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Evening Skincare Routine | Alexa Rose Steele

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All right for real this time we’re doing it okay okay hello and welcome back to my channel are you guys surprised to see me alive and well yeah me too i know i’m sorry then not uploading anything but i do go through these little periods where i get really tired of social media and i just get all fed up and i decide to not go on it for a couple months oh bear with

Me i promise i won’t do that again for a little while but anyway back with my nightly routine this is something that what i know i say this every time but it was requested i really try and actually do videos that are requested so if you want to see anything i don’t know morning routines or whatever just put them in the comment box below or you can message me on

Instagram or something anyway without further ado let’s just get right into it i don’t really like doing these big spiel intros they’re kind of annoying personally when i’m watching youtube video i just skip the intros and just get right into it because i won’t even be mad if you guys do that for this so you can just skip if you want to oh side note also i know

That it’s daylight out right now but i just kind of wanted to get it over with so i can get ready for bed and just be ready for bed because i have some stuff to do and i just want to be able to hop into bed do you know what i’m talking about oh it’s still recording uh-huh whoops okay so first things first i still use it oh by the way i’m a little bit stuffed up

So if i sniffle or if i sound a little congested it’s because spring is attacking my body and it’s like spring but it’s also summer but it’s spring here in toronto still kind of so anyway if i sound like that that’s why so first things first i like to wash my face oh wait actually actually what i really do first if i have any makeup on i actually use coconut oil i

Know this is a huge tub of coconut oil but i also do coconut oil hair treatments and i liked my really big jugs and them anyway so i used coconut oil to wash off my makeup i like that it’s supernatural i mean you see all these cleanse off oils at sephora like that clinique i don’t know whatever it’s called but it’s literally just coconut and it’s so great i think

Coconut oil does a way better job than any of these other like cleanse off oils to be honest and it’s super cheap and you can use on your hair and you can always raise your body with it i don’t have any makeup on right now so i’m not gonna do that stuff that just in case anything is wondering what i use to wash off my makeup that’s what i use so i’m just gonna go

Right into just washing my face so i like to use the on dilute cleansing foam okay so to use probably like one and a half pumps probably more if i have coconut oil on my face crazy honestly i really try and take a full minute to just scrub my face i promise it’ll make a huge difference that really helps to activate and let your cleanser do what it needs to do and

Really gives you a nice deep clean if you don’t do a full minute just try it once and i swear to god you will see a huge difference so if you’re not doing that already and i really take time around my problem areas which is my t-zone pretty much okay is my toner of course i use my thayer’s rose witch hazel facial toner but anyway just going around the edges of my

Face through my eyebrows i get a lot of blackheads in my hairline actually if i don’t kind of run my toner through there and pick up any dirt or leftover cleanser same with my eyebrows there’s my hair so thick it catches any excess stuff that the water doesn’t wash off so i have to be pretty careful with that so this is just like a little lip treatment that i like

To do it’s kind of extra you don’t have to do this if you want but i like to condition my lips with a bit of vitamin e oil dab a little bit onto my lips just at night i like to do this kind of in the beginning stages of my night routine just so at the end of my night routine it’s all absorbed and i can put on my night lip shop which you guys will see at the end of

This video of course next up i have this is the all i literally don’t know how to pronounce this the olay something something i don’t know whatever it is if you do use this definitely use sunscreen i mean you should be using sunscreen anyway but definitely use sunscreen if you’re using this i am trying to say just some scars around here and here and everywhere my

Skin is a little bit on the sensitive side and on the dry side so i only use about a half pump of this and when it starts to get tacky you just start patting it in i learned this tapping thing from michelle phan i remember it which ours was the first ever skincare routine i ever watched and i was like shocked at how many things but into skin care and she massage

Her face like this okay so next up i’m gonna let that absorb this is the biotherm life plankton so this is an essence and i would shake it up i remember when i started using this it makes my skin so soft it is supposed to help with pollution and i do live downtown toronto so i am a little worried about pollution and then i travel to la which is no offense to anybody

Lives in la but it’s like pollution central i mean honestly sometimes i get to la and just seeing the smog in the sky makes me really uncomfortable it makes me sad to think about all the bacteria that i’m breathing in that’s on my face so la clean up your act plant some trees this is something you guys have definitely seen before it is these cerave i repair cream

Really hydrating i think it’s great for everyday and for morning and night i just like to keep my eye area really nice and hydrated so just patting that around my under eye and then i actually bring it up to my brow bone and over my eyelid as well i don’t know if you’re supposed to do that but i do that okay next up this is another serum that i use in day time

As well as in the night time and it’s my hyaluronic acid serum tart mermaid skin like you don’t need to buy this if you don’t wanna there’s a lot of hyaluronic acid serums i just like what they call that a mermaid serum you know that gets me so just taking that rubbing it all over my skin and just as a heads up you should definitely let every single step really

