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False Tan Routine for Fair Skin using Coco and Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam

Let’s talk about my false tan routine for us fair skinned people!!! Today I am sharing with you my false tan routine that I swear by with my fair skin using the Coco and Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam in Ultra Dark. This false tan gives me the most beautiful, smooth, glowing tan which looks natural even on my fair skin. I’m specifically sharing with you the Tanning Goddess Kit from Coco and Eve which has all the products you need for a flawless false tan. I’m also sharing with you Coco and Eve’s Bronzing Face drops for a gorgeous glowing complexion.

Hey guys what is up welcome back to my channel or welcome if you’re new here my name is ashley thanks for clicking on this video today we’re going to be talking all about tanning one of my favorite topics i am an avid fake tanner i love fake tanning i’ve been fake tanning myself for over 10 years and in that 10 years i’ve had my fair share of orange elbows

Funky looking needs gross looking toes and hands like i’ve been there i’ve done that i feel like now i’ve kind of got it like down pat like i’ve got a good routine and it’s looking good that being said i have tested out so many different fentanyl products and i wanted to test out this product specifically the tan i’m going to be sharing with you today is from

Coco and eve and is their sunny honey bronzing foam now when i say that this tan has changed my life uh that’s not an exaggeration i am obsessed with this tan it is so so good it gives me a beautiful tan that is like bronze and not orange and it’s so easy to apply this is the tan that i’m currently wearing like it looks so so good i’m obsessed so i’m going to

Be taking you through specifically the tanning goddess kit i recently went to an event in bondi they had an event a couple of weeks ago and they were giving away a little goodie bag so i totally grabbed a goodie bag because i wanted to share with you guys the tanning kits we’re going to be running through the tanning goddess kit today i’m going to be sharing

With you my exact tanning routine so you guys can see exactly how to achieve a flawless 10 yourself but before we jump on into the video i really appreciate it if you subscribe to my channel i talk about all things beauty and makeup fair skin oily skin and specifically oily skin so that all sounds good to you please consider subscribing to my channel give this

Video a big like thumbs up comment down below and let me know what you guys think of the tent i would love to hear from you with that all being said just jump right into the video okay let’s just jump right on in if you guys purchased the tanning goddess kit from coco and e this is what it comes in it comes with this cute little bag it retails for a hundred and

Four ninety at the moment thirty percent off originally i think it is 51.90 and in the kit you get the cocoa and eve sunny honey this is the bronzing foam i got mine in the shade ultra dark but they do have a whole bunch of different shades if you’re not into ultra dark so they’ve got medium dark and then ultra dark so you have a variety of shades to choose

From so that is the tanning foam you also get the deluxe this is the kabuki brush has soft fine bristles to sweep the formula which is the tan obviously across those tricky tan areas so you would use this basically on your hands feet elbows wrists ankles all those kind of like tricky areas knees um and also your face so if you’re wanting to apply this tan to

Your face you would use the kabuki brush so that’s included as well in the kit you have the soft velvet tanning mitt this is what it looks like here and guys this tanning mitt has changed my tanning game when i applied the tan it applied so evenly i felt like i didn’t even need as much as i like pumped out it blended across my body so effortlessly i love how

It’s got the little finger slot there so it’s basically like a full-on mitt so i mean so you can kind of like grab your arm and like make sure you’re getting all of it you know what i mean like if you just normally like admit sometimes i feel like you don’t like get everywhere i normally use the bondi sans tanning mitt the microfiber one and guys this this one

Knocks it out of the ballpark like i just think that was really good this is like next level it’s so so good you also get the deluxe exfoliating mitt and this is what it looks like here guys it is so so good like if you want to bring your exfoliation game up a notch that is so good i just use the like little mitts that you can kind of get that you use in your

Shower like they look like a glove and you use them with a bit of soap i normally use that but like my skin felt incredible after using that meat like so so good lastly on the kit you also get the little bag which is cute you can chuck all of this like all your tanning products in the little bag and keep it in your vanity my current tanning items that i use are

Strewn everywhere like i’ve got the mitt somewhere else the exfoliator glove is in the shower the i’ve got like four half empty tan bottles of different varieties of tan like it’s a hot mess so i love that i can just put all of this in one little bag under my vanity and it looks super cute as well like it’s a total win-win and then lastly i’m going to share with

