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– Fire TV Stick Lite:

And say my friends welcome i didn’t say let’s go here for the comparative video let’s talk today here about the zinho device which is the fire tv stick from amazon it sells a lot ok it’s that chromecast type right you’ll wait there on your tv your projector and it’s going to become much more than a smart one and of course, there’s that great differential that is alexa so

I brought you the three here the normal fire tv stick or fire tv stick light which is the simplest and the 4k which is the most it’s newer, right, it launched a little while ago, it’s like i said, people, that ‘s what it’s used for a tv monitor, right, and a projector, a lot of people use it for a projector, right? with an operating system, you have to wait there for a pen

Drive, right, put a video like that now when you put one of these here, just the planet becomes more than the smart tv because this here is the operating system is not based on android hi and it has several more apps to it’s netflix prime disney plastic youtube apple tv telecine is living play spotify fi several and several and thousands of others, right? in the app store

But that’s it, if you search the internet, you ‘ll see there are ways and you can install other apps from the outside. a pen drive, but actually the name of this one here is jango all of it is this here look here here is a processor has everything there inside the ram memory has everything inside this little piece of plastic here that you will put there in the hdmi solution

And it comes with the power cable, in fact they all come with the same thing, see a control, you can cap the power cable, an extension hi and the source, these tensioners are in case your tv is uncomfortable. for you to put it is the chicken here, right for you to put there what it looked like so sometimes it doesn’t fit for glue it glued to the wall and then you put the

Fire tv here we have it and then you fit it there and you can put it the way you want you want, right, to be able to use it in these types of houses, but in my case, you could put it here without the need for these tensioners, the power issue, it comes with a little cable that you will connect here, which is the micro usb and the other account, which is the usb normally,

You will fit it in the sb of your tv too, you will see if it will accept it because each tv is different. in the socket mine here when i put it in it opened it’s normal right for the first time and it gives a source message ué enough to feed reconnect in a socket but it says like this connect to the socket or i prefer to continue i stayed i prefer to continue it it’s

Working normally, but maybe the system is slower, so if this message appears for you to connect, then it ‘s really in the socket using the source that already comes with it. it’s the cheapest, maybe some of you might be interested because the main difference is total control. milk control is this one. it’s very basic. up here, which is lú’s, that’s right, they all have

Access to the east. in a little while, i’ll show you how it works. important because a lot of people who buy light later get kind of like that because it’s boring i’m watching a movie that he can change the volume with the control, right so it’s a question of 100 kinda boring that we think is silly most people and he complains, okay, so the milk doesn’t have volume control,

The rest of it is basically the same thing, isn’t it? full hd right and there’s this control power there for the control i said there already jumping to the normal version that i fire tv stick it already has a control much superior to how cool it is it already has here the dedicated buttons down here the netflix amazon music is prime video and disney plast including prime

Video is that 9 90 side system you can sign that you become a depressed scene amazon you have access to prime video which has a lot of movies in the series that was netflix right you you have access to amazon music you have access i think free shipping is 14 products sent by amazon so only free shipping that you stop paying you already pay subscription there is this new

One increases per month ok and several more other benefits i also have the right to books for your kindle, right to virtual books anyway, this amazon prime subscription is really worth it. same thing works the same way and the little button here to turn on and off so it’s already much better control here than the normal tv stick another advantage of the normal fire tv

Stick over milk is that it already has compatibility with dolby atmos and it’s a quality superior sound so it has this possibility for people who want that sound, right, with the highest possible quality, it has compatibility but of course you have to have a sound box that has this compatibility, not for example, then i already made a video for you, i sewed it up so you

Have to have this box there to be able to make this connection and leave with this higher audio quality and also the video you are watching, for example, netflix and prime video have some titles there, they are all compatible with the active name, but not all movies are right, so it already has this possibility and also another interesting point of advantage, right? this

One also serves as universal remote control so you’ll be able to control your tv, your projector with this control, right? you have other devices, right, it has an interaction and it’s very cool for us devices eco da lexa, right, so it’s a universal control that this is a great advantage of this little guy here now the stick 4 and then it launched recently, right, it will

Have a great advantage there to play content in 4k so if you have a projector or a tv that can play it you will be able to watch videos or movies in 4 from fire tv stick 4k the control is the same thing and the fire tv itself, daniel it is a little bigger number a bigger feeling it will also have the name we have but it also has this dolby vision which is the highest

Possible image quality but also as i said, the tv has to be compatible with the movie you are watching, it also has to be compatible, so these are the advantages of the fire tv stick 4k and then you have to analyze it, which one i served you the most, you only need the operating system it’s not basically there’s light, right if you want an intermediary i already have the

Normal one that i prefer or if you already have a 4k tv so it’s cool to get the 4k stick or also if you want it’s already studied it very visible, right? they do that but i think that when we buy from our account where we are registered here on amazon, it kind of already synchronizes everything, it didn’t ask for any password and it opened there saying my name leandro,

An email arrived for me right away congratulations for activating if not if the new device everything in the scheme so i just warmed it up everything is already configured it already takes the wi-fi not even the wi-fi password i had to put it half scared like that but it was just a matter of sticking it and it did now cable updates are very fast, practical already in

Portuguese, right? here at the beginning you could do a search here are the apps you can download and here are the suggestions, right, i already start giving suggestions here in this case i give prime video, look, just suggestions suggestions will give a summary up here, right, of the movie it ‘s his note and then it goes away here the app is here and there you go there

You will install it if you want it and it’s very fast ok it’s very practical here when using alexa here you will press and hold hi hi alexia how are you? andthen hi, okay that’s it, she answers here there, look, she answers here, it’s on the screen, right there you will ask to open netflix, it will ask to play an action movie, comedy movie or a specific movie, it will ask

To play its playlist on spotify anyway, you do everything by voice command and apart from the integration that it has with your devices ekolev little the smart places so there is also this personal interaction i forgot to mention for you to also connect a bluetooth speaker on the bluetooth side fire tv stick okay, so it’s easy there in the settings. look, i’m just going

To see if you can hear it here. if you accept this medicine, it doesn’t make it grow. it has bluetooth, right, so now i can listen to the sound in a box that has it, right, so there will be a much more powerful sound there. you’re interested in this box, here it has a video here on the channel. that’s and it’s very fast a lot of people find people, are those having older

Times already have that slow system, right, not this one, the system is super fast, super intuitive, right, this tv here, for example, is an absence that the cheaper tvs, right? the smart tv part of it is horrible horrible horrible so i’m sure i ‘ll leave the fire tv here so i can have all this interaction with alexa now i want you to tell me which one do you think is more

Worthwhile it’s like i said guys the milk if you really want it just for the operating system, spend very little. if you can spend a little more, i already recommend the normal one here, mainly because of the control, which is very cool, much more advantageous, right, and 4cars only if you have a 4k tv. for example, this tv here that i just showed you, it’s not 4k, so it

Doesn’t, because i’m going to pay more to get one of these, right, this one is only if i had a female to touch and want without as much quality as possible so i think that most people will be cool to take the normal one and will be very satisfied so if you liked this video leave a personal like the link in the description and if you write the case was written so reach 200

Thousand subscribers remembering my promotions groups that resemble whatsapp link in the description and security [email protected] nova léo there i sell all the products that i make summaries at a very friendly price thank you very much thanks and bye what’s up

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Fire TV Stick Lite, normal ou 4K – ENTENDA AS DIFERENÇAS E QUAL VALE MAIS A PENA! By Inova Leo