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Eye Creams I Use All Over My Face

Versed smooth landing eye balm

The eye creams that i use as facial moisturizers and the embarrassing thing that happened to me inside of a fedex because i was tired and underslept and had very baggy under eyes we did a video in the past talking about the moisturizers that i use in the under eye area i get more value for my book they work well and everybody on that video was like this is great

But i have some eye creams that i want to use as facial moisturizers and i want to know what your favorites are and there are actually three products that are labeled as eye care products that i love to use all over my freaking face that are amazing and then one thing that has a caveat but we’re going to talk about that because that’s why you’re here and we’re also

Going to talk about what happens when your phone’s music connects to the bluetooth at the fedex and starts playing over the speakers for everyone to hear and when you have a music library like i do boy does that get embarrassing but since that first video people wanted to know the products that i do use all over my face and the ones that i like to look for are ones

That actually have good ingredients ones that really nourish the skin and actually do what they claim there’s not like this shady marketing of fixes your face and it’s like okay well is that under eye bags is that wrinkles is that puffiness like tell me nothing but say a lot of words oh it’s like a politician there are a few favorites and even a few dermatologists

Who got me hooked on this recent one from first and we’re working with them on a portion of this video but we’re going to talk about that in just a second because when you are too tired when you are under slept and when you are running on literal caffeine and adrenaline you don’t always think things through right this was a very late evening and i was going to

One of the 24-hour fedex locations because i was trying to ship out packages to our beautiful subscribers because i’ve been very very very late at shipping out packages which i still am but you know what i’m working with what i’ve got people so i was at fedex at like one in the morning and i walk in and all of a sudden i hear this g-drop and i was like oh my god

You guys listen to my chemical romance i’m a black parade and these poor ladies behind the counter bless their souls they looked in their mid 40s maybe 50s you know like someone that you would hang out with and have a cup of coffee with well they sat there they’re like chemical romance chemical spill what and they’re kind of looking around i’m like yeah welcome to

The black parade and i’m like smiling behind my mouse but nobody can see it so i take my earbud out so i can talk to them more appropriately about all these boxes that i’ve just now put on their counter and you know how when you tap your thing you know it skips to the next song next thing you know i i must have pressed something because it went from you know this

Screaming emo band and a set of confused lovely ladies to lindsay sterling’s dubstep violin if you have not heard lindsey sterling and her dubstep violin she’s a youtube music creator and she plays the violin like a celtic queen but she does it in dubstep and next thing you know like there’s this dubstep violin coming out of these people’s speakers and they’re like

What the heck and this kid comes out from the back and this kid he looked like he was maybe you know maybe 20 23. he had kind of the spiky hair like he seemed like someone who would listen to my chemical romance right he was kind of on my same wavelength and these ladies turned around and by the way they looked at him i recognized that he’s probably i don’t know

I’m not trying to judge but maybe a little bit of a troublemaker like maybe he’s someone that would play screamo music right and they’re looking at him they’re like did you turn on the music again what’s going on and i was like oh oh are you the one who likes to listen to dubstep violin and to my chemical romance and i’m trying to like make eye contact and be like

Hi i’m one of those weird emo kids like you hello i’m just older now and i don’t look it cuz i have a mask on but it’s nice to meet you my fellow mid-2000s scene kid friend right i’m like trying to make friends here anyways this lady is helping me with my packages they can’t figure out who’s playing the dubstep violin right they’re taking out their phones they’re

Looking for this i’m scanning in these packages and i have them all packaged in usps boxes so i’m sitting there like packaging these things up we go through like 15 of them she’s scanning in all the prices and next thing you know i hear a very familiar tune that i would never expect to hear in a fedex goriana if you know then you know but basically this is one of

The best bollywood bops out there it is amazing it is bollywood it is definitely not english and when i heard this everyone is just sitting here like what is going on with our speaker system and look down and my speakers my my last three songs that i played are my romance dubstep violin and gorian and if you know what that means then you know what that means but i

