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Fashion Classics & Outfit Combinations That Never Go Out Of Style / Neutral, Monochromatic & Elegant

This is all about fashion classic pieces and outfit combinations that NEVER go out of style! There are some exceptional classic styles that really stand the test of time and live forever in our closets. I am going to show you lots of fun classic and timeless pieces that I chose for this video, including pieces from LILYSILK who is the lovely sponsor for part of this video. I hope you enjoy!

I am so excited for this video today because i’m going to be talking about classic pieces and i’m going to show you those pieces styled in outfits and then i’m going to show you some outfit combinations that i think are very classic and i also want to thank lily silk for sponsoring part of this video i’m going to show you some amazing pieces from them that i think

You are going to love and if you love this video please give it a thumbs up and also hit that subscribe button and the little bell to get notifications so you won’t miss any of my content if you’re new around here my name is jamie and welcome to my channel so classics in my mind are those pieces that are very timeless and don’t really go out of style but i do

Think there are two categories because i i think that some classics are styles that can actually change throughout the years and they can become very dated but i still consider them classics because they last a very very long time in your closet so they will eventually maybe go out of style out but usually they’ll come back and they still last long enough that i

Think they would be considered classics and then you have your exceptional classics that just never go out of style that are always in your closet you’ve had it for 20 years and you keep pulling it out and that really has to do with amazing design amazing materials and just the fit is good and it’s a very straight clean cut design and it just always fits really

Well so i do have a bit of trivia for you at the end that has to do with a 90s movie and i hope you will stay till the end and let me know in the comments if you know what movie the outfit came from so lily silk is such an amazing company and they offer really natural products that are very premium quality but at a very good price so what they do is a lot of silk

Cashmere and now they’ve added merino wool which is pretty amazing i have a piece that i’m going to show you today and i have always used lily silk pillowcases i’ve had a lily silk pillow case or several of them now and i’ve used them for several years and they have been in the silk business for 12 years and i know i’ve had my silk pillowcases for about five or

Seven years and i love their silk it’s very lightweight it is very smooth and it’s hypoallergenic so it’s very good on the skin and i don’t get a lot of indention on my face and i just love it so i highly recommend it as a gift for christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate because it’s amazing and they’re really not that expensive and it makes a huge difference

So they have other things on the site that would make great gifts as well and i will have coupon codes and everything linked for you down below on the things that i talk about and i think you guys are really going to love these things and i do have some newer items that just hit the website so i can explain these to you and show you some outfits with them but i

Think you’re going to love them so now i’ll start with some of my silk pieces and the first one i want to show you is this silk twill blouse so it is 100 22 mommy silk which is a little bit heavier it does have a beautiful sheen on it and it is one of those materials that does not easily wrinkle which i thought was really cool and it’s got this beautiful neck and

These awesome romantic sleeves that i really don’t think a puff sleeve like this it’s not too puffy but it’s just beautiful i don’t think that ever goes out of style and then it has this beautiful scarf that goes down the back of it and you can wear it in a v so it just hangs down the back or you could tie it or you can actually wear i figured out a way to wear

It that made it look a slight bit casual it’s not really casual it made me semi-dressy with jeans and i just wrapped it around the front and tied it as a scarf in the front so i think you have multiple ways that you can do this and i love the versatility of this and this is one of those pieces that you might consider very classic maybe even an exceptional classic

Or just a regular classic piece that you know you’re going to have in your closet for years but i styled this with jeans as you see here and then i styled it with these black pants so as i’m showing you the black pants i’ll tell you about them this is the silk iris pant and it is a heavier silk it’s a 30 mommy very high quality and it’s wrinkle resistant so i

Absolutely love these i think they are perfect for dressing up i really think that they do have a very classic feel to them one because they’re black and the way they fit and the drape of them they kind of feel like a skirt when you have them on and that wide leg is just so flowy and pretty i really think anybody could wear these and i do think that they would be

In your closet for years and years and you would want to pull them back out so the servina blouse i thought was really amazing and this is part of their new collection that they have and it’s 90 silk 10 spandex and it’s a pullover style with some side slits and that makes it really really easy and very comfortable to wear and then it has these beautiful retro

Cuffs that are tied around the wrist and make the sleeve a little bit more drapey and billowy and i thought it was just beautiful and the collar is really cool so the collar makes this a little bit more trendy but i think it still also has enough of a classic look that i think it’s something that would last in your closet for a really long time maybe even forever

Depending on your style and personality but i thought this was amazing and i styled it with the black pants because i thought this look with the top out and flowy in those side slits with the black pants that are flowy i thought this was a really good look and i thought this outfit was very classic and i thought that it would stand the test of time and just really

