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Fitbit Charge 3 & 4: How to Fix Black Screen (2 Easy Fixes!!!)

I show you two ways how to fix a black or blank screen on a Fitbit Charge 3 or Charge 4.

Hey what’s up guys so i have a fitbit charge 3 here and you have an issue where it’s a black screen however you know it’s on you can feel it pulse pulsating or like vibrating but it’s just a black’s black screen a blank screen there’s nothing on there i’m gonna give you guys two methods right now to get you up and running and by the end of this video most of you guys

Should be up and running okay so first thing is this okay so the first thing what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and just change the clock face using your phone that’s the first way okay and then hopefully it’ll come out of the black screen and you’ll be up and running if that doesn’t work what we’re going to do the second way is what we’re going to

Do is we’re going to force it to restart using the charger okay anyways let’s start off it doesn’t matter which one you do first okay but let’s just go ahead and do the change the clock face first okay so to change a clock face we have to use the phone we have to go ahead and open up our fitbit app right here let’s tap on that and now from here what you want to do

Is you want to tap on the account icon mine’s on the left hand side it was on the top right hand side and then i update it and then it moved over here and the icon also changed so whichever one is the account so mine now cuz isn’t just updated it’s here on the left let me tap on that and then from here i’ll go ahead and select charge three right there and now i’m

Gonna go and tap on clock faces right here now let’s just pretend now this watch is actually working let’s just pretend that this has a black screen okay let’s pretend we can’t see nothing on there and then from here what you want to do is you want to go to all clocks or before the my update i had something down here that’s it see more clock or something like that

So anyways it might be down here or up here mine’s up here all clocks let me tap on that so what you want to do now is change it to a different clock okay so for example i’m just going to go with this one here and then i’m gonna go and click on select right there and then give it a second and we should see a status bar on the phone or on the watch here there it is

Right there you can see the status bar give it a second here you can see it right there it just vibrated there’s a check mark now we should see that face and exact like that and you guys should be up and running now okay i did work go ahead and try a couple of their different clock faces and try that okay so doesn’t work next thing we’re going to do is we’re going

To do this okay so the next thing what we’re going to do here is we’re going to force it to restart in order in order for us to force it to restart we have to use the charger okay so this is what i want you to do i want to go ahead and put the charger in and make sure it’s in correctly okay you can see that where’s the button at okay so here so here’s the button

Or it’s supposed to be a button right here okay so i’m gonna go ahead and put this in make sure the contacts hit it make sure that button is above here what’s open okay down here doesn’t have an opening so let me just pop it in here like this and then have to make sure it is securely let me go ahead and i can move this around okay just like a little snap so that’s

Nice and snug now i want you to do this i want you and pretend my screen here is black press and hold this button press hold do not let go from the vibrate vibrate it again does pretend the screen is totally black i don’t know what’s going on i’m still holding on this button over here i’m waiting for a smiley face to appear but 10 is still black it just vibrated

Let’s pretend is still black waiting for a smiley face if you have to wait more than like 15 seconds and it didn’t work okay and sometimes for some reason you have to do this five six seven times okay obviously 15 seconds is past i see no smiley face okay so let me just go ahead pull go ahead and do this over again so let me make sure everything is in okay it’s

In nice and snug right there let’s try it again ready press and hold the button the tentative screen is black it just vibrated like twice i’m still holding on to this button up here waiting for a smiley face come on it’s just vibrated let’s pretend the screen is black still i’m still holding here still holding okay i think i’m not gonna get a smiley face here okay

So after about 15 seconds i still did not get it so let me do this now let me just go ahead and take it off like that and then let’s go ahead and pop it back on and now let’s go ahead and press and hold the button much like this the tendeth screen is black again okay i’m still holding come on hey smiley face there you go now it’s gonna automatically reboot and

Hopefully you guys are up and running let me know which one worked for you guys alright and remember this the second thing to do here you’re gonna have to try it has to be on there like perfectly with the charger you have to play around with it a lot okay just like what happened me just now alright anyways good luck

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Fitbit Charge 3 & 4: How to Fix Black Screen (2 Easy Fixes!!!) By WorldofTech