Absorb into the skin next up is another tarte serum this is a collagen serum this is tarte rainforest of the sea deep sea collagen super serum i really like it um i don’t know if i’ve noticed my skin any plumper or anything but it is for hydrating what i do with products is i’ll use them and then i’ll stop using them to see if they’re the difference on my skin

So i’m just patting that on your skin really nice just two or three drops for my face isn’t up and make sure of course you carry everything you do down your neck okay so another product that you guys have seen me use is this the biotherm ever plump aqua source aqua source ever plumps sorry i actually prefer using it at night now because i like to wake up and see

You know that’s what it looks like i love seeing how plump it makes my skin so it is really lightweight so i do massage it in and then once it starts getting tacky i’ve been looking at the viewfinder this whole time i hope you guys can’t tell i should be looking into the lens so it feels like you know i’m looking at you guys so for my next two steps i’m just gonna

Show you them together because i got them as a little set because i wasn’t sure if i wanted to buy them both yet i wasn’t sure if they would work for my skin or something but i saw this adorable little sentence áfourá so it is the lenez water sleeping mask and then also the lip sleeping mask as well so yeah let’s just get into it so for my first step using the

One edgewater sleeping mask i actually do really like this i’ve been using it for a couple days now and i’ve ended up really liking it it is not a face cream it goes on top of all of your other products and basically it kind of locks everything in adds extra moisture and make sure it’s pretty much that like your moisturizer and everything underneath kind of stays

Sealed on your skin so it’s kind of like a finishing step of finishing hydrating step asks for a little lip sleeping mask i have used this on set before like all the time because i was in calgary and it was so dry there so i was using it to kind of hydrate my skin but then i was talking about friend of mine who works at the fora and she said you shouldn’t use it

All the time like you shouldn’t use it as your a regular lip balm because it’s actually an exfoliator so that’s why you wake up with really baby soft lips because overnight it exfoliates your lips and that’s also why it in the directions it says to lightly wipe off when you wake up the next morning because you’re just not supposed to wear it all the time so yeah

For this i was just like it works it works i will say but if you didn’t want to spend the money and you just kind of want to i don’t know you can just exfoliate your lips using a sugar scrub and basically get the same result so do i think this product is really nice yes i think it is really nice and it does do its job but i think you can also just exfoliate your

Lips on your own because that’s pretty much what this is the vitamin e oil has actually absorbed now so i’m just taking a little bit of this manage it makes me feel super bougie to use it at night like i have a special so almost my last step i know guys this is taking forever oh actually no this is my last step for my last step i actually conditioned my lashes so

Here i’m using castor oil you can use any oil honestly but i really love to condition my eyelashes especially after wearing mascara and stuff like that i know so many older women who just had so much eyelash loss and i was talking to this woman that i used to work with and she said she thought it was because she put on so much mascara and curled her lashes all

The time she almost never watched her makeup off properly so i think it’s all that and the fact that you know when we wash and scrub our lashes free of makeup and stuff unlike our skin and our lips we don’t really rehydrate them with any natural oils so i think it’s really important to hydrate your lashes because i don’t know about you guys but i don’t really want

To not have lashes when i get older so i’m just using like a little bit like barely coating my fingers and i’m just rubbing it gently through my lashes really making sure i’m getting into the roots and completely coating my lashes if you’re still here at the end of this honestly good for you okay that’s it that’s my last step oh wait no it’s not actually my last

Step is tea tree oil so tea tree was just something that i’ve been using so i just wet the end of a q-tip so it doesn’t burn my skin because you do want to dilute tea tree oil otherwise you definitely might burn your skin i think i burned my boyfriend’s sari in and then taking that i just dab it on any pimples or anything and this really helps to reduce the size

And dry out my pimples okay everybody and that is finally it i know that took forever and ever and ever let me just count how many steps that i have 1 2 3 4 5 13 steps is that an unlucky thing to have 13 steps ok 14 14 no is that unlucky oh no i’m gonna need to either add another step or take away a step i think you all know that i’m gonna be having this chap this

Is no longer for another day i’m not going to get into this right now so that is my skincare routine it is a long process but thank you so much for sticking through if you were at the end of this video after 13 steps of skincare you’re a champ i know i have some gave me her stuffs but it is something that i personally really like i don’t think you need to do all

These steps like i’m just gonna go out there and say it because i think it’s unfair for people to have to feel like they need to buy a million products honestly quality over quantity of product works for your skin then it works for your skin i think like the three main things you need are like face wash toner and moisturizer thanks so much for tuning in guys i

Know it’s been forever since i’ve uploaded so if you’re back here and then thank you it does mean the world to me and i hope to see you guys next week bye

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