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Favorite Sunscreens 2020 (how to and tips for sun care)

I am so excited to announce that I am apart of the 2020 Derma E Squad! As part of my ongoing partnership I’ll share my beauty tips and favorites from Derma E each month. Today’s video I share my current favorite SPF products, how to use them, and my best sun care tips for the summer.

Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new i’m serene and today let’s talk about safe sun care spf my number one tip for anti-aging age prevention and just overall good skin we want to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful uv rays now i talked about spf a ton ever since i really started this channel five years ago as i’m editing this video i realized that

There’s a giant zit that i did not do anything about on my shoulder first of all who gets a zit on their shoulder and secondly let’s name it bob so my pregnancy is it bob and i would like to continue this video hormones six years ago now and i have tons of videos talking about my spf preferences it has shifted through the years because technology has shifted through

The years information about spf and safe sun habits have come out in the last five years as well i’m educated i also change up my routine now i’m also in my second trimester of my pregnancy and my skin is so freakin sensitive when it comes to sun i had always heard this i always knew about it but i did not truly understand how sensitive my skin has become since

Becoming pregnant as part of this video i’m also happy to make a huge announcement that i am part of the derma e squad for 2020 this is kind of a dream come true for me because germany is actually one of those brands i discovered really early on in my youtube career as a beauty lover it was also one of my first brand partnerships on this channel so i’m so happy to

Be partnered with derma e for the next year to share with you some of my hacks and skincare tips and my favorite products from derma e i’ve always loved what they stand for which is focusing on non-toxic skincare ingredients that are available for all at a reasonable price point easily accessible and all so environmentally friendly so i’m really excited to be an

Ambassador for the next year i’ve been a longtime fan this is a dream partnership and so effortless i also just really love being able to share with you products i love and enjoy at a reasonable price point that’s environmentally friendly toxic free easily accessible for most and be able to do it in my own way just it’s such an organic partnership so i’m really

Happy to be working with them so let’s move into my everyday sun care after i cleanse tone serum moisturize my skin the last step of my skin care every morning is going to be spf that’s been years that started in high school and honestly i wish i started it earlier product that i use every morning has been the derma e all sport performance face sunscreen spf 30 i

Always recommend and this is based off of my dermatologist recommendation to wear an spf of 30 or higher every single day this will help protect your skin from the sun damage that will usually cause premature aging as well as a lot of other concerns that most of us have hyperpigmentation discoloration irritation to sun damage is a huge huge factor when it comes to

Age prevention specifically formulated for your face i’ve been using it for about a month now and i don’t have any issues with flashback with it wearing well over my moisturizer as well as underneath makeup or alone because i don’t wear makeup every single day so i want something that looks good on its own and easy to use under makeup it’s very very lightweight it

Is a chemical spf but because derma e is a toxic free skincare line the chemicals that they use are toxic free in the past i was always very iffy about the chemical spf i’m willing to apply on my skin but this one is good basically every single morning i apply this all over my face and down my neck for an everyday sun protection now if i’m going to be going to the

Park taking chance on a hike going it to the beach or the pool i have really gone to the pool at all because you know stay at home orders are still kind of in place but for the most part if i’m going to be out in the sun like our gender-reveal where were you we’re at the park and then i’m sitting outside to eat lunch afterwards i like to use the derma e all sport

Performance sunscreen spray with broad-spectrum spf 50 so often times we don’t really apply enough spf for the full protection that’s labeled on the bottle and if you’re going to the pool or the beach or hiking outdoors or anything really in direct sunlight please make sure you’re applying plenty of spf your entire body should actually take up a whole shot glass

Of spf to make sure you’re properly covered now most of us aren’t doing that so i always up my spf a little bit higher spf 50 this doesn’t necessarily mean that i get to wear it longer out in sun exposure it just kind of gives me a little more protection if i’m a little bit not so careful at making sure i get that full one ounce of product i like this because it’s

A non aerosol spray but it still goes on really smooth and i’ll show you in the insert of how it sprays and applies i personally like to do this naked in my bathtub and i go from toe all the way up to my shoulders my neck and my chest i typically use my face spf it just helps with my breakouts because i have been breaking out on my chest and my back a little bit

