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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex

Reviewing Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized Recovery. It this luxury eye cream worth it? Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex

Remember not too long ago we did a complete deep dive review into the estee flying off the shelf like hotcakes it’s won tons of awards and i wanted to do a worth it as you guys know the estee lauder advanced night repair skin care alone retails for $100 now when i did that original review i favorite part of the video it’s one of my most commented on videos i heard from

Skincare serum out there on the market some people said they’ve even been using complete waste of money that it was too expensive that you would never try it at a way more affordable skincare price now aside from hearing all of that from do you think of or can you review the estee lauder advanced night repair eye much about this eye cream so i couldn’t offer much perspective

Or recommendation eye cream so exactly like we did with the estee lauder’s serum we’re gonna do eye cream see if it’s worth the price tag should you include it in your like you’re applying this eye cream to yourself so today’s video is everything supercharged complex a synchronized recovery that is the longest name in repair eye supercharged complex synchronized recovery

It helps reduce dark circles in as little as three weeks hydrates the skin for up the packaging goes this does follow the estee lauder advanced and night repair it’s gonna help the component protect the skincare product from light it has beautiful gold detailing a gold cap it has a gold font now when it comes however i feel like at this stage in the you guys out there

Relate to me on this one anything that you have to open not very unstable when exposed to air opening the component and exposing it to and because this is such an expensive eye cream it is sixty two dollars for 15 eye cream a lot of those really potent powerful ingredients aren’t gonna be also because you have to open this and put your finger inside you’re also it around

Your eye and you know i mean that just sounds gross altogether i cream is absolutely out of this world i don’t even know how to explain it to you finger is going to slip right off my face now it’s important to keep in mind skincare ingredients i was so intrigued that feeling was so unique i was really for what was giving me this texture enhancer i found out so i’ll let you

Is silky smooth okay now you might be thinking so what makes the estee lauder what are the ingredients what exactly am i paying for should i add it into my you out of your skincare products is to really understand different skincare understanding these skincare ingredients are really going to help you know saying so when it comes to the estee lauder advanced night repair

Eye no fragrance and it’s free of denatured alcohol so those are two checks right about to talk about you really don’t want to have any fragrance mixed in with which honestly shouldn’t be in skincare anymore anyway but things like a there is no fragrance in the advanced night repair line because it’s a normally contain fragrance so i just put that together right now in my

Head remember when i was talking about the texture and how this eye cream applied that shortly so you guys are gonna see this but my finger almost slips right butter right away i could tell it was like a silicone feeling you feel like so silky smooth i was like if you’re gonna wear a concealer or a foundation slipperiness that butteriness that silkiness evaporated it left

My skin the very first skincare ingredient is methyl trimethicone water thin and the crazy thing is it’s it adds a slip and a texture enhancer volatile silicone so immediately you do get that silicone that almost plastic not dry but not as buttery as before now the most important thing to realize going to give your skin long-term benefits this is just gonna provide that

Ingredient it’s not gonna have any lasting impressions on your skin so this eye cream is water which i would say is pretty typical of most skin care skincare ingredient which is really the heart the power the sole of the entire advanced night repair serum or i even did a video where i did a more make sure you check that one out because this ingredient is really what powers

Ferment lysate is a probiotic derived from bifida bacteria now we know that really help to stabilize your skin biome using ferments and skincare can really psoriasis all of these things can benefit from using a probiotic in your your skin exfoliate as well as help your skin better absorb moisture so all in probiotics in this formula our lactobacillus as well as that bifida

Ingredients in here that are really going to help to give you more beautiful you may sound familiar from the lemare skincare line there is caffeine in here snatched eye appearance there’s birch extract there’s soybean course antioxidants are going to help protect your skin free radicals come from the environment outside they come from things like the your skincare routine

Is amazing as well eye cream that i wanted to mention that i didn’t see very many people talking this mulberry extract contains our view 10 which is a hydroquinone derivative production therefore lightening your dark spots your sun spots and fading help keep that under-eye area looking bright and prevent that melanin from damage because really you can’t get close with any

Of those powerful lasers favorite place to be let’s get to our application of the estee lauder advanced eye cream in motion alright so like i said $0.00 it smells like nothing do not like to dip my finger in here but we’re gonna do it for today’s video so a very small amount now everyone says to apply eye cream with your ring finger so i like to take these two fingers here

I apply the product warm it up a little weirdest sensation now initially i just like to press the eye cream on my have been waiting to tell you guys i can’t even explain what this feels like mean you guys can see already this is providing extreme hydration and with this little bit i’m just gonna take it up underneath my eyebrows here i get at night you could even apply

It directly to your eyelids i don’t like to in my eyes but totally up around the brow bone i like to pull it down here eye cream is very expensive you guys can two eyes perfectly you guys know there is nothing worse than having to use too existence when it comes to skincare so just using a very small amount is an here and i mean hello now remember like i was saying at the

Beginning that foundation it is gonna slip right off your skin and already immediately after method cone the very first skincare ingredient it’s providing that initial leaving your skin definitely not as silky smooth it is the comments down below let me know that i am not crazy and you have experienced advanced & night repair i supercharged you guys know that is this

Eye cream a necessity in your skincare routine and it is definitely a luxurious eye treatment my main hesitation for a very expensive eye treatment however if you have the curious to try more skincare products and you’ve seen the estee lauder curious out there but do you need it in your skincare routine no now this is necessity in your skincare routine if you’re using your

Daily moisturizer is assuming that it doesn’t have fragrance in it or any real irritating skincare cream is of course those probiotics and those fermented skincare ingredients now synchronized recovery complex and i listed a bunch in particular of south the bad skincare ingredients that estee lauder still has so if you are curious there for you at a more affordable price

Than jumping in right at the estee guys have to think about the estee lauder advanced night repair eye down below have you used the estee lauder advanced night repair skincare serum and the eye cream so if you’ve tried any of them please let me know in until the very end thanks for making it to the very end of today’s video oh you think he is thanks for sticking around

Until the very end if you made it at the to me and i’ll see you in the next video bye guys

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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex By Trevor Ritchie