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Hi Loves!

Okay revlon okay revlon what’s up guys welcome back to my channel it’s denise here if you’re new here welcome make sure that you hit the subscribe button and join the team if you’re not new here welcome back so we are back with another video and as you guys can tell from today’s title and from how i’m looking it is a hair video so today i’m going to be

Trying out a brand new product that i just purchased um i’ve been seeing it around well i’ve definitely seen it around for a while and i was kind of skeptical because i didn’t know how well this product could work or you know if it was meant for like my kind of textured hair my dad like i didn’t know if it was for you know thicker textured hair or what but i

Decided to give it a try so we are going to be trying out the revlon salon one step hair dryer and styler so basically this is like basically like a two in one so typically to blow dry my hair i use a normal paddle brush and a blow dryer so if it’s echo sorry i’m in the bathroom as i know i moved so i had to kind of have a new setup of where i did my hair and

Things like that but um typically to blow dry my hair i use these two guys so i use like i said a powder brush and then this is a revlon blow dryer as well i don’t know the make and model of it yeah i bought this a year ago before i bought this hair dryer y’all would not believe what hair dryer i was using and how long i had it let’s just say if you’re a 90s baby

If you remember when mary kate and ashley had a line at walmart where it was you know clothes hair tools all of that i still have my mary kate ashley blow dryer hair blow dryer i don’t know when that line came out if i can find a picture of it i’m gonna put it in here that blow dryer held me down for at least 20 years at that at this point but anyway i went into

A whole story we’re gonna be trying this out i’m excited to try it out because it’s basically like i said a two-in-one so it’s a paddle brush blow dryer thing um i’m i’m really excited to see how this works see if it is able to you know get my hair in a very good state to be um flat ironed because i am going to be straightening my hair i haven’t straightened my

Hair since july so it’s been about three months since i’ve straightened and put any heat on my hair because as you know if you’re you know you’ve been watching videos i had um not lose braids for about two months um so i am excited to straighten my hair it’s so fresh season okay it’s fall it’s nothing like having a fresh silk press a fresh lay of your hair so

Yeah i’m excited to see how this works because the key to a balm silk press flat iron to me is how well you can get your hair blow dry because the key is you don’t want to have to pass the flat iron over your hair two and three times so the blow drying phase is super important because you want to be able to stretch your hair as much as you can with just using

A blow dryer so that when you go into flat iron you only have to go over it once and then maybe go back and touch up your roots but you don’t want to have to go over your hair two and three times with the pattern so yeah i purchased this it was only i want to say it was 39 it wasn’t super uh expensive at all so i was like okay let me just go ahead and try it

Out and see if it works um i’m hoping it does because blow drying my hair is my least favorite part of the process of straightening my hair like the flat iron part is easy for me i can get through my hair super super fast that blow drying stage though it’s it’s it’s a lot okay so i’m hoping that this works wonders and it can like cut the time in half for how

Much time i spend blow drying my hair it’d be a lot all right so we are going to go ahead and plug her on up okay so it looks like it has three different settings so it has a cool setting a low setting and a high setting um just because of how thick my hair is i already know i’m probably gonna need to use high um so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna go ahead and

Take my hair out of my t-shirt and do my normal process of splitting my hair into i don’t know if i want to do halves or four sections i’m probably going to do four sections that way i can really just see how this works on my hair so i’m gonna go ahead and split my hair into four sections and apply my blow dryer cream and my heat protectant and then i’ll come

Back on here three i just went ahead and made sure that i detangled a little bit more before we start so i’m going to go ahead and put this on high and we’re going to see how this bad boy works yes okay y’all um wow wow um that was so easy i kind of want to get up in my roots a little bit better that way i won’t have to go over them so much with

The flat iron but i’m here for it and that literally was so quick wow okay hold on let me oh let me get let me try these roots let me get these roots and then i’ll be right back okay hold on okay i’m here for this i am here for this what why have i not had this already like okay y’all look how straight it has got in my hair like look at this look at this wow

And it was like so quick but i am here for this wow my roots are dry she’s stretched out okay revlon okay rev line let’s do the top half wow you guys i am here for it i am here for this little tool i love it it is getting the job done honey wow just to brush this out let’s do take down the back side and yeah this is this is what we’re this is where we’re at

And this is taking me half the time that it would have taken me if i had that regular blow dryer what okay no but yeah i’m definitely i’m definitely here for it this is this is giving me this is giving me blowout baby so i’m about to finish up this other half of my head and then you know we’re gonna stop because this is it this is it i’m here for it all right

Guys so we are done blow drying and i’m here for the results i i’m here for the results i feel like this blow dryer did an amazing job um i’m not a huge fan of blow dried hair just like leaving it i know like this is a look for some um i’m not a huge fan of it um so like i said i am about to flatter my hair but i did want to do the review specifically on just

Like blow dry hair and how this tool works if it’s worth it if it does the job all of that so i will say revlon this did the job it did the job so i’m thoroughly impressed at how you know stretched out my hair is how blown out it is i guess you could say it is definitely a great setup for going into my next step which is flat ironing it so definitely a great

Great tool to get my hair straight enough to the point where i’ll only have to go over my hair one time with the flat iron if you are a natural who does not necessarily straighten your hair but you blow dry your hair out to do styles on it like rod sets or bantu knots or you know anything like that i definitely feel like this tool is great for that because it

Does stretch your hair out good enough to the point where it’s not you know still curly looking your style that you’re gonna do on your blown out hair is gonna set nicely because it definitely does the job with blowing your hair out really really well um so yeah it definitely cut down my blow drying time i think splitting my hair into four sections it did help

It was easy to manage easy to you know get the brush through i would definitely say make sure that you detangle your hair you know as you should be um before you’re blow drying just because you know with this it is like a brush so you don’t want it to get caught up in the knots and things like that so make sure that you detangle before you start blow drying but

Other than that there’s no there’s no big issue with it um i feel like it was worth the purchase it did its job it was great i’m honestly thinking i’m probably only going to use this as my blow dryer from now on instead of you know my normal blow dryer because it saves me time it doesn’t get as hot in here as it does with that blow dryer the fact that it saves

Me time is what i’m here for it definitely cuts down the time that i’m spending blow drying and all the energy and effort that i’m putting into blow drying it’s getting put into this so where i will lift the hair dryer down below in the description box to check out so if you want to purchase it go ahead you know if you are a person who dreads and does not like

Blow drying your hair this would be a great addition for you to pick up because it will save you some time and save you some effort when it comes to blow drying your hair so check that out but yeah um so i just wanted to do a review on the blowout so i am about to finish this up and straighten my hair so if you want to see that process on how i straighten my

Hair i will link that video above for you guys to check out so until next time i will see you all in my next video bye

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