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FIX YOUR MIND – Motivational Speech (Andrew Tate Motivation)

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Why i think i fight do i enjoy it no do i enjoy training no do i enjoy cutting weight no am i nervous yes do i think to myself what am i doing yes completely unfortunately it’s one of those things you’re either born with you’re not and the only way i can explain it to try and make it make any sense is that if i’m not doing something which is either extremely

Difficult or extremely stressful i’m in a perpetual state of crippling boredom i can’t explain it i see other people live their lives and they’re like i can’t wait for the weekend because i want to watch this movie i think who cares about a movie you’re looking forward to the weekend for a movie looking forward to the weekend to get drunk like these things to me

Are so mundane they mean nothing and if i don’t fight if i’m not in a situation where i’m stressed or worried or concerned i’m just perpetually bored and boredom is crippling if you’re an intelligent person and you’ve got a good brain on your shoulders you can’t just sit there bored you know so most smart people take the academic group to avoid boredom they learn

Learn but that’s never really interested me either although i’ve always been an intelligent guy i’ve always done well academically it never really interested me and then i see people climb out everest or jump off buildings or do base jumping or the guy who jumped from space people think what’s he doing he’s crazy i understand because some people can live a normal

Life some people cannot just function nine to five office job get drunk at the weekends that is not for some individuals and it’s not for me so i have to find something which keeps me physically tired enough to stop me going awol um and mentally tired enough and i’ve chosen fighting because without this when i’m not in training i wake up every day and think okay

What do i do today it’s 9am on a tuesday i’m bored everyone’s at work i’m bored and i’ll end up doing something crazy that i’m drunk or on the eurostar or you know it’s just it’s just a random lifestyle because i’m constantly looking for never-ending entertainment and it doesn’t exist i think the only thing that could stop me fighting is if i had enough money

To constantly entertain myself unless i’m a billionaire i need something that keeps me focused and keeps me occupied in life with fighting i have to train twice a day and i have to train hard and the stress can be the stress it brings in every aspect can replace fun and my mind is occupied it occupies me it’s only way i can try and explain it it occupies me and i

Could never stop doing this even if i lost 100 fights because i’m not built to live a normal existence i can’t do it i couldn’t just have a kid or some girl and sit at home and work a little bit and relax i’ve never relaxed my entire life i don’t know what relaxing is it’s just me i was a four-time kickboxing world champion for 12 years i trained five hours a

Day six days a week and i was motivated to train probably about 25 of the time the rest of the time i went because i am disciplined you don’t feel like going through that on a wednesday morning when you wake up but you have to do it because you’re disciplined you’re either a disciplined individual or you are not a discipline there’s there’s a difference between one

And one and i say this all the time people say to me i want to be rich and i say okay well i want to be able to ice skate but i don’t want to be able to ice skate enough to go learn how to ice skate because i can’t be bothered i mean surely if i could click my fingers and be a figure skater i’d click my fingers who wouldn’t but i don’t want to actually go train is

This because i don’t i don’t want it enough and this exact point with money everyone wants money put on their lap if you truly wanted money you wouldn’t be able to sleep until you had it and this is the point because when i had nothing i couldn’t be distracted you couldn’t distract me from what i wanted that’s who i am if i want something i’m going to get it i

I do not need to be motivated i’m a disciplined person if i allocate x amount of time to work i’m going to do it but that is the bottom line answer it’s discipline you’re gonna have to work when you don’t feel like working that’s how it’s gonna have to be or you’re never gonna be eating one of the only things in this world you can control is your state of mind you

Can’t control the weather you can’t control other people you can’t even control your health you might get a brain hemorrhage you might get hit by a bus one of the very few things in the world you have genuine control of is your state of mind you decide if you’re a disciplined person you decide if you’re a happy person you decide if you’re an uh depressed person

These are things that in real time you can affect in your brain this is all you can control on earth if you can’t control that then you’re just a feather in the wind and life’s gonna blow you around and you might land somewhere good you might land in dog nobody knows your state of mind is what you should control if you can’t wake up and say today i’m making some

Money and actually try your very very best and actually stay dedicated to that task if you can’t do that every man understands you shouldn’t be complaining about things you cannot change you have to play the card to your belt to be born a certain height and then to sit there and know what do i do i’ll tell you what you do you become the best version of yourself just

Like everyone else does nothing about the height is in and of itself enough value for me to be a valuable man as a man you build your value you are born with the cartridge to help sure it’d be ideal look i’d love to be seven foot tall i’m long so it’s the same argument if you’re five foot two you need to become rich strong and funny and charismatic and interesting and

Witty if you’re six foot four you need to become rich strong well connected it’s the same game so to sit there and complain about it is asinine all of you have a handful of vessels i don’t think you understand that you could have been in a car crash at four years old and lost your legs you have any understanding of how lucky you have been this is pure luck there’s no

Re this only luck has kept you fully able-bodied sitting there capable of learning and listening and becoming something you don’t really need to be that tall if you’re important and rich and when you walk in the room you think what mayweather walks in the room people give a fix that frame in your mind you are viewing yourself as a short man stop it walk the up and be the man you

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