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Hi guys today will be the first impressions on the Fenty beauty eye cream with comparison to the Jlo Beauty eye cream! Which one is worth the buy? Watch the video to find out.

Guys welcome back to my channel it’s your girl terry shenae coming through with another video hi guys how are you today um today is valentine’s day and this video is definitely going up after valentine’s day but for all those lovely lovers out there that are celebrating happy valentine’s day for the people that are single that doesn’t have anybody like myself

Happy valentine’s day because it’s also about valentine’s day is about loving and loving yourself is just as important as loving someone else so keep that in mind anyway so as you guys already know i am going to be testing out the new fenty oh i totally forgot what this one 50 eye cream i’m so excited so if when rihanna announced that she was launching skincare

And i saw her i saw the product announcements i didn’t see eye cream and i love eye creams like eye creams that feel like is the most essential because that’s when we start aging first so i’m like why didn’t you make an eye cream where’s the eye cream at sis we need that eye cream and every time it was like a surprise product i always be like eye cream but this

Time when i was like when she was like oh got something for you and uh like a flash like in a nap like something i forgot what was the promo for it i was like it’s gonna be an eye cream and lo and behold it was an eye cream so i’m really excited to try this i am going to be trying this and pairing this up with my jlo beauty eye cream i love this eye cream i

Feel like it does wonders for under the eye um when i do put this on it does burn my eyes a little bit i just feel like i have sensitive eyes but i it’s whatever beauty is pain um and so yeah so without further ado let’s get into the video yeah i’m so i’m so excited about this one guys alright so this is the packaging a nice tube really simple the difference

You just could tell the difference with jlo’s packaging and fenty’s packaging like i love both of these companies i like both of the people that are behind the brands you can just everybody says jayla’s packing jean looks cheap i don’t think so i think it looks really nice but um if i was to choose the two it would be jlo this just looks so much better on your

Vanity this one is i’m so sorry rihanna it’s just a little bit of a cheaper packaging but i don’t care about the how expensive or how not expensive the packaging is i care about if the product works and that’s all that matters this is my first time feeling this too i have not tried it as you can see i am just going to feel oh it is a lot like it’s not as

Thick as the jayla one let me see yeah jlo’s print is a little bit thicker um it’s not as sick as the jayla ones they’re both like seem a little hydrating if you can see like jlose is down here and fenty’s is up here so it does give you that nice hydration out of both of them but when we when it dries down j lows just get a little bit more firm because it’s

More of a firming one fenty’s just fenty’s is just a supposed to be like a pick-me-up and i love how um fenty beauty said over time you’ll see your dark spots like disappear it’s not saying like instantly because a lot of people think of skincare they think instantly now girl go to your um local plastic surgeon and then you’ll get that instant skin care is a

Little different skin care takes at least 30 days for you to see a little bit of results and you got to continuously continuously use it in order to see more results so it’s like when the people come in and be like this didn’t work for me you only had it for a day since give it time to work like my gosh people just want everything microwavable and some things

Are not microwavable like your skin is not microwavable unless you go to a plastic surgeon duh get me started on this lovely sunday hey guys so i took my glasses off i cannot see i’m a blind bat so please bear with me i have my mirror right here i am going to be looking over over there from time to time but i’m not going to forget about you guys i already did

My skincare wash my face one of my serum and put on my moisturizer i didn’t do too much right now because it is it is morning time it’s like early in the morning um so i just do a little bit i my forehead just feels so it doesn’t feel dry but it just feels so tight because i can’t wash like good up here t’challa no stop i can’t wash good up here because i got

My eyebrows microbladed and don’t worry i am um i am filming like the days to the until the knots well the days till the healing process right now it is starting to scab up a little bit but it’s not that bad but it’s itching also but it’s not that bad my main thing is that i can’t really wash up here like i have to take like a cleansing uh cleansing cloth are

Oh god a makeup remover cloth and it’s not doing the job obviously and i can’t wear makeup so and i’m okay with that let’s get started so i am gonna put the new fenty eye cream on and this side of my eye and i’m gonna put the zillow ice cream on the side of the eye i did like three little baby dots eye creams are so um eye creams you’re only supposed to use

Like a pea size so that’s about pea size okay so it is very hydrating um i like that as a gel base it’s just going on really smoothly it feels good it’s giving my eyes like this nice hydration this nice drink of water and i’m not mad at it yeah and it’s cooling and when it’s cooling i know like if you have deep like puffiness under your eyes it’s gonna help

De-puff under your eyes so i feel that i feel the coolness so i’m not mad at that i actually like that hey that’s nice now we’re gonna go in with j lo’s okay the difference i noticed right away jlo’s you could know she has some form of medicine some form there’s ingredient in here that just helps firm the eyes like automatically and i know this because this is

Supposed to be firming instantly that whatever that ingredient is and i’ve said that before it just it makes my eyes like tear up and it also it makes my eyes just burn a little bit but it’s just burning a little bit right now um not by much so that’s good comparison too i don’t really see a difference otherwise i feel like if i had a little bit more wrinkles on

This side it’ll tighten up a little bit where you’ll see the wrinkles like not fade but fade not because i don’t want to say it’s gonna automatically fade wrinkles because it’s not you’ll probably still see some but it’ll be better for under the eyes especially if you decide to use makeup under the eyes this one after it dries down it just dries down um i think

This one’s gonna be more more for like brightness and de-puffing because that cooling sensation was like automatically this one is like it’s firming so i would say more for my mature skin and more for my like preserving of the youth so there you have it but i’m gonna bring you guys in closer you’re not gonna see anything but just so you could see how my eyes

Look okay so fenty’s on this side and j.lo’s on this side like i said you’re not gonna see anything right now i can’t even see anything because of course i’m blind but right now um like if i’m looking i just look hydrated what do you guys think and don’t count these because i already have deep socket eyes like do you suck at eyes don’t count these just count

Like but yeah i it sucks that i can’t see gotta put on my glasses my jeffries okay after further assessments and putting on my glasses this eye i like a little bit better this i don’t see anything but again this is more rihanna’s is going to be more like over time jlo’s you will see a little bit of a instant firming ryan doesn’t say she’s going to firm she is

Going to help with wrinkles but over time so with j.lo over time wrinkles will i don’t want to say diminish but you know it’ll get better but this one’s just a lot instantly and you can tell you can i could i smell the medicine i feel the medicine so that’s the difference how my eyebrows look guys because i can’t see and all i see is brows and i’m not mad at it

But you know so mad at myself i had lip balm over here the whole time and i’m over here licking my lips like some craze and mania that’s how um anyway so that’s basically the end of this video which one do i like better it’s only time will tell right now like i swear by this i love this eye cream is one of my favorites right now this i’m just gonna you know do

What i do best i love fancy skin so i am gonna use her and see how she does over time and um hopefully she’s gonna be one of my staples but like fenty skin and jlo beauty amazing brands like i think both of them there’s something for everybody you just gotta find your something yeah alright guys thank you so much for tuning in again if you like this video please

Subscribe to my channel um like this of course like the video don’t just like the video and leave but push the the thumbs up and then push the red subscribe button and stay with me through this journey like i’m here for you and you’re here for me and i and we’re here for each other okay guys ah so early again once again happy valentine’s day and i can’t wait to

See you guys in the next video all right judy’s have a good one bye

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