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Evdeki Robot: iRobot Roomba 5

Evde bizlerle yaşayan sevimli dostalarımız kışa hazırlanıyor… Bol bol tüy döküyorlar, işte bu durumlarda robot süpürgelere büyük iş düşüyor. iRobot Roomba İ5 modelini sizler için inceledik.

Hello everyone from

Teknosober as you can see today we started with my dog ​​in the park this video because our friends at home a nice product about our pet friends i will try to explain the whole part of the moon i will buy the rumba i5 product of the robot because it sheds a lot, especially during the season transitions , it sheds incredibly and is almost vacuumed this is important both

For our health and for the guests who come to the house, but it is not possible to take out the big vacuum cleaner every day or spare time for it. here, robot vacuums and smart vacuums work. no, how should i perform the robot rumba i5 model? let’s check it out together we’re going home yes, we came to the scene here we are in the living room of the house right now one of

The areas where blacke is the most because her bed is here and the cat comes here every once in a while . she hangs out sometimes here. poured out our biggest problem is cats, dogs, especially dogs. actually, this is our biggest problem, we have to vacuum every day, we have to vacuum every day at home. you can’t take it off and put it on , it’s not possible with this battery

To vacuum the whole house, but the delicacy comes back on its own to charge there, there’s a dog. doko adjusts herself, sits down, gets charged, and continues from where she left off. so she doesn’t do it again in the same places, she returns where she left off. at the bottom, each robot has its own patented double rubber rollers and it can actually pick up slightly large

Objects. we don’t have carpets at the moment, but it can easily go on the carpet and clean it . it is a device that works seriously, you took the vacuum cleaner out of the box, you plugged it in, it is charged, now we need to introduce it to the application. what do we do for this? we hold down the two buttons next to it for a while, when you hear this sound, it can be

Identified from bluetooth. also, after connecting it to your own home’s wi-fi network via the application . then you have the chance to access the tool remotely. actually, it is a machine in a house that can be accessed remotely with the technology we call detail and so you have the opportunity to control it from anywhere. there is a cherry hopper in the dirt hopper. you

Can pour it into the dirt hopper, you know, or if you rub your hands at work, you wash your hands, sometimes the hair does not come out. it’s too much for it and you have to shake it, it has a nice side. because after a certain time, such smells start to come from that reservoir. as i said, it is a washable hazin. if you have the chance to control many of its features,

You can run it even when you are not at home and give it the tasks you want it to do remotely, for example , after a while after mapping, it draws the map of the house , even if the items are more or less in the same place, it does not waste time there , it does not get tangled in the cables, it goes up and down like this. it was also interesting because one of the biggest

Problems in many smart vacuums is that they get in and hide in those cables. this is not a problem either. when you mapping, you can select certain areas and give the task of clearing the middle room in the back room. when we look at the meaning of noise] , since there is a vacuum system, it can cause discomfort when operating in your environment, but it is not a subject

We are talking about in such a strange noise, i opened the sound meter

63 d esibel produces a sound around 73 decivels, now i am satisfied. i

Have it running for a few days. it collects hairs a lot. after that, there is an incident of staying in corners. it says rumba battery looks full as you can see robot health it has a high efficiency filter oh, by the way, it has a filter so that it will be used for 48 more hours so that dust does not blow out. here you add a task, you name it, we said monday, we chose

Its color, green, as soon as i say sweep everywhere, it delivers the task to him kilis there is a detection technology, that is, something that is said to be up to 4 liters. with very serious sensors. it can actually detect the dirty area. it is compatible with siri and google assistant, that is, when you say hey siri to clean the house on your mobile phone through the

Application, i guess you can’t run it, i don’t know, i haven’t tried cleaning it. you can make planning, he can make cleaning suggestions to you. so he gets used to it so much that after a while he says he needs to clean these places too. if he says i have n’t been going for a few days, he gives suggestions. well then you say he didn’t do it, so your house becomes like a

Third animal at home by the way, among the features it says something like this, it says it remembers the period when your animals shed, what does it do when i remember, i wonder if this is what i need to work harder , i don’t know if it’s obviously motivated by something or something these days, but maybe it is making the period more frequent, how much? it doesn’t end

Because i can’t finish it yet, i have a lot of work to do . he says was over there with that sensor on the top and there is a sensor on the opposite side, look, on the receiver side, he probably finds them by matching them instead

Now we look at the bottom of the device this is

The dirty place he collects for what he sweeps chamber 2 rubber brushes this is the squeegee system, as i said , a special small brush of the robot’s own technology, which takes the corners again. this is also more effective because it does not only clean by rotating, but also does it with a vacuum. you need to pay attention to it, there is a button there you press this,

You take the hopper out of here, if the feathers find the dust, it collected their soil. now let me show you how to empty it, there is a button to open the hopper here, you press it at the top, we can be proud of our work, you go and empty it in the trash. i’ll empty it and come by the way, he just saw it the dust it collects after about 10 minutes of work, you sit down

From its corner, it is ready to work again very simply , as you can see, it is a well- printed device weighing 3 kilos 150-200 grams, the same robot i5 is a slightly higher model therefore, for example, a television s it can’t get under its hood or all over the armpits . that’s why you have to open them. that’s why its thickness turns into a disadvantage there. of course,

It has a strong vacuum system and a chamber, the chamber is also quite so that it can actually take a sweeping house. so when you look at our hair ratio, it is comfortable at once . you can also follow the state of the reservoir through the application, you can see the performance of your device by pressing the history in the application again. send received the task is

Coming back now we said ok to the station that’s enough. he can sit himself directly without any deviation with his sensors, he officially goes as if he has eyes, look how the other one in the back is keeping an eye on him. well done to my daughter. now, let me tell you what i’m going to say, first of all, as you can see, his tool is always working, i’m tired, i’m tired

We have started to introduce these technologies, which we can call this type of devices, slowly, during the pandemic period. by the way , we have seen that these sales have increased a lot. we thought it would relax the employees very well. you set it up at 9 at the beginning at 11 it finishes the first batch started at 12 it charges from 0 to 100 per hour . 1800 in the

Afternoon you can complete the rest of the work and give tasks such as clean the house until i come turkey axle in there is no shortage of spare parts for the product at least as far as i know, this device has a current price of around 10,000 tl for now , there are different models for 999 tl, as i said, this is the device i tested, i spent 1-2 days with it actively at

Home. i can say that i am satisfied with the results, the price issue as i already said , it is a non-negotiable subject now, everything is very expensive well, if it fits your budget, you can put the same robot as one of the good solutions, you can put the good five aside, i can easily say that if you have comments to discuss in new videos, if you have robot experience,

Robot if you have vacuum cleaner experience, write it in the comments below, if you want to tell about the different models, it was better .

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Evdeki Robot: iRobot Roomba İ5 By Tekno Safari