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Fire TV Stick – 5 Funzionalit nascoste che forse non conosci!!!

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Hi everyone, i’m gianni, welcome back here to my channel for this new video in which today we’ll go back to talking together about the fire tv stick by analyzing 5 features that are probably not very well known but which contribute to significantly improving the user experience as always, however, before continuing if do you want to see more content of this type, you can

Let me know by subscribing to the channel, commenting, sharing and leaving a like on the video so that as many people can see it and then i also invite you to dmeir telegram group so as to stay updated on future news having said that let’s start with the first feature that allows you to completely restart the fer tv stick thus closing all applications and processes open in

The background thus freeing up the resources occupied which naturally improves its functioning by increasing performance and thus solving all the small or sometimes even large ones troubled that as slowdowns or the blocks that occur by keeping the fer tv stick always on, which mainly happens when we use it connected to its power supply, to do this, simply press and hold

Down the play buttons at the same time for at least five seconds on the remote control 12345 so that in this way the fire tv stick will restart and shut down completely which of course, as i already said, allows you to close all applications and processes open in the background to free the cache and all those resources that are consumed by temporary processes and which,

As you can see, yes translates into a tea flight increase in performance and therefore usability the second feature instead concerns the possibility of using the fer tv stick to surf the internet by installing silk the amazon browser which of course can be downloaded for free from the app store which basically allows you to use the fer tv stick to surf the internet in

More or less the same way as a normal pc or even a smartphone with the plus, however, of using a much larger screen and naturally conversely with the limitation of the remote control which is a little more problematic than a physical keyboard digital text negative feature which, however, becomes easily solved by connecting a keyboard or even a mini keyboard to the fire

Tv stick, something that can be done in many ways directly via bluetooth or using an adapter as i have already explained in the past various tutorials that you find in the playlist dedicated to the far tv stick in which i will then leave you the link below in the description which tells me about today’s third feature which concerns precisely the possibility of connecting

The fire tv stick via bluetooth different devices such as headphones keyboards game controllers soundbars speakers and so on tro thing that becomes very convenient because it allows you to play in a better way to listen to a more enveloping audio when the fer tv stick is connected for example to a projector to write faster when we have to type text not to disturb other

People during the night and so on to connect a device you must of course enter the settings menu and can choose the controller and bluetooth devices item as you can see it is divided into three subsections the first reserved for remote controls the second for the game controller and finally the third for other bluetooth devices where all those audios are included, such

As speakers, headphones, sambars, etc. so by selecting one of the three options, the fire tv stick will search and show all the devices that are in pairing mode at that particular moment, which then obviously allows you to connect them to the same art fall mode or even a pc called que i’m arrived at the penultimate feature that i wanted to show you in today’s video even

If most likely among all those i have listed is my favorite feature which is called text banner which is activated by pressing simultaneously for 3 seconds the two fast forward and backward keys one two three which then as you can see allows you to quickly view some information on any function of the fire tv but which proves to be extremely useful for films or tv series

Which can thus be consulted directly from the main screen immediately after activating it and therefore this will appear at the beginning short introductory tutorial that quickly illustrates the various features available and then after closing it for each content a brief guide will appear with some basic information at this point pressing the menu button the one found to

The right of the house marked with the three horizontal lines this menu will appear l side that will allow us to watch the content from one of the streaming services available if of course there is more than one to see the trailer also in this case pro of course always if available and finally to add it or if we have already added it previously to remove the content from

The watch list which of course allows you to do these two or three things much faster than having to select the related content each time which brings us to the last feature of today’s list which concerns the possibility that perhaps not all they know even if i have personally dealt with it several times here on the channel of controlling it far tv stick with both android

And iphone smartphones using the official fajar tv app which allows you to permanently or even temporarily replace the remote control in case we succeed more to find it or we had dead batteries with the only limit action, however, that the smartphone and the fire tv are connected to the same wifi network which then allows you to have the same functions available on the

Remote control with the added bonus of the virtual keyboard which allows you to type text much faster even while using the internet browser without necessarily having to have a keyboard inside, of course, however with the only exception of the volume which obviously cannot be controlled for those devices such as, for example, the fer tv stick which does not have it, not

Actively because in those cases the remote control acts directly on the volume of the television while for example for the fire tvq which integrates that functionality it is possible with the application to adjust the volume as well so these were the 5 functions that i wanted to show you in today’s video with regard to the fire tv devices it is as always for more information

You can find everything below in the description where there are also the little button allow a like to the video and the one to write me to the channel, all i have to do is say hello and thank you for watching, see you next time bye from gianni

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Fire TV Stick Р5 Funzionalità nascoste che forse non conosci!!! By Darkphoenix