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Epstein Barr Virus Symptoms and Natural Treatment

200 million Americans may already have the Epstein-Barr virus in their system! Don’t panic! There are remedies and vitamins that you can take to reduce its symptoms.

Epstein-barr virus we’re going to go into a teaching on this and i’m going to break down six needed remedies i want everyone to pay attention to this one because you may not even know that you have it sitting in your system but once you come into contact with this virus that’s in the family of herpes viruses it just stays in your system oftentimes it never leaves so

This is why this is crucial the hidden viral giant at eris the viral giant epstein-barr and six needed remedies that so many people are suffering with them might not even know it could it be you so epstein-barr member of the herpes virus family monovirus kissing disease right when you first get it swollen lymph nodes nausea fatigue maybe had a friend in high school

Or middle school that got diagnosed with it well that person it never left it usually will just stay dormant but it’s passed through bodily fluids and some people never express symptoms to the virus other people do so it passes around very very easily it’s not always expressed initially but it can stay dormant inside the system it’s estimated 200 million americans

Have this virus inside your system so is it just safe to say that we could assume or take the approach i probably have this and i want to take some steps to make sure i am anti-virus myself and counteracting it or maybe you have some of these symptoms going on and you’re going to say huh i never knew that could be connected to a virus interesting stuff there’s a

Lot of research on it here we go so the virus generally never really leaves the body so you’ve got to get it at bay and be able to fight it off beat it down in the short term the symptoms we’re seeing like i said fatigue rashes throat issues uh lymph issues that’s the typical the classic the person’s out of school for two to three weeks right or out of college for

A couple weeks or maybe you got it as an adult version that’s the short term then the virus stays in there chronically here’s what shows up autoimmune nightmare it’s an autoimmune nightmare especially best example hashimoto’s the thyroid doctor living good yes that little virus sits right on that thyroid and it’s actually attacking it and causing problems but the

Body what does it do what does autoimmune hashimoto’s mean the body’s attacking itself the body is an attack itself it’s attacking something there that we can’t see what if it’s a virus sitting there oftentimes that’s the case there’s viral implications and it’s creating autoimmune spot response and the thyroid’s a victim not the cause this is the case for lupus

Cases this is the case for multiple sclerosis cases it’s tied to celiac disease rheumatoid arthritis it has ties to type 1 diabetes uh inflammatory bowel disease juvenile idiopathic arthritis of course the thyroid conditions hashimoto’s but also graves both ends of the spectrum hypo and hyper and then it also is tied into with some prominent research into cancers

Specific types of cancers so here’s this virus epstein-barr virus floating around in 200 million of us leading to cancers and we’re not even entirely talking about this thing that’s why i think we’ve got to pay attention to it anemia is linked to this and then hepatitis and liver problems it bogs down that liver which could create a whole host of issues for you so

This is one we got to pay attention to so what can we do if we’re completely unsure now you can get blood tests for this you can run your general antibodies and have an idea based on your longer term antibodies your doctor can check and look to see if you have elevated longer term antibodies this might be a reason there are fc virus tests you have to have that

Discussion with your health practitioner to understand okay how do i actually look into this or seek someone out that does proper testing for epstein bar if you really want to get it looked at to understand now a lot of times you’re just testing is it live in the system which is not necessarily meant uh you know finding is it dormant in the system so it can be

A little bit tricky to do that but if you do have those just subtly elevated antibodies long-term antibodies that might be the signal that says hey there’s something viral or my body’s fighting something here i need to help this out oftentimes that’s what you’re seeing with a lot of the conditions i just stated a lot of these autoimmune conditions that’s what’s

Showing up so six needed remedies if you are struggling with this thing number one vitamin c high dose vitamin c lowers the viral load of epstein-barr and the symptoms of epstein bar that is pub med research that is rock solid now that’s talking around six thousand to eight thousand milligrams a day during those symptomatic periods i take around 1500 to 2500 per

Day on a normal day so high dose vitamin c this is found on our store the high-dose vitamin c helps you get that amount in and you can spread it out throughout the day so you don’t have bowel intolerance which means it would just make your stool loose and you would just flush straight through you so you want to make sure you’re absorbing it but a high-dose vitamin