More with the hormone surging through my body it’s ultra sheer lightweight and doesn’t have any offensive odor or scent it’s very easy for me to apply and it’s also just nice to be able to spray it on without the aerosol now this is still a chemical spf the same spf ingredients as the face so it’s just a higher level of protection i also want to share with you some

Mineral spf because i know if you have young ones at home personally i know that when my baby girl is born i’m gonna focus on physical mineral spf just to be extra cautious and safe you don’t really want to put spf on an infant until the doctor approves of it you want to keep them shaded and covered but it’s good to know if you have kids at home and it’s also good

To know if you have sensitivities to spf ingredients typically it’s a chemical spf that you might be sensitive to even though i have sensitive skin the chemical ones i just showed you work perfectly fine for me they haven’t increased my breakouts they haven’t clogged my pores or had any real irritation or issues i also i’m really careful about removing it all at the

End of the night and you can check out my lazy evening nighttime routine to see how i make sure i remove all of my spf now a mineral sun defense you can use the derma e sun defense mineral oil free sunscreen for face and this is a hundred percent unscented this also uses a non nano mineral zinc oxide with vitamin e and green tea so it’s a really great spf for super

Sensitive skin it is a physical spf using zinc oxide so you’re gonna see that while it’s a physical spf i just did a ton you’re still going to be able to massage this in really easily now with a pure zinc oxide spf you might get a little bit more of a white cast ad something you’re concerned about i would just get a tinted mineral foundation and put that over it

And you should be fine for me i haven’t found that i have a white cast but i also haven’t been under flash photography this looks fine on instagram stories instagram photos and your iphone i like this because it is very very easy to apply unlike a lot of physical mineral spf sometimes it can be a little chalky it could be a little drying and a little bit rough to

Rub in this rubs in really nicely you’ve got that and there’s also a body version also with a physical spf of 30 it’s completely oil-free it’s completely reef safe so it’s still really lovely because of the fact that the way that they created this mineral spf non nano zinc is still very easy to use i love that there’s no fragrance that’s something that can really

Irritate people headache wise sensitivity issue wise even though i like fragrances a little fragrance and things especially if it’s citrus it just depends on the now with the lotion and the face cream they also have the ultra sheer mineral body sunscreen mist and this is a great way to apply on your husbands who are a little bit more finicky with spf it’s a non

Aerosol spray once again and it’s just really quick absorbing it’s the same formulation a little bit lighter i feel like when you spray this and it’s just really easy to reapply actually talking about reapplying one of the biggest issues i find with myself chris and most likely when i have a baby out is the reapplying process when you are out in the sun you tend to

Start sweating the spf starts to feel a little coated on your skin you might be playing outdoors you start getting dirt accumulated on you as well as your perspiration and it just doesn’t feel good to reapply product so one of my biggest tips is using a biodegradable initial cleansing wipe like this derma e vitamin c brightening micellar wipes i love these because

It smells like citrus fruity pebbles it’s a very light scent so it’s not offensive whatsoever these are biodegradable like i mentioned derma e is doing the most that they can at the price range to be eco-friendly so what i recommend is taking a cleansing wipe and it’s my seller based so it’s not it doesn’t have any harsh soaps or detergents or anything like that

And i just wipe down my body a little bit this does not replace a shower this does not necessarily get rid of everything but it gets rid of that first layer of like grime that feels gross and it also is really refreshing and kind of cools you down so i’ll just wipe the areas that i know i really don’t feel like reapplying especially my chest and my neck i really

Hate reapplying in those sensitive areas because i just feel like i’m layering spf / spf you kind of just wipe yourself down you let it air dry a little bit and then i rock going in with a spray i find sprays are easier to use to reapply but if you’re actually going to try and be a little more economical i would personally use the lotion at home before you leave

The house and then bring the spray to reapply because the spray is just easier on-the-go especially if you have little ones or finicky spf wearers like my husband you just then spray quickly massage on so it’s so much easier that way and i just really think that’s the best way to reapply especially when you feel sweaty and kind of grimy the last thing you want

