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Fix Philips Sonicare Toothbrush – loose tip or not vibrating appropriately

My Philips Sonicare toothbrush’ tip became loose and was not vibrating effectively.

So to fix this you need to open the toothbrush so you just can press it like that protecting it from the side and then you insert something in there just to keep it to open and pull it out so i pride my way in with i’ll show you in a sec and let me just hold it here i guess like that so i might pry my way in with this until this one literally pop it out see

How it is it’s not a big deal so this sonic here is for some reason let me just hold it with my leg it’s moving like this here i’ll try to figure out what’s the problem should not be doing that so in order to take this out like i’m showing here you have to push this with a very thin screwdriver you just put it in and you push these two latches in this one

And that one and by doing that it literally comes out you just push from the from the bottom like from that and that’s it so when you finish opening you just check this thing is moving way too much and the the reason is that that screw just got loose i just have to let’s see look how easy it is to screw it let me see it was difficult to hold the phone here

You can see you can see how easy it moves so i’m gonna completely um yeah it work it moves like that so i’m going to tighten that completely now it’s really really tight now no it doesn’t even move it’s it’s like another one that i have it’s perfect now i want you to highlight that that curvature is normal you see that it goes in this direction and then it

Goes goes up a little bit i’ll just compare to another one that i was i was i wanted to make sure that it was right yep so it does have some curvature going up so it doesn’t have to be completely straight now another thing to check since you have it open it’s that tiny gup let me just put something um yellow behind so you can see it that tiny app let me just

Highlight it if you don’t have that gap you may have another problem that i had with another one there perfect um where is it here that gap that you see is the one that makes it vibrate if this comes loose and this thing which now it’s getting my screwdriver because it’s metal come on wow it’s pretty powerful so if that gap is not there and this touches this

It’s five it starts by waiting less and less and less until it kind of doesn’t vibrate it doesn’t do squat so what you have to do is when you have it open you put something thin you unscrew it somewhere here i think you unscrew it you separate them you put something thin like a credit card or a piece of a curry card you re-tighten everything and then you pull out

The credit card so you leave that gap again voila everything keeps working and now i’m going to just put back the thing in silly that’s neither but be careful that you have to put where you turn it on oriented with that button so i’m going to try it here i’m pushing it now sorry i’m pushing it and i hear the click so this thing clicked inside there yep okay

And i’m gonna put the lid back so let’s try it

Transcribed from video
Fix Philips Sonicare Toothbrush – loose tip or not vibrating appropriately By Sebastian Di Loreto