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eReader Vergleich: Kindle Paperwhite vs. Tolino Shine 3 vs. Pocketbook Touch HD3

Kindle, Tolino oder Pocketbook – wer ist der beste eReader? In unserem Test treten an: Kindle Paperwhite, Tolino Shine 3, und das Pocketbook Touch HD3. hat die 6-Zoll-Lesegeräte in 18 Kategorien miteinander verglichen. Hier im Video.

Hello dear börsenblatt readers in this test we are comparing 36 inch devices with each other, namely the new torino, the pocketbook touch hd 3 and the new kindle peter walter all devices appeared at the end of 2018 we have prepared 18 categories for our test categories number 1 the price with only 99 euros put turin appears three clearly in the lead is the cheapest device

In the test the pocketbook touch hd 3 you get for 159 euros current and the kindle paper far there are three different prices depending on the equipment of the device and that depends on the one and storage space 8 gb or 32 gb and whether there is a built-in lte in addition to the whether there is also the ability , our test device was from the most expensive category,

I.e. it has lte built-in and the maximum storage space and comes in this configuration at 229 euros and is therefore the most expensive device in the test for the internal memory, the point in this round goes to the paper with 32 g igabyte in the torino gives six gigabytes of storage space and the pocketbook a10 3 has 16 gb of storage, which also comes with all devices

Not that much is happening now in terms of dimensions all devices are about the same height the same width the narrowest is the tourino a bit more lavish the case is built into the kindle that is not a disadvantage i will come to that later when it comes to usability that’s why this round without gaining a point, the pocketbook has hd3 is the lightest reader in the test

At 156 grams that we weighed and says the point here in the west is the kindle paper with 193 grams that it is slightly lighter in other configurations if a dlc capability is installed and less storage space reduces the weight 167 grams the turiner brings its three to di e scales all three read certain the less than a normal pocket book because of but point he goes to

The pocket book draw also as far as the screen resolution is concerned all devices have their technology at 300 ppi that is a very good resolution the pocket book and the tourino have a tomcat display amazon uses its own technology that is in no way inferior to it everything is crisp and sharp reading is great fun on it that’s why it’s not a clear favorite here lighting

Of all devices that we tested are illuminated the bouquet dolls the tourino have smart light technology i.e. the ability is only to make it brighter and darker manually, but also to use a bit of bluish light or a very warm orange colored light depending on the time of day. liszt recommend that you use a warm light in the evening hours , on the one hand so that you can fall

Asleep better and in the eyes to spare the kindle has only five built-in leds and always a bit of bluish light in direct comparison with the luminosity and how that affects the display the pocketbook convinced us the most in the test point the book turned out to have all three splash water protection the tourino is not splash-proof compared to the pocketbook and the kindle

Paper you can take it with you in the bathtub or to the beach without fear you can also fall into the water that we don’t damage the devices that’s why the memory in all devices can’t be expanded because that’s not the case more works with this technology that’s why there is no sd card slot so long story short one point each for the children’s book and the pocketbook audio

Books as the only device in our test you can have with the pocketbook and a normal pair of headphones via a jack adapter plug listen to audio books and have your own audio book player au ch play audio books the torino can’t do that at all and the kindle has a function that emotion will probably expand in the future, namely i can access my library and bluetooth speakers

Or headphones the content is usually available if it but doing that with the mobile phone for our test now but one point for the printer looks the three of them then looked at how the devices can cope with different formats all devices can play the common text formats amazon customers naturally have the problem that amazon has its own here soup with the formats boils and

You can’t import an existing e-book library that easily, that means it can be smuggled via conversion programs and then there are problems with the copy protection and the other way around, as an ex emerson customer, it can’t be so easy to give up my amazon e-books either bring others back the name is d the same problem with the tourino and the pocketbook, but they can

Handle all common text formats and also some image formats from the pocketbook at actually means everything you can come across somewhere, so the point here is the pocketbook has all three online there are many e-book readers who also cannot borrow e-books in their city library via the so-called online divibib with the torino and the pocketbook is able to participate in

The online with the kindle paper goes far that is not the point here for the turin and for the pocketbook for amazon’s salvation has to be said that it has its own system and you have a very large selection here even when it comes to self-publishing we also wanted to take a look under the hood and see what the processors are reveal here what is built in here that there

