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What is going on everybody welcome back to a brand new episode kicking off the day early in the morning because we’re about to head in your gym for today’s workout now i’ve been in the gym in the past but this one will be the first time i’ll be working out at this gym so super excited to show you guys but first things first let’s get this intro started so we

Are here just arrived at brick house gym now as i’ve said earlier this is my first time working out here and that i’ve been here in the past to watch uh my buddy jared’s uh power looking meats he’s done a couple um of them here so kind of know what the layout is when it comes to the machines and whatnot but again this will be my first time trying it out to get a

Full-on workout honestly super excited to try it out see how their equipment is kind of give like a full review of what i think about the gym and the environment and whatnot but yeah let’s head in right away like we’re free to be anything that we wanna be i wanna hop trains wanna win the lotto i want less but i wanna make more we could be kings in the cherry

Lambo if you wanna hang tight or you wanna let go we’ll have it all all right so finally done with the workout here at brick house honestly really dope gym awesome vibes and as you saw shot some content with uh star wars so that’s the thing i’m trying to do um a little bit regular is trying to get content for like social media and whatnot but uh overall the gym

Like i said awesome vibes has pretty much everything you you need when it comes to uh like the weights the machines only thing i have about is because it’s a hybrid gym i would say between like bodybuilding and kind of uh powerlifting there are different types of weights so you’ll find weights where they’re in kilograms some of them are also in pounds so and then

When trying to find or track down the weights it’s kind of all over the place so i think that’s one thing that could get a little bit frustrating is trying to find the proper ways to put for your exercise so other than that got pretty much uh all the machines you’ve got there’s a lot of unique machines too that you did didn’t get to try out their multiple legs

And i was doing upper body overall if i were to rate out of 10 gave a solid 8.5 again really good experience with this one all right so next stop i’m here to get my bi-weekly haircut so to make this quick we’re gonna do a little hair transition here all right so quickly got that done now had to race over to the local bank because i have an appointment i gotta

Be at now this one’s an important one because it is one of the final steps that i need to go through um before i can reveal this this project that i’ve been kind of hinting you guys over the past few videos so yeah i just gotta speak with one of the for natural people in there and then yeah fingers crossed this hopefully it goes well um like i said it’s one of

The final steps and not gonna lie i’m super excited to kind of just reveal everything once it’s all said and done all right so appointment went super smooth um no issues whatsoever not gonna live super excited for what’s to come um there’s only maybe like a couple more steps and then yeah this project i’m working on gonna be fully executed and i don’t know words

Cannot fully describe of how i’m excited to kind of just like finally get this going and yeah it’s something that i feel like a lot of people will will resonate with and and just kind of grow with it you know um it’s kind of like this passion project that i’ve that i’ve always wanted to do but but yeah more details to come soon all right so it’s a couple of days

Later and one of my followers on instagram actually messaged me uh the other day about these energy drinks that are available at this local supplement store so that’s where i’m at right now hopefully they have them um if they do i’m gonna snag up um each flavor that they got then i’ll do a little taste test a little bit later on but yeah fingers crossed hopefully

They got them so we’re back at the house and they did have it so we’re gonna do a little taste test right now so they had the majority of the flavors uh that i was looking for um there’s a couple that i know on the website it was still available but uh they didn’t have it in in store so hopefully one day i get to try those flavors out all right so enough waiting

Around this is what i got it is the rise energy drinks it had i believe four flavors that i’m excited to kind of a taste test so this one we got the smarties even though it’s more like a rock candy i don’t know if they call it different uh that candy is different in the states they also have the timer’s blood so this one i’m curious about i know a lot of companies

Have their own take on this flavor usually i find it having some type of like tropical coconut vibe so there’s that and then these two other flavors that i’m most curious about the baja burst which looks like it’s gonna be some type of lime flavor and then last but not least we got the ring pop so this one is their berry blast flavor gonna try these all at once

So like how i did my energy drink review i’m just gonna go through each one rank them on a scale of one to ten and kind of uh see which is which is my favorite out of all of them i’m gonna do the smarties first because i’ve had tried this in the pre-workout and usually when it comes to energy drinks they tastes a lot better but the pre-workout itself was pretty