You also the bronzing face drops now this one isn’t included in the kit this is separate and retails for 39.90 on their website as well so i have used these ones and i’ll show you how to use them in the demo um but as far as a facial bronzing tanning drops i have only used one other before and as far as tanning drops go like they were so bad like so bad all

Along like my eyebrows and like all along my hairline they turned orange this hasn’t done that and it’s a very different formula than what i was used to normally um they’re more of like a serum based like drop this is more of a gel so it was really interesting to use i’ll show you guys all that in more detail in the demo so currently as well just so you know

They’ve got a discount code i’m not sure if it’s going to be used i will leave any codes and discounts down below if you wanted to use them they currently have 20 off if you use the code bondi so that there if you use code bondi you get 20 off so i’ve already filmed the demo portion of this video which i’m going to insert while i’m talking you guys so you can

Kind of see how the application process works while i’m talking about it at the same time so first things first whenever you’re going to fake 10 you need to prep prepping is absolute key if you don’t prep your skin you’re going to have a bad time so basically what i recommend is jumping in the shower if you choose to shave shave any area bits that you want

To have silky smooth if not don’t worry about that you can move on to exfoliating so the unique thing about this glove is that they say that you can use it wet or dry so you’ll see in the clip i’ve already had a shower and shaved and now i’m coming out to show you guys how i use the mitt this is on dry skin i personally prefer using this one wet it is a lot i

Don’t say harsh harsh isn’t the right word it’s a lot more exfoliating than your traditional kind of shower based glove exfoliation like this has a little bit of grit to it and it really does a good job at getting off those surface level dead skin cells but it was like a lot more harsh than what i’m used to so although this does say that you can use it out of

The shower i after filming this clip went back into the shower and finished exfoliating in the shower with warm water and a bit of soap to give it a little bit more slip than what i was getting obviously on a dry skin as you can see the tent the mitt does pick up a lot of dead skin cells and my skin felt so smooth after using this one it’s a great little mitt

It’s super easy to use and i can probably attribute to how smooth and like non-flaky and not patchy my skin actually looks with this tan from using this it did such a good job super important step if you are choosing to exfoliate with dry skin like that using that glove on dry skin which you totally can make sure you jump in the shower just to rinse it off so

You make sure you don’t have like any just flaky um like powdery skin that sounds so gross but like you know what i mean when you exfoliate goes a bit powdery there’s powdery skin particles make sure you wash all that off because you don’t want the skin kind of mixing in with that would be a hot mess so make sure you just rinse off your body and make sure you’re

Super clean so i just find it easier to exfoliate all in one in the shower rather than on dry skin but that’s your preference whatever flipped your boat is good to go now next step is i like to go in and put on some lotion so the lotion that i use is really gel based you don’t want to be using like a body butter like the body shop body butter anything that’s

Really thick and hydrating you don’t want to be using that you want to be using more of like a cream lotion that provides moisture but nothing that’s going to be like slippy like you don’t want to be able to still feel it on your skin you want it to absorb um otherwise your tens is like absolutely not going to stick to the air which i mean you don’t want it to

Stick harshly to these areas that you’re going to apply it but you still want there to be tan there you don’t wanna like have a shower and you’re like missing patches if you know what i mean so make sure you’re using a lightweight lotion and i go in and i’ll apply it to my elbows i like to apply it just in my armpit right here because sometimes i feel like if

I don’t i feel like my tank can kind of grab in my like armpit like fat pockets here like i don’t know why but they kind of just like grab there so i make sure to put a little bit of my lotion there all over my hands my knees um my elbows especially your elbows and your feet and ankles you don’t want a heap of it but you definitely want those areas to be well

Lathered that’s going to prevent the tan from sinking too deeply into those areas and giving you some like really funky looking like skin after you’ve moisturized i like to especially if you’ve just shaved as well i like to kind of wait a couple of hours sometimes if i don’t wait enough time not that your paws are open but like i can sometimes get those little

Like dots all over my legs where the tan kind of sits in there so i like to kind of wait a couple of hours just to let my skin kind of settle and kind of get back to its normal state um so i like to wait a couple of hours so after i’ve waited that time i’ll go in with the tan and the mitt so this is what it comes in which i absolutely love these little bags