Is a processor with a gigahertz and 512 mb working memory which is perfectly sufficient for what you have to be able to do the pocketbook has two main memories so it is heated up twice with 512 mb and thus twice as much power because more services, games etc. can be operated with the e-reader, so point to the pocketbook here too in terms of usability, i.e. when reading

When changing from when changing from writing and so on, the pocketbook was also our favorite simply because it is very pleasant to have buttons on the device with which i can turn pages while reading and also a button with which i can immediately do that menu come without having to know up and down when we tested the touch display that all these devices have here that

Was simply the most comfortable the device lies incredibly well in the hand and is at the back also has these recessed grips and something is copied here at the front as well the kindle is in good hands and explains very nicely what you have to do, how, what works where you have to know wieland and the rear has a bit of a rubberized surface a bit better than we liked

The pocketbook and it all works the worst with the ino tool precisely because it has shrunk so much this frame is so small that you either click on the touchpad almost on the display often has or not really to hold on to has we back the whole thing is a bit roughened but that’s actually just the tracker is in my pocket and it’s better to grab it that’s not it’s a slippery

Matter that’s why here is a sticking point for the pocketbook in the menu navigation and how smart everything works and how the device reacts the kindle could have won if there was not so obtrusively space for advertising and shopping and references to the amazon shop would also have been a very good menu navigation and usability the tourino has both on the reader itself

A ls also in the app also managing multiple devices or shopping in multiple jobs works here most conveniently of the canale e books from more from different shops in a library for example warehouse so here is a very small point in the tournament about it does it work where can it be how can it be how can i get the e-books on my e-mail on it then the possibilities with

The pocketbook are simply greatest by simply shopping either on the pc then i have different options the via e-mail dropbox center pocketbook function on my device it can shop anywhere that it is incredibly convenient at amazon shopping is also very easy but it has to shop at amazon and there is also a cool shopping experience with the tourino but then it can not use

The cloud function for books, for example this is not the case with a tourino dealer, ie thalia hugendubel, or an independent bookstore ndler minister buy nissan then i have a bit of a problem managing my e- books so here is the pocket book but if i have to go shopping again with the next category shed with the ereader on the go then the kindle paper can of course use

Its strengths playing the built-in lte that means i don’t have to look for wifi with the password to attract but can surf directly via the built-in lte and control the shop don’t have to pay anything extra for it, but i already leafed through it more when buying the device and one more comment for this to the tourino here it can still use the telekom hotspots in several

Thousand throughout germany this is very practical for scottish people telekom used to be the technology partner of the tourino alliances hotspots are currently still available the cloud solution all three devices have an associated cloud technolo gie with the iss on other devices, for example my pc and smartphone can manage my library on my cell phone, for example, can

Read more you are never again just not there i said that works very well across all services with the restriction that is at the tourino alliance can use unlimited storage but only audio books and e-books from turin and partners at amazon the same song only reduced to amazon content and the greatest possibility with 5 gb memory has the greatest variety is with the pocket

Book but has to go through the sour apple here biting that when i’ve registered in several shops it’s a bit cumbersome to log into the respective shop and these e-books aren’t automatically merged into one library that ‘s a bit annoying that’s the toad you have to swallow but the sticking point of pocketbook in the category other we have reserved another punk t optional

For things that we otherwise noticed that the pocketbook has the very good text-to-speech function, where you can have the content read out to you with a computer voice , which is practical library gives as an equivalent, so to speak, to the loan and the range of self- publishing titles is extremely large finally tested meters yes how great is the reading pleasure we have

These devices in our own hands it is noticeable that the rental car question that the tourino is very top-heavy and it’s always a little bit hard to get hold of when you have to hold it down here and then the thing always comes at you like that it ‘s just a bit more uncomfortable than with the other devices it looks very good and it just feels good in your hand pocketbook

And the children also lies in the hand but it was probably most comfortable with the pocketbook because it is also the lightest device that was our test the winner in terms of points is clearly the pocketbook touch hd 3 in terms of price- performance ratio you simply get the most here is a succession of papers far and the tourino is a matter of taste how much money you

Would have to invest all three devices convinced us in principle , but in the end the pocketbook came out on top with hd3 if you liked this video, we’d be happy if you give a thumbs up to other tests on this channel, please subscribe to us and activate it find the bell not to miss any more videos for watching and see you next time

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eReader Vergleich: Kindle Paperwhite vs. Tolino Shine 3 vs. Pocketbook Touch HD3 By Börsenblatt