Recognized that my phone was connecting to the fedex music system and all of a sudden it’s blasting out this noise and these poor people they thought they were under some sort of cyber attack at one in the morning and i was like oh i think this is my phone and they’re like what so they go over to the speaker system they’re trying to figure it out they end up just

Unplugging it they’re like oh no i’m so glad they did end up just unplugging it because knowing me i would have one of my own videos on like double speed and it would have been like blasting this speaker like hello guys this is my favorite icon this is one that i solved my things because i have representation really like right now because of the dermatologist when

It comes to acne skincare and yeah that would be so embarrassing but i was extremely underslept which is why it took three songs for me to recognize it and the eye bags are not a joke which is why i like patches and it’s why i have tried a lot of these eye creams and why only a few actually stand out so let’s start with this one this is the newest addition to my

Little face routine and this is not just a regular eye cream this is not some watered-down you know glycerin style liquid this is a retinoid bomb where have you been all of my life where has this been this is shea butter this has some mushroom in it this has a grand act of retinoid and this is basically like take a vegan creamy form of vaseline and put a retinoid

In it and can you please make a tub of this this is affordable it’s 17 for this but a little does go a long way and yes i understand that it’s an eyeball and you’re supposed to use it in the under eye area but i use it all over my face and here’s the thing when it comes to slugging and retinoids retinoids can be really irritating on some people’s skin which is why

They actually buffer it with something like a petrolatum jelly a petroleum jelly of vaseline that basically creates this occlusive balmy barrier so the retinoid isn’t as irritating on the skin but i’ve never met an occlusive bomb that has a retinoid in it and something that is this thick this creamy you know this occlusive so it also helps to lock in hydration and

For the eye area it is gentle i do have acne prone skin you can probably see that i have scars i have redness i have a little bit of hyperpigmentation so retinoids really are this skin’s best friend but when it comes to retinoids they are one of the ingredients that is actually proven to help in the eye area because they can help with fine lines and wrinkles now

Retinoids are not going to come out here and decrease your puffiness uh this is not like an anti-puffing eye cream and for the brands that try to claim that i get so mad but they’re not claiming that they’re literally saying it’s the advanced retinoid smooth landing eye bomb and that’s literally what it is it helps to smooth out this area because retinoids help to

Speed up skin cell turnover and it helps with those fine lines and wrinkles so yeah you can use it around the eye area because it’s gentle and if you’ve ever worried about getting a retinoid in your eye or you don’t want to use tretinoin full strength i don’t blame you this is a safe way to do so and then for me hi i have acne all over here i love to use this all

Over my face especially at night and a little does go a long way because it is so thick one of the main ingredients is shea butter the retinoid that i use during the day is the beauty pi vitamin c and retinol one and that is a really great one but i do feel like i have to use a little bit more whereas with this like look at this she has gotten a nice layer of stuff

On the face and a lot of other retinoids including granactive retinoids tend to be more liquidy you know this is one of my favorites from the ordinary i’ve tried to use this around my eye and i mean it’s not bad but it’s just it’s not great and the fact that this has the grand active retinoid it has this snow mushroom it has this thick balmy texture oh my god it

Is so good not just for my face but yes for the eyes and yes at night i’m really a huge fan of kind of thick occlusive products at night during the day they are a little bit too much for me because i do naturally have oily skin but when you put this on at night it locks everything that you’ve just put on previously from serums to toners etc and then it allows it

To stay close to the face and work and for quite a while i was using a prescription strength retinoid with a kind of vaseline-like bomb but this is completely erased this is like 17 18 it’s under 20. dr mamina used this on instagram and that’s when i was like i do need to try it verse ended up sharing it with me and then wanted to work together to kind of launch it

For their campaign but at first i was like no no first i’m i’m not going to sit here and talk about like this amusing eye cream because it’s not something i use as an eye cream it’s something i use all over the face so i get that it is a gentle balm and it’s meant to be used as an eye cream and people love it for that and if you still love eye creams more power to

