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Fixing Electric Gates – A Common Fault. (NICE ME3000)

If your electric gate has stopped working there is probably a good chance it’s the same fault as shown being fixed in this video. These gate motors are made by NICE and the motor is type ME3000.

All right today’s video is how to fix your electric gates if you’ve got them and if they failed so i have got electric gates both of them i’ve gone neither of the motors is working it’s a ni c e nice system and in the control box these are the two sets of wires that go to the two motors has three wires in each one gray is what’s called the common connection and the

Brown wire would be for opening the gates and the black wire for closing the gates or vice versa next to the motors in the motor box is a capacitor that goes between the brown and the black to produce an out-of-phase signal to the one that is not being activated so for instance this is common when you do an open let’s say this without 240 volts on it the other one

Will be out of phase probably read something like 150 volts on the multimeter put your multimeter on 600 volts ac this will confirm your electronic control unit is working as to whether you get voltages appear on these wires or not for my ticular case was having the voltage appearing but the motors were making no sound weren’t moving at all so there had to move to

Taking the covers off the motor zone investigating so to get to the mostess there’s two little screws here and here have to be removed you get to the motor underneath now roy to clean this one out as you can see most of my motors are normally sitting in loads of water because the drain holes have blocked up they quite often block up this one i was very very muddy

In spidery slugs and things in it so what i recommend doing is getting hose pipe washing the whole thing out also the water is going to flood everywhere that these motors are waterproof as is the box holds the capacitor and then i’ve got the outs got an old empty pink tub made a hole in it for the hoover connection to go in just the top to the other side vacuum from

The hoover crease the vacuum in the paint tub which allows the tube to suck all of the water out of your motor box and it fills up the paint tub rather than filling up your hoover with water at same time you’re clearing out the box try and clear out the drain holes so right down here there’s a little plastic tube that allows the water to drain out i was blocked yeah

The plastic tube is where the electrical supply for the motor comes in and some room in here you will also have a box that contains the capacitor and a bit of a wiring junction so already had this out once and cleaned up let’s just take that out again and it’s four screws on the top which are already undone inside you’ll find the junction strip terminal and this

Capacitor which is of value 10 microfarads at between 420 and 470 volts depending on the lifetime and basically like a lot of electronic systems this capacitor has failed probably gone to quite a low capacitance value i measured it hasn’t shorted out so that’s the only other way can fab and i know it’s the capacitor because i replaced it with another capacitor had

In my espares box which is actually 12 microphones but again high voltage very important that is a high-voltage mains type capacitor see on there says the port to any old 470 volt depending on the classification spec there so we replaced it with the 12 microfarad capacitor and lo and behold the motor then jumped into life previously there was no sound or anything

Coming out of the motor while you’re testing the motor make sure that these cables are well out of the way you don’t have one of those pinched and cut into because there’s a main supply so suddenly be careful about touching anything that’s gone live mains on it stand well clear with your hands well whilst you’re activating the unit and also if it goes off on its

Own preferably disconnect the power to the main control box just to be careful so basically the way to fix it was to change these classes i’m gonna say i’ve done one previously this one over here although it’s a larger capacitor i’ll change it for a smaller one once i get a correct part well now see that if i activate remote control c the gate is now operating

Properly or again previously there was no noise out of it at all so that’s how fix your electric gate if you’ve got a similar problem that i had give it a good grease at friendly’s joints there’s a crease nipple on this joint over here as well we could do the greasing very often these splines get worn on these lecture gate motors they can often wear out so much

That the spindle of the motor turns independent from the control arm should be held tight by this tiny little hex key bolts on the end but it’s not really tight enough what’s going to be better is to change that little hex bolt to a proper bolt that you can tighten up develop and also put a lock nut on it so we’ll do that at the same time just about one in the

Garage happened to be the same threat there was a say on it tms 8.8 whatever that means say ten mill road is standard metric bolt give your control arm all the gates a bit of a wiggle while doing up the bolt and joining up the lock nut makes it a little bit more secure okay so gates are now working or will be once i get all these new parts i have a look at the

Description i’ll put some links in four ways to get these fastest and just out of interest if your prize the end of this capacitor you can see inside how catastrophic ‘le its failed with lots of horrible gimpy stuff this of metallic-looking substance that’s used out of the capacitor so obviously it’s not very healthy well if you have the same problem as me that’s

How to fix your nice and ic e electric gate the motor has a code of me3 thousand on it i looked up on the internet seems to be a fairly common motor so that’s it thanks for watching bye

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Fixing Electric Gates – A Common Fault. (NICE ME3000) By comeinhandynow