To do is reapply spf so it’s a great great pact that i’ve learned through the years and then if for your face personally i like to try and find some sort of powder spf to reapply throughout the day especially if you’re wearing makeup but if you’re at the pool if you’re at the beach then once again it’s okay to use one of these wipes wipe off whatever you feel like

On your face make sure your hands are clean this is a huge tip to avoid breakouts hands clean wipe whatever grime salt chlorine sweat off your face this does not replace the true cleanse wait wipes don’t replace the true cleanse but they are helpful on the go then take your lotion and reapply if you don’t want to bring your lotion with you you can spray this into

Your hands massage it like this and then rub it onto your face just don’t spray directly on your face with this product so a few key tips when using spf wear an spf of 30 or higher every single day especially on your face your neck your decollete don’t forget the ears and even your hands if especially if you’re driving a lot and any areas that are exposed i finally

Finally got chris to wear spf wherever skin is exposed on a daily basis and that was like a huge win for me if you’re going to be going out and playing in the sun being out in the sun or even doing fun activities that could expose you in the sun make sure you’re applying all exposed areas with an spf of 30 or higher if you’re going to be in a bathing suit the tip

Here is one ounce 1 ounce is about a full shot glass of a spf from toes to head or head to toe reapply every hour and a half to 2 hours when you’re in direct sunlight this has been more important than ever for me i have gotten sunburned twice already in this pregnancy because in the past i would reapply my spf but i might not be so diligent at doing it every 60

Minutes or every 80 minutes depending on the spf and depending on the intensity of the sun during the afternoons between the time of like 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. i have to be very very diligent and reapply almost every hour because of how sensitive my skin has become to the sun being pregnant has made me realize what chris lives through so in the past i would apply all

Of my spf before i left the house went about my life and just kind of reapply here and there when i remembered to but since becoming pregnant i have had to be very very diligent because of how sensitive it is and i don’t want unnecessary sun damage we have to be much more careful the sun’s uv is way more intense than it used to be 10 years ago and i also want to

Age gracefully and one of the major tips and the cheapest and most easy tip to follow to avoid premature aging is protecting your skin from the sun stay out of direct sunlight wear your spf and reapply often now if reapplying like i said isn’t your favorite thing i find that these micellar wipes have been a game changer when it comes to reapplying when you’re out

And about one i just like the cooling feeling of like cleaning your skin throughout the day especially when it’s really hot and if you live in a really humid climate this is like a game-changer in general just throughout the day it helps you feel fresh it helps you refresh yourself and then you don’t feel so gross as you’re layering on the spf throughout the day

You want to make sure if you deal with breakout acne prone skin and just in general make sure you’re removing the spf at the end of the night always double cleanse especially when using a mineral spf mineral spf tend to stick onto your skin a little bit more and in general spf does grab on to your skin a little bit more because that’s the point of it it’s there

To protect you so make sure you’re double cleansing your face especially don’t forget the areas that tend to kind of get forgotten like your hairline the back of your neck make sure you scrub the spf off and then of course moisturize afterwards i hope that these spf tips help you out this summer and i will have all the products i mentioned in the description box

Linked for you it’s just been such a dream to work with derma e and i can’t wait to continue to work with them throughout 2020 it’s just so organic i love the brand i’ve been in love with the brand for years i think it’s so important to offer cleaner toxic-free options that are still effective at a reasonable price point that’s easily accessible to you guys that’s

Also focused on being environmentally friendly i love that they use wind technology i love that they try to make sure their products are made with recyclable plastics or reused plastics giving them a second life i just truly truly love what the brand stands for and they’re easy to find you can find them at target whole foods ulta germany’s website so until next

Time i hope you have a wonderful beautiful rest of your day let me know if there’s any specific products you had questions about and also let me know if there’s any specific videos you’d like to see next i upload every monday wednesday and fridays for asmr fridays and of course i am very active over on my instagram so i’ll see you guys over there bye you

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