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fit bit inspire 2

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel merry christmas hope you guys are having a wonderful christmas and i wanted to do this quick little review um this is what i got for christmas this is one of the gifts i want to do a review on it it’s called the fitbit inspire 2. i guess this came out a few months ago there’s so many i think it has so many different things

They have it um reversal 2 versus one fitbit they have different like names um she got me the inspire 2. so far i’m loving it um let me show you okay um i like that it’s pink i came with the extra band and it did not come with the instructions for instructions like on the booklet it even tells you like to go on what’s it called for troubleshooting

But then um since i had the app i happen to open the app and then you said to download the manual but i did go on some youtube watch some youtube videos and basically there’s a lot of videos videos i do step by step so this is how you turn on the um the thing well it’s already on but you tap it twice oh this is not working now okay there you go type it twice for

It to go on and then the settings you have for hold on reach again up or down down okay when you stroll down is for the notification for like your text messaging or for um you tap on one see for instance like that’s the different exercises um okay how do you go back oh my gosh okay see this is selena okay you know what i’m gonna see i have to look in how i go

Back maybe i think it goes like that hold on oh i am doing the whole thing hold on give me a minute okay i guess this is a little thing when you stroll up like it close it like when you click on it and if you want to get it back out of it you just keep going up and then um i have like a little x saying close okay let’s go to this okay this is the battery have

81 batteries supposedly the battery when you fully charge it it lasts up to 10 days all right as you can see the date friday december 25th it’s 8 39 pm this is how many steps i did so far i started using this around one o’clock today no maybe around two um okay i don’t know all this this i don’t know what this is i have to still look into all the settings um i

This is the exercise activity i did four out of nine um obviously this is not on but it says um it’s 85 beats per minute it’s a heart rate and this is a resting one 73 and there’s how many calories you burn you’re probably wow that’s a lot of calories like basically like an average person needs about 1500 calories a day so like honestly i looked um and one of the

Videos i watched where they were doing the step by dip step by step she missed her set about 600 and she had barely unboxed it so she said that um she heard somewhere where the fitbit basically basically we’re burning calories even when we’re sitting down like we’re not doing anything even in our sleep so it detects every little thing um so yeah but i’m still

Confusing that i’m gonna look look into that more because that will be kind of impossible if it’s average for an average you know for they have like what about 1500 calories a day for average plus an intake and i burn more than um and taking or it’s kind of like impossible i don’t know it didn’t make sense i don’t know if you guys will get what i’m saying but

Um yeah um so when i did to do a 30 minute workout today i remember that i went by that so like when i first started the the the workout it was at a 1270 and when i finished the workout it went to 1500 so like i burned what 270 calories almost 300 um yes so let me show you and um i almost did three miles today because i did do about um almost two miles in the

Treadmill and this is sleep no data yet it just tracks your sleep when you’re sleeping like it tells you like when you wake up in the morning you live here watching and it tells you how how many hours you slept and like i think it tells you um how many times maybe like i kind of gotta i mean not last slept like because everyone like tosses and turns or you know

You happen to just get up but you don’t realize it just tells me my sleep patterns like what time did i was in my deeper sleep and this and that i don’t know what this is for but yeah i just wanted to show you guys and basically i lost a pound because um this is when i first put this in it was 131 so yeah oh yeah and this is a neat thing the water i put for my

Gold intake for water is 120 ounces i so far i did 100 ounces um let me click on that oh actually on the app like it tells you like how many like i always drink the water bottles and each water bottle is 16 ounces so for my goal i think i put 12 of those bottles i think of um i think if i’m not mistaken yeah anyways i prefer the gold to be 120. and this is i

Did one out of i don’t know this is this knee i didn’t want to show you that enemy for this video to be well it’s not that long it’s only six minutes but this is what it does it also um has a call text app like um i could receive text messages on it um just just more things maybe i’ll do a second video on this you know this is my first day having this this is

Where it says see up to 10 days battery includes small and large sizes i don’t know what that means but yeah all right everyone i and this is in a different language but yeah everyone this could also be used for iphone i have an android phone you can connect to any phone you have very nice i love it um yeah so this is what i got for christmas and i’m very happy

All right everyone i’ll see you in my next video bye

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fit bit inspire 2 By mizz prettyladi