Accurate with its uh with its taste so it’s back is open do a smell tests smells like the candy i’m not gonna lie not much flavor in this one i think there’s a little rocket taste at the very very end um the rocket candy flavor but but so far very light so let me do one more sip yeah it’s very light flavor um i’m gonna rank this one out of ten give it a seven

So it’s above average still really good pretty sweet as well so we’ll put that as the number one so far before moving on to the next one i’m just gonna break down the macros on this one so all these are zero calories uh 200 milligrams of caffeine it’s up there when it comes to energy drink flavors so for those that are sensitive with caffeine you wanna you wanna

Be cautious with it and so you don’t get like super anxious or super antsy or when you take these energy drinks but now we’ve got the tiger’s blood crack this one open so like i said i’m expecting a tropical slash coconut vibe with this one honestly exactly what i predicted looking at the the picture here is supposed to be a combination of strawberry watermelon

And coconut i do definitely taste the coconut it’s almost like a pina colada vibe instead of the pineapple you got the strawberry and watermelon flavor instead really more distinct when it comes to this flavor as opposed to the smarties so that puts that ahead since this one is seven i’ll give this one 7.58 really really good flavor we want more of like a tropical

Coconut type flavor now on to the last two i will do you know what i’ll save the ring pop for last because this one looks like the most creative i’ll do the baja burst not gonna lie have no idea what baja burst is supposed to taste like again judging by it’s packaging it looks like a lime some type of lime flavor me i really like lime flavor so hopefully this has

Somewhat of a sour taste oh again i’m not sure what baja bird’s supposed to taste like there is like a lime flavor to it but it’s more so like a sweeter lime but at the same time it’s a little bit a little bit on the refreshing side kind of gives me that a little bit of that cucumber lime type flavor which i think is really good i know that flavor is a little

I could or miss amongst people but um for me i i like this flavor so with this one i would rank this i’ll give this a solid eight so with that being said if this is an a i’ll put honestly these two are a little bit a little bit tied i could see a lot of people grabbing one of these two if they want more of like one of those safer flavors and a flavor that you

Probably won’t get sick of um too quickly now last but not least got the final one the ring pop i did try their cherry ring pop in their uh in their pre-workout that one was pretty accurate to it to its flavor a strong cherry taste now this one’s more of a berry blast don’t really remember what it’s supposed to taste like i’m gonna assume it’s some type of like

Blue raspberry mixed with like like strawberry like a bunch of berry flavor to it so again we’ll crack this open find out okay okay compared to the other ones this would probably have the be the most flavorful strong berry flavor tastes like the candy honestly i could see most people reaching out for this one if they have like a sweet tooth i’ll give this one

An 8.5 so this one puts it in the first place current standings when it comes to the rise energy drinks but the smarties as the least favorite these two are kind of tied with eight out of ten and then with the ring pop um this one kind of uh is the winner out of the four at eight point five so yeah so the other flavor i was kind of curious about with this lineup

Would have been their uh sunny d flavor um i think that’s the fifth and last one that i’ve i gotta try um out of the out of the rise energy drinks but yeah overall solid energy drink flavors um really creative uh with the ones that they went with and compared to the other energy drinks i’ve had um in the past it ranks up there when it comes to its uniqueness and

Just the i guess the overall experience of it they’re all honestly really enjoyable but yeah that pretty much concludes the taste testing i i did snag up one other energy drink that which surprisingly when i was in the states could not find it they were out of it it is the 3d alphaland edition i was actually super surprised they had this at the store so once i

Saw it i had to snag it up but i’m gonna save this for later other than that that pretty much concludes this whole video hope you guys enjoyed it like i said in the previous clips um before this review i am super excited what’s to come um and what i’m trying to build with this project i’m kind of working on so again more needs to come surrounding that the final

Steps are being made so once those are ironed out and pretty much everything is good to go we’ll make an announcement on it and again hope you guys who will enjoy it grow with it etc etc but yeah that concludes the end of this video if you guys have any other suggestions of things to review or other content you would like to see or work out content other topics

You want to want me to touch on just leave a comment down below and i’ll make a video out of it as of right now everything’s pretty much a day in the life so hopefully guys you’ve been enjoying that but we’ll wrap it up there like the video please subscribe and catch you all in the next video

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