Loved this combo together and then i styled it with my ivory corduroys because i wanted to create a monochromatic look which i also think is very classic so that’s a combination that you can do with your neutrals to create a very classic look so i really love this and i just draped a sweater over the shoulders to make it a little bit more casual as well and i really

Loved this combination so let me know if you liked this one in the comments below another item that is part of their new winter collection is a merino wool sweater and i really wanted to try it because merino wool has never been really something that i could wear but i thought since their items were such premium quality that it might work and it absolutely did it

Does not itch my skin i love this sweater and i think it does have a very classic look and it’s pretty timeless even though it does have this collar but it’s a polo style v-neck and it’s really relaxed fit it’s not really oversized and the length of it is really nice and i love that it has the ribbing on the cuff and the bottom here and the collar so it all just

Has details that work really well together and the color makes it timeless because this color never goes out of style and i really loved this so i styled it with some dark jeans which i wanted to mention that i think jeans in general are a very classic style it’s an exceptional classic because we always have jeans in our wardrobe no matter what at least most of

Us do and it’s just something that never goes out of style for our wardrobe i also loved layering a blazer over it which a blazer is another one of the classic pieces that i want to talk about it is a very classic style that never goes out but you may choose to change how you wear those or what styles you like in blazers and there are some blazers that just last

The test of time that always fit and always look good no matter what and most of those are going to be your classic style blazers that they call them in neutral colors like black brown tan ivory and any camel camel is another great option for a blazer that i think is very very good for a classic look i think this is probably the best exceptional classic piece that

I have if you can find a black cashmere turtleneck like this that is very high quality which this one is it’s going to last forever in your closet and it is so lightweight and so amazing and i loved it because i could put it with just about anything whether i wanted to dress it up or make it casual and it can also be layered really easily and it’s not bulky or

Hot and it just really is one of the best pieces and i absolutely love it it does come in lots of other colors too so i’m hoping i can add some more colors of this because this is an exceptional classic because i think it absolutely never goes out of style and so i did pair it with a leather jacket here because i wanted to show you that i think leather jackets

Are a very classic piece as well i’ve had this leather jacket for a very long time probably over 10 years and it still looks really good so a leather jacket is something that you could buy in a very classic easy style and it will last you for years to come and you’re seeing this with the dark jeans and also a very structured bag so i also wanted to mention the

Bag because i think a structured bag in a neutral color or a color that would be neutral for you so this blue goes more navy so it’s very neutral for me it goes with almost everything that i own and i really love this and this is a very classic piece for me and i do think that with the quality leather on leather handbags that they will last a very long time so i

Really wanted to include a skirt and a dress in this video that i think are very timeless and the first one is a tweed skirt and i’ve styled the tweed skirt with the ivory blouse and i thought this was a beautiful combination and i think if you can find a tweed skirt that is a-line not too short not too long that this is something that will last forever in your

Closet and tweed i think is such a great material that it really just stands the test of time and also a black dress will stand the test of time i think if you can find a style that works really well for you that is not super trendy and won’t go out of style that you can have it in your closet for years and years and the one i chose that i have had in my closet for

A while is a black sweater dress for fall and winter and i think sweater dresses are one of those things that also can stay in the test of time if you find one that’s not super trendy that’s very classic in its styling and i loved this one it does have a little bit of a puff sleeve but i can put a belt around it and my ankle boots on and tights with it and it’s the

Perfect outfit that i just really don’t think will ever go out of style so now for some really casual classic pieces the first one is a brenton style top and i really think that stripes never go out of style it’s one of those prints that always looks good no matter what because think about your florals floral patterns change and they can look really dated over time

I think if you got a striped shirt like this which is a heavier weight cotton it’s better than just a t-shirt and wore it with your jeans i think that this is a classic look with two classic pieces that stands the test of time that will never go out of style i even layered a blazer over this and thought that that was a perfect look and i didn’t think it would go

Out of style ever so now now for the outfit that is part of my trivia which i thought would be fun so i’m going to show you this because i really think a white t-shirt blazer and jean combination is a very classic look that never goes out of style now the style of your t-shirt might change but i do think that this is a very classic look and please tell me what 90s

Movie famous movie that this came from and the red hair should also give it away i don’t know why but when i was looking at this on my computer after i videoed it that’s the first thing that came to my mind is what movie this is from so let me know in the comments below what you think that movie is so i hope you guys enjoyed this video and i hope you loved all of

These pieces and thank you again lily silk for sponsoring part of this video i really absolutely love all the items i showed you guys and i do think that they have really good options for gifts if you want to give a really nice gift even a pillow case this year they’re silk and their cashmere and the merino wool are amazing so thanks so much for watching and i will talk to you next time

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Fashion Classics & Outfit Combinations That Never Go Out Of Style / Neutral, Monochromatic & Elegant By Your Guide To Style