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ES3405 Fossil Virginia Two Tone Rose Gold

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Hello everyone, welcome back to de sem store, today

We are responsible for doing the technical analysis of this fossil model, which is ls 3405, this watch belongs to the virginia family and i will tell you about the characteristics, it is a totally stainless steel both at home and on the strap we see that it plays in two tones a chrome silver and a rose gold the dial is also in rose gold color we see crystals embedded

In all hour indicators as well as crystal inlays around the dial and on the strap it has a resistance to the web of 50 meters, a case size of 30 centimeters , quartz movement and an anti-reflective mineral glass, it is the latest from fossil and this design is beautiful, in addition to the fact that the price-quality ratio is also for sale, that is to say what we pay we

Receive much more we are going to measure the size of the strap many customers ask us for this information and the distance of the strap is 18 centimeters we verify s the size of the case we are located here from 10 to 4 o’clock and there are the 30 millimeters of the case size very well we are going to zoom in and we begin to see the anti-reflective mineral crystal see

How it will reject the light for stronger which is so that the dial is always shining and at all times we see the inlaid crystals we mention it in the work indicators in addition to the dial which gives it a tremendous elegance the pink color with this chrome silver is very beautiful in a very good design we check the strap we see more crystals embedded in the strap the

Design is tremendous from the strap i love it we turn the back of fonsi with technical data of the watch again fossil firm here in the beautiful clasp this model very well we are going to program the watch in this case, just remove the crown from position 1 and we can program it now, i’m going to remove it there, mr. click, and we’re going to leave this watch at programmed

And ready to be used. it ‘s beautiful. this model is very well. you already know us. we are dsm. it’s a lot. fossil that i am going to use as an example, two boxes here i tell the new example because fossil always changes the designs of these boxes and finally, just three points quickly. number one is that please look for our discount coupon. this page is for you to get a

Better price. if you haven’t asked for a comment, i’ll get it to you by this same means. the next product is that we make express shipments to all of mexico. at your home and the last point is that our page is prepared with the safest payment methods worldwide, what does this mean that we have hundreds of fu it was from mexico in europe asia oceania africa north america

South america there are hundreds of clients that we have outside of mexico and it is very simple because the watch is insured until it reaches your country and all missiles i hope you liked this video and if we give a like with a like to be excellent or improved subscribe to our channel see you soon

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ES3405 Fossil Virginia Two Tone Rose Gold By DCMStore