are very cute what else do we have a food organizer to put in the fridge i think it’s very efficient you can even store different types of vegetables and use it little by little it’s also a cool tip and it’s a skip hop backpack that i think it has both the little backpack that is this one and what do you call the lunchbox to put something

Cold in and finally i also separated here a backpack that that diaper backpack in the first layette there she bought a normal bag in the second she bought a backpack that is to be more practical the man likes to use it a lot, put it here in the back it is practical you hang the stroller with this little parsley s’oi and then it is already smaller so as the baby goes growing

Up you don’t need to take so many changes of clothes and this item i also wanted to tell you is a protector or for the stroller or baby comfort its great differential is that it is top as it will cool the baby so it is a fabric that you put on or in the stroller in the car seat that doesn’t let me drink i get too sweaty so this one here i think is pretty cool too and it

‘S universal so it fits in several strollers this one was a little bit a little show call me the one from three years old i didn’t separate everything here but i like to point out here in the trousseau made by mamis we can customize it for you so not always we will buy everything that is here we will buy others i you have that you will have another need you will live in

Different places and i haven’t shown here the whole part of the clothes for me the clothes are a very cool part, you can think of the baby playing but not a baby from 1 to 3 years old six months ago it doesn’t last anymore it lasts three same as the previous one so you can invest in nicer things this one was a little bit so trousseau toller hope you enjoyed it if you liked

This video leave your like subscribe to the channel i’ll leave here the information about our website here in the description talking a little bit about our service and see you in the next video bye bye andthere

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