You just know that the majority of them i can’t recommend because there’s some things that either don’t have the right ingredients or i feel that they’re overpriced this is one that if you wanted to use it on your eye area it would actually work for fine lines and wrinkles it actually has the ingredients to back it up and a good price but with full transparency yeah

I use it all over my face it’s an eye balm that performs and can somebody please make a tub of this i don’t know why no one’s ever created like a thick bomb that has a retinoid in it like that’s what we’re doing already and we’re just taking three steps to do it because we’re sandwiching our products why not make something that actually works the smooth landing

You can layer it i freaking obsessed with this this formula also has jojoba black currant and vitamin e vitamin e is really good for scarring and jojoba and black currant especially jojoba it’s one of my favorite oils because it mimics what our face creates naturally and i find that this smooths over my skin so well and and if you are going to like hold me face

To face with a weapon and force me to recommend an eye cream this is one that i would for fine lines and wrinkles this is one that i absolutely love and yes for the eyes but also everywhere else now as a contrast to that if we wanted to talk about something that i would not really use for the eyes and that i do love everywhere else on the face we have to break

Out the ordinary this is the ordinary’s caffeine solution five percent plus eg cg epigala catagen 3 gallate and this is meant to be an under eye you know brightener and an under id puffer it has caffeine and so they claim that it de-puffs the under eyes and it helps with darkness and circles i use this for literally a month i tracked my progress and we actually

Shared this in a youtube video and i spoke with a plastic surgeon to find out what was going on and lo and behold at the end of the month did my under-eye color did my under-eye puffiness change no not at all the ordinary’s caffeine under-eye serum is not an under-eye serum for me but do you know what it is it is a face serum oh if you want a potent facial serum

That has caffeine antioxidants a lot of people use vitamin c under sunscreen i do as well i use that vitamin c retinoid one from pewdiepie underneath my sunscreen in the morning but oh my god caffeine is such a good antioxidant caffeine is phenomenal under sunscreen and a lot of people don’t talk about that and this has the epigallo cavegen 3 galley as well as the

Caffeine but this is just such a beautiful formula and if you do have you know kind of a puffy face you could use this with a tool for massage or you could literally just put this i have the retinoid eyeball on my skin so i’m just going to put it down here but you can literally use this to help brighten the skin to help with some vasoconstriction if you struggle

With rosacea or if you get a little bit of flushing in the skin oh this is such a good product and again it’s a beautiful serum you get a lot for the money as well a lot of eye creams again the reason that i hate most eye creams is because they sell them to these tiny tiny little tubes and they’re like you know sample size and you’re like i gotta squeeze it out

It’s a really decent size especially for the price but i find that it’s too liquidy for the undry area like you’re not getting a lot of bang for your buck in the under eye and it just doesn’t do what it claims to do for me but when i put this all over my face or all over my skin i freaking love it it is one of the best caffeine serums that i’ve used youth to the

People i think has another caffeine serum that i like but those are like my favorite two to recommend and yes one of them happens to be an eye cream that i do not recommend as an eye cream even that plastic surgeon he was so nice dr scott he spoke to me about why a lot of eye creams don’t work we have like a full one hour segment of that but speaking about how

There are fat pads under the eyes or how for some people it’s just the way they sleep and that is again why i like eye patches for puffiness because those patches actually hold things up like an underwire bra basically like a push-up bra as opposed to just kind of letting you know all of the fluid accumulate overnight but of course the industry is going to try to rip

Us off and you have a lot of these companies that are selling things and tiny little tubes this big which yes we’ve also got to talk about because i do love this one this is this pretty purple bottle from pacifica this is the vegan ceramide barrier eye cream and what i love about this is that as well as the versed one and as well as the ordinary one it’s actually

Fragrance free so i can use this all over my face but you can use this in the eye area there are a lot of eye products that have fragrances and it’s like i don’t hate fragrances and skincare but why would you put them so close to your eye why would you put them so close to your eye when they’re aromatic you know they release particles into the air they can cause

