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Fitbit Charge 5: How to Setup (step by step for Beginners)

I show you how to turn on and connect / setup (initial setup) step by step the Fitbit Charge 5 to the Fitbit app. You can use iPhones or Android phones. Hope this helps.

Here’s a fitbit charge five i’m going to show you how to set it up step by step first thing is let’s go ahead and plug in our cable and we’re going to give it a charge so we can go ahead and turn it on and what we want to do is keep it on the charger uh throughout the whole process the whole setup process okay because we may have to do a software update too and it

May take next go to your app store doesn’t matter your android or an iphone and download fitbit app it looks like that right there once you download and install the fitbit app go ahead and open it up you want to go ahead and sign in or if you don’t have an account you want to go ahead and set up an account i’m already i already have an account because i have previous

Fitbits so anyway once you sign in from here tap on today top left hand side your avatar photo let’s tap on that and let’s go down to set up a device look for your charge five right here let’s tap on that charge five tap on setup request bluetooth yes click on ok privacy and your fitbit device go ahead and read through this you must accept to proceed charge your

Charge five we already have it on the charger so from here we’re going to go ahead and tap on next searching for charge five says found it give it one moment and we should get a passcode on here just be patient there we go mine is six four four six now just wait right here says connecting the tracker here says pairing okay we get a check mark right there and

I get a bluetooth pairing request i’m gonna tap on pair right there link fitbit with charge five click on ok all right so protect your device this is up to you you can purchase it or you can do it later for me i don’t even want it i’m just going to click on not now but you can always buy it later as well all right so here’s the big update here okay update charge

5 this may take up to 40 minutes okay so i’m going to go and tap on next make sure you keep it on the charger okay let’s tap on next and while we’re waiting for the download install you can use your phone doing this this setup just make sure that your phone is close to your charge 5. all right we’re at 99 so far and this so anyway it’s installing now so let’s be

Patient here again still waiting for the installing process i can see the status bar here on the tracker okay finally so the whole uh downloading and installing um the new update it took me about 15 minutes i didn’t go the whole 40 minutes like they said okay anyway so from here charge 5 is updated we’re going to tap on continue from here now let’s just go ahead

And try it on so let’s go ahead and unplug it now we’re done with that and you can go ahead and redo that right there and put on your tracker okay i got it on so you can see now we’re going to tap on next here and this is just a tutorial here you guys can go ahead and read through this yourself but for instance double tap to wake you can double tap it to wake

Click on next swipe to navigate back from left right right right okay so we’re all set go ahead and tap on done right there and voila we are in business guys now take note that there’s no buttons on here okay so how you navigate i mean you just need to go ahead and swipe up swipe down select swipe left swipe right just go ahead and keep looking through it

Okay so pretty simple any questions or issues uh just comment below alright good luck guys

Transcribed from video
Fitbit Charge 5: How to Setup (step by step for Beginners) By WorldofTech