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Everyday Morning Routine FT. it cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream


Hi everyone so today i am going to show you my everyday morning routine okay now that i have washed my face i am just going to pat it dry my god i look like a zombie goodness also the lighting in the bathroom doesn’t help to be honest this is a get ready with me video said it’s all good once you have dried your face then once you drag your face i use my it cc cream

Your skin but better i use this on a day-to-day basis and i think it’s fantastic i use it every single day because it has spf 50 and being here in the city requires you to walk outside every day and i’ve always heard how important it is to wear sunblock and i’ve never really gotten into the habit of putting on sunblock every day until this cc cream because it has

It in it so i also that they love it i’ve been using it for like a week now and every time i wear i just feel like my skin is so much more hydrated and glowy and even like i just i just love the way that it makes my skin look and it’s very natural and light on the skin and so therefore i love it so i just removed the top it is a pump lindsay it’s also anti-aging

Anti-aging hydrating serum color corrective and full coverage cream honestly you can’t ask for anything more it’s amazing i highly recommend this product and i think it’s only $32 i got it at sephora so here in new york only the big sephora scariet select times square union square but back in miami they had it like they have it pretty much everywhere so i am in

The shade light and so yeah i like to apply it with a brush so i use my morphe m4 39 which is just like a regular foundation brush i know that it sells a foundation brush as well to like put on with this and if not you can just get an alternative like elf or something which i think their foundation brush is like six dollars totally worth it so i just put a little

Pump on the back of my hand i don’t pump it all the way because a lot comes out so i just pump it a little bit like this like this and then i dip my brush and i start applying it all over in like dabbing motions you see already like i’ve applied it here and already my skin looks way more even than it did before before i was like what the hell and now we’re getting

Somewhere so once i feel that everything is even i like to bring it down my neck a little bit to make sure that like if i got paler from one day to the next it doesn’t look at like you can’t tell from the cc cream so i like to blend it into my neck so that there is no weird color difference because that’s the worst next i’m going to take this eyebrow brush there is

Literally absolutely no product on this i just use this to kind of comb my brows get all the hairs in order i don’t know to me it just makes it look like the shape where to find so in the front i just comb it up and coming back and then i add one swipe of mascara to each eyelash so i’m using the phenomena / paradise mascara and last but not least i take my fresh

As you can see i’ve used it a lot and all the writing has rubbed off but it is the fresh sugar in the shade rose’ and this also has spf in it 25 i believe and i literally just go like this 1 type 2 type and that is it and that is my entire morning routine so i’m going to go ahead and get dressed put my hair and do my hair whatever and then i’ll show you what it

Looks like in different lighting and not like concentrated bathroom lighting because i promise you it makes a difference so now that i am all dressed and have done my hair this is what my everyday look consists of i think it’s super easy it literally took me like 7 minutes to do my entire face and i think it’s done with products that are healthy for your skin like

It’s not like i’m just putting on foundation it’s like no i’m putting on cc cream to hydrate my skin and it includes sunblock to protect my skin the mascara is just for beauty tips but the same with the lip chopstick lips i will find the name and write it down below because this is embarrassing but it also has sunblock and it especially here in new york where the

Weather changes look every day your lips really tend to dry out and i found that this lip thing because it’s not lipstick it’s not like chapstick it’s like a little better what this fresh rose a really does keep my lips from being chopped and it keeps them hydrated and looking healthy so i don’t know what’s wrong with me today i’m so sorry but yeah so this is the

Finished look i hope you enjoyed watching this video and i hope you got some helpful tips to add to your morning routine if you like this video please like it and subscribe to our channel and make sure you check out our instagram to see what is coming next you

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