Like these bags are so genius sometimes if i don’t like wash these straight away and i put them on my vanity it can leave like tan marks so i love that you can like put it in here saves it from getting like dusty and manky like any powders that you use sometimes it can get mixed in with the glove so i definitely love that this has a little bag it’s so good i’m

Gonna see if i can get up close so you can kind of like have a look at it it’s like it’s so soft and like a velvety like it’s so nice and when you apply the fake tan to it it just like ah it’s so soft it just like smears it so good it is literally the best mint that i’ve ever used and i’ve used a lot of mitts i’ve used like the loving tan mitts i’ve used the

Bondi sands mitt i’ve used the saint trapay mitts i’ve used the i was like the model co beauty kind of tanning mitts like i’ve used so many tanning myths and this is by far like this is so superior one tip that i just recommend that you do is you rinse this out obviously not after you’ve like just faked hand because obviously you don’t want to wet your hands

Or anything like that but when i’m going to go in and rinse my tent off i take this into the shower with me and give it a good rinse like this you’ll see in the demo when i’m applying it it got tanned all over and it looked a little bit like crazy bit yuck so i was a bit worried that i was just gonna look yuck the whole time especially when it’s such a pretty

Pink color to begin with but it just washed straight out which is awesome moving on to the tan like i said i have the ultra dark a barley bronzing foam so it’s just like a pump like foam self-tanner so it’s pretty self-explanatory i normally start off with my kind of arms and stomach and then i’ll go in and apply to like my lower half of my body this was very

Difficult to film for you guys so please excuse how awkward i look in these but basically what you want to be doing is pumping a couple of pumps so i do think like three or four or three pumps um for each kind of like area of the body if that makes sense what i recommend you doing is pumping onto the mitt don’t pump it onto your body so you’re gonna pump it

Under the mitt and then apply straight onto the skin and use in circular motions now when i’m first applying the tent i try to avoid obtaining my hands and also my elbows until i’ve basically finished with that like um for example so do all the arms kind of avoiding the elbows and then avoiding the hands and once it’s kind of not all the products left but it’s

Not as like concentrated because you’ve obviously spread it across like the whole length of your arm then i will go on and apply to my elbow i do leave my hands basically to last so i’ll go in and do the rest of my body my chest my stomach my neck switch over and start to do the other arm and then i will go in and do my hands basically what you want to do is

Make sure that you barely have any product on this myth so you can go in and use the kabuki brush for those kind of areas so your elbows arms face um knees elbows feet all of that you can pump a little bit onto the kabuki brush and then just use buffing motions to really buff the product in by only taking a pea-sized amount on it you’re really controlling the

Amount and the bristles on here are so soft and beautifully distribute the product onto your skin without leaving it super harsh if you are going to use the mitt i do recommend that you obviously don’t pump onto the mitt and then use your hands you just want to be using what’s basically left so once you’ve done your arms you’ll then go in and use what’s left

On the mitt on your hands i like to use kind of patting motions like this up to the hands and then i make sure to go in and swoop between the fingers and then i make it kind of like claw because you obviously have those little lines in your hand here you’ll make sure the tan gets in there so i let you use a little claw motion and just tap into those areas and

That’s what i’ll basically do i did do that method in that video and then afterwards went in and kind of like buffed around i did really like the effect that the kabuki brush had on my hands look they’re a bit dry because i haven’t used any hand moisturizer today and i’ve used about a liter of hand sanitizer but this is what my hands are looking like they are

Not like grossly streaky or anything i maybe have a little bit of orangeness happening here but like really that is nothing compared to what i have experienced before like let me tell you they have been way worse than that so i’m actually super impressed with how my hands are looking they’re not looking super orange at all like so good probably the best like

Hand tan i’ve ever had period the tanning foam is actually super different from what i’ve ever experienced before normally you’re used to tans having that that coconutty tan fragrance this is awesome it is so nice it’s like tropical fruits it’s meant to be like papaya i think it’s like mango and guava scented and like oh it is so nice applying it to your skin

I definitely get like that barley inspired vibe like it’s so nice it doesn’t have that awful like fake tan smell the smell does linger on the skin as well so as you’re developing you’re fine it does say to allow to develop for a minimum of two hours or overnight um for a deeper tan so i left went on for six hours um so not the full like eight hours as like an

