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NESSE EPISÓDIO: Dica quente de tablet com ótimo custo/benefício. De quebra aprenda a instalar o Google Play Store nesse e em qualquer outro dispositivo que não venha com esse app já pré instalado.

Hello my citizen friend and the citadel league i’m with the hours everyone is welcome according to the bowling program who still don’t have our citizenship i never fell here there’s no bureaucracy you don’t need any document you don’t need affection belluschi x everything you’re doing is to click on the subscribe button or be a citizen of this great deception that has

For today today there is electronics in the bolicho they will do treatment and evaluation of a pallet very interesting and positive place we will have it there for the very cool mainly in the price of adjustment does not do hd 8 i bought it there in the united states by the united states frame and it came to your hands through the chip you have a very interesting postal

Payment service we are going to see here a special dedicated to the third problem good for now let’s go to the south arena shopping first here is the package from the way i received it here at home i used the postal forwarding service so ask for the main teat that on top with the declaration tion of the value the address has a label on the side that the internal control

Of the postal forwarding service and here below this beautiful red tit to read what the item was taxed let’s open the package tom look a toothpaste package it’s not even a little paper bag here a few musical accessories for teens very basic instructions a usb cable on the micro usb side is connecting the device on the other standard usb this is the wall charger how to take

Money american standard together with the two is the charger nothing more than an accessory your booklet here clearly with the advertisements here for amazon services opening the little one here hey it’s an 8-inch screen all made of plastic but very well finished in zumzum in blue color very nice that i chose the device camera brings camera on the front there’s nothing else

Accompanying it is the tablet the charger of good and cheap plastic a device information that americans usually put but even so we went after it as the name suggests it is very high there has a low density of fiction but it is a screen from the world of that ips technology a contrast rate at the time of the most beautiful things so i think this well compensates for the lack

Of identity of pixels mediatek processor until it is one by one brand very used in the low cost positives of china many of the tubes their tablet devices and cell phones on the road mg entrance fee they use a gamblers from the areas of makro exercising 32 say in the option external exchange it has here a slot for a micro sd card you can expand its memory up to 128 gb so you

See that it is a device at the entrance but it is more enough for you to see a book that requires a little wrong is the enough for you to watch a movie a series are precisely the russians with their that amazon offers google through direct sales or through subscription services that you can do through from their website the low cost entry model but let’s not underestimate

The affection here nothing this video until as i said i wasn’t tight low cost but because it’s relatively new it has 863 to have a four core processor the coke begging 1,378 power fire enough to run grown-up apps productivity apps three finger games but i won’t say it’s hard but everything runs well redome is little less than 25 years on an updated operating system on the

Android platform probably ipop we had here is the little shop deluxe is adding suggestions there and from there it launches the kindle application for you and free conferences are the videos that you make the accounts in mama sal or that are available the subscription services games the device that you can buy it in the with one with advertisements in propagate like not

Common in the case i bought the advertisement so he does it moves depending on what you know that it starts suggested but some things are if you buy a service you like that in music it was also the reason it also offers the training or not the fay face of sm is an operating system on parade over android i saw on the internet that it is almost impossible for you make the

Kick it sees it as a locked gunfight so if for you the western is not a viable option you don’t want to be operational then you should disregard buying this device because you will have a lot of difficulty switching from raffling a boot to changing its name the problem is that it doesn’t come with the google service to provide them it is very little configurable but so far

The staff are happy with android they don’t have or bacon at first you have the store on the street to buy the apps but the purchases that you may have made on google law not be valid that i agree with you frank business is good but you are not here because i am not a resigned subject that is here that you do you want to be a citizen aware of your rights there are things

In these small ones but and so i made them available here in the links you will find a link wines of a pk it will install a series of applications necessary for the functioning of the google play finally it is the post training game don’t be afraid it’s not a virus it’s not bad it’s not some kind of prank it’s simply a pk if you install the government your device in

The current version either put it on my cell phone and that it has a wii based on the chinese version and i i needed to talk later about this guy who also doesn’t want to receive or accept this felipe sin. here with this option here of apps from unknown sources done that it will leave you was painting in any case you will continue doing the ins tallation manually and

Then your google playoff is installed it ‘s sadder to recover your accounts eventually have six game apps you no longer need to use that time in the players who called what they borrow there they can now enter the shop download the chrome which is very similar as you are in a new installation of windows on your computer and then you open an internet history with the only

Exclusive objectives and even the chrome or firefox website does the installation and leave internet explorer in oblivion so that was the evaluation of panel hd 8 of about a generation this device is an authentic representative of the concept of good, beautiful and cheap took advantage of the break saw how to install the da place tona on any device that does not come with

It pre-installed liked the joy you want to subscribe and we see you again here on a money chan see you later

Transcribed from video