C very solid research on stopping that viral load and the symptoms number two zinc zinc helps the immune response and inhibits viral replication this is true of you know common viruses right now as well as epstein-barr so increasing the zinc now i would say in order to get it into the cells in order order to stop the replication of the virus you’re going to want

Kercetin which is a part of our vitamin c so kerosotin is going to help zinc get into the cells vitamin c is going to help carry system do that so all three work together the kerosotin is in the vitamin c there’s no need to buy them separate take them together they work together a lot of people making that mistake so zinc inhibits it specifically for epstein-barr

Number three beta glucan commonly talked about for cholesterol this is the stuff that’s in oatmeal that lowers your cholesterol oatmeal name that movie and i’ll give you a hug my kids love it so beta glucan has that impact but the way that it does it it’s not that oatmeal is the benefit in fact i would not advise eating oatmeal because you’re going to take in

Oats and you’re going to take in sugar and that makes some of you upset because you love your oatmeal i’m not saying you can never have it but if you’re trying to lose weight still and you’re trying to control your sugar levels and you’re trying to get your cholesterol down why would you put more sugar in that’s gasoline for the fire instead take the component of

The oats that helps the cholesterol and that’s beta glucan because what beta glucan does is empower a powerful immune regulating agent and it helps to reduce inflammation well that’s going to have a big impact on a virus creating a bunch of inflammation in your body so beta glucan is a great helper for epstein-barr but also for things like cholesterol because it

Lowers that inflammation and that immune response which shows you that oftentimes cholesterol is driven by that stuff and it’s created oftentimes that inflammation by these viruses epstein-barr so beta glucan that’s found in our greens full dose of it in the living of daily greens you’re taking your greens just right into your smoothie you’re getting a bottle of

Beta glucan in the greens you can go get one for 50 bucks on amazon right now or google but it’s literally in the greens it’s fantastic i love doing that kind of stuff so i put that in there it’s something i want to get in my body on a daily basis number four monoloring monolor is a lipid extract from coconuts lauric acid has powerful antiviral antibacterial and

Anti-pathogenic activity specifically against you guessed it epstein-barr this is a must if you’re struggling with epstein-barr suspecting of it if you have one of those autoimmune diseases that we talked about earlier i’d be taking monologue on a daily basis i’d also be adding in all of oregano so i put the two of them together into one supplement so you have to

Buy them separate which would cost you twice as much monolorin and oregano oil mono lauren lauric acid we’ve seen very good clinical results with monolorn against an epstein bar like that number five silver serum to form a colloidal silver colloidal silver is an antiviral agent and the silver serum is a structured form of coil little silver not ionic silver that is

Implanted into the structure it’s a trademark ingredient and it’s the silver is implanted into the structure of water so it doesn’t fall out of solution why does that matter if silver falls out of solution it can just go anywhere in your body and it can create side effects you want it to stay in the structure of water then it acts as a great antiviral antimicrobial

Another very good one especially in the active stage of epstein-barr maybe not as much in the chronic stage although some people do you just want to make sure your ppv is not too high if you’re taking it more regularly which ours is not because it is a very potent form when it’s because it’s in a structure of water it works effectively silver serum and then finally

Number six to address the overall causes clear out the liver repair the gut seal up the lining of it get this fort back built up locked down so that it can run what it runs eighty percent of the time which is your immune system that’s your digestive system helps run we’ve got to get that into check and the way to do that is an advanced gut reset so this is going

To reset the gut but first you go through 30 days of cleansing microbes from your body i’ve seen bar let alone parasites and other microbes so you’re flushing and knocking those down with specific herbs that do that detoxing the liver and the kidneys to flush these things out then going through a resetting process we’re flushing the whole digestive tract repairing

It rebuilding it back up replacing the good foods back in and repopulating the needed bacteria to help the immune system get its strength back so the advanced gut reset very essential as a protocol for any of those conditions and a possible cause of the epstein-barr it affects a lot of people if you need a place to start grab the living a daily book it’ll get you

Going on your lifestyle and as a living daily lifestyle member you can get access to things like the ants got reset and these resources to continue to understand how to get to the cause of your problems undiagnose them so that you can live good

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Epstein Barr Virus Symptoms and Natural Treatment By Dr. Livingood