Overnight ten would be um but i was i was a bit hesitant because i normally only use like a light ranked like fake tan and it’s only a two hour express so i normally don’t go like super super dark because i have had other tans that i’ve used like overnight like dark ones and i look like a completely different person when i fake tan i want to still look like me

But just like a 10 a healthier looking me so i was a bit hesitant about leaving it on overnight so i just did the six hours and i’m actually quite impressed with the six hours like i like this color of a tan like this is gorgeous if you are fair like me six hours is a good kind of estimate to leave this product on if you’re wanting something a little bit darker

Then you might want to go for the overnight but for me this is like a good kind of like level now as far as this product being like non-stick look personally i always find tans sticky even when they say non-stick they’re still sticky like they don’t feel like there’s nothing on your skin doesn’t look like a dry oil on your skin where it like evaporates and you

Feel like you’ve got nothing on your skin like you definitely feel something there but as far as tans go and like a stickiness ranking this is by far the least sticky like tanning foam that i’ve ever used i’m like super sensitive i hate it when you can kind of like feel the stickiness and like the creases of like your elbow like i hate that i hate that sticky

Feeling and you sit down in your entire like all your pajamas or whatever you’re sleeping and like stick to you like i hate that i didn’t get that with this tan although i didn’t obviously sleep in it i was wearing clothes and i didn’t feel it sticking to the clothes so it gets a pretty good ranking in my book um regarding stickiness now last product that i want

To share with you is the coco and eve bronzing face drops this is what the packaging looks like here you open it up you have some have some like instructions here and then you obviously have the product this is what it looks like here so basically the idea with this is that you pump a few drops into your moisturizer and put it on overnight now i use this and

It didn’t leave any gross marks or anything like that on my pillowcase which is awesome didn’t really even notice that you’ve got it on but just the next morning you just wake up and your face just feels like glowy now this is was only one night’s worth of use so my skin doesn’t like match my body if that makes sense but i much prefer using some tanning drops

On my face especially these ones because they’re super hydrating my face did not feel like so so dry as it normally does when i use a tanning like foam like straight onto my face i have super sensitive skin and those like break me out like no one’s business so i love having like facial drops that i specifically formulated for your face to tan and give like a

Natural glow so i’ll put some like pictures in here now although my face isn’t like super matching my body um i can see if i gradually keep using these ones over a couple of nights i will get that depth i don’t so much mind having my face a different color because i put foundation on anyway but say it’s like holiday time you know when you wear foundation like

Using these facial bronzing drops would be a great option the smell of this is absolutely incredible that beautiful tropical fruity smell which was a delight to put onto my face the only kind of catch with this is that if you’re going to do this i would suggest doing your face tan first before you go into your body tan because when you apply this you mix it

On your hands and then apply over your face and any leftover like bits of the moisturizer mixed with the tan is going to get onto your hands and basically turn them orange so make sure you do this first like this is your first step and then go in and do all like your moisturizing steps that way the only thing that i did have a really hard time with this is

Like squeezing this out like it is like not a squeezy bottle i don’t know ah i’ve just worked out how to get that out the bottom of it is like squeezy so you just press the bottom and it comes out i’m not going to do that now but you’ll see me in the video struggling to get these drops out i might try and squeeze the packaging you just pump the bottom here

Has a little push button there technology right that’s amazing anyway wish i hadn’t read the instructions so i’m going to pop in some before and after pics here of what my skin was looking like prior to applying the tanning products and then after so you can see the difference like it is it’s quite a dramatic difference if i do say so myself but i’m absolutely

Loving how my skin is looking with these tanning products from coco and ape i don’t have any splotchiness my the areas which are normally of concern like my feet my hands my elbows my knees all that is perfect like it is the best tanning job that i’ve ever done i’ve gotta say so i can’t really like fault this product i’m so impressed with how well they’ve worked

On my skin they are gonna be my new go-to like tanning products for sure so i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you have any questions regarding my tanning routine you don’t need any advice regarding tanning comment down below i’ll get back to you but guys my favorite tanning products now is the sunny honey barley bronzing foam like it is seriously so good

So i hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to leave me a big like thumbs up subscribe down below before you leave i hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week be kind to one another and i will see you all in my next video bye guys you

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False Tan Routine for Fair Skin using Coco and Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam By Ashlee Elizabeth