So much irritation inflammation beauty industry are you just trying to make our skin worse so that we have to go to you to buy more products to fix it conspiracy theory total conspiracy theory but just hear me out fragrances and eye creams i know likey even though i do like fragrances in my other products elsewhere on my face this right here is the fragrance-free

Vegan ceramide eye cream and yes it has vegan ceramides it is beautiful it is wonderful the ceramides in here are fantastic and you know what this is actually worth the price it’s i think like 14 or 15 bucks but do you know what else is 14 or 15 bucks the entire tub this is from the pacifica vegan ceramide line this is the vegan ceramide barrier cream this also

Has those lipids those ceramides it’s vegan it doesn’t have any of the fragrance and they’re both in these beautiful purple packages but look at how much you get 1.7 fluid ounces 50 milliliters and this one you get half of a fluid ounce you get 15 milliliters look at that pricing difference and when you actually take out the moisturizer it has a texture that is so

Similar to the eye cream if you take the eye cream and you like compare these side by side the eye cream is a little bit thinner like just by a touch but you could literally water this down and have almost the exact same product do you see that they are almost identical they work so well on the skin they have many of the exact same ingredients and i’m like why would

You pay three times the price for this just because it’s labeled as an eye cream i do love this i will use it all over my face this is an eye cream that i do recommend especially if you have sensitive skin someone who’s like always prone to irritation this one’s great but what i would rather recommend is this because it is literally a full-fledged moisturizer that

Works all over the face and you get a lot more for your money with the same ingredients literally from the same brand in the same line with the same packaging okay okay actually as i’m looking at all of these products i’m realizing that there are trends all three of these that i really really like are fragrance free and gentle they’re not overly irritating which is

Why i think i like them for the eyes and the face there are a lot of eye creams out there that are irritating again retinoids that are irritating this one is gentle this one is not fragranced products this one is not fragranced but a lot of eye creams are or a lot of eye creams that have vitamin c but that’s actually quite irritating vitamin c can really sting the

Face and if you use it improperly it can burn and you don’t want to burn the under eye area so if you could use antioxidants from another source or even have some vasoconstriction properties that’s what i would like more out of my skin care i feel like we all went through this like year of 2021 and we just hit our face with all the acids and it’s like okay let’s

Calm down let’s be sensible again you know let’s try to take care of our skin not just like attack it from all angles with all chemicals and all ingredients and let’s also not attack our wallets like i would go for the large portion of this if you asked me to i would absolutely go for this for 17 bucks this is one of the best bombs and grant active retinoids that

I’ve ever used there are other grant active retinoids out there but i just wouldn’t put them in the under eye area and some green active retinoids are really expensive this one is not and the caffeine solution again youth to the people has one that i like as well but it’s like 40 this one’s so inexpensive and you can use this all over the face put it in your

Under eyes if you want to did not help me with my under eye bags you might still be able to use this for kind of dark under eye area kind of like a little bit of purplish but watch that video where we did a full review on it it was a fun time to test and a very interesting before and after i am so happy that versta launched this i’m so happy that dr mamina spoke

About it which is why i decided to try it and i’m so grateful that verst has allowed me to partner with them and to tell people about the eye cream but also how i use it because it’s yes intended to be an under eye bomb but that’s not how i use it and the way that i like it is quite different and the fact that a brand listens to that and respects that and then

Actually listens to their customers and tests it it’s not like you know a double-blind placebo-controlled you know meta-analysis but they did actually test this out on people and they had really good results they tested it out on a large amount of people and they actually tested it on people aged 36 to 64. so they’re not testing this out on teenagers right because

Most teenagers don’t have the same under eye issues that people in their 30s or above have that to me is so refreshing so thank you and thank you for keeping me awake and letting my brain cells function remember to not let your phone’s music bluetooth connect to random speakers in commercial establishments okay love you guys bye

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Eye Creams I Use All Over My Face By Cassandra Bankson