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Flawless Base | Winter Makeup | Somya Gupta

Hey guys, here’s a lovely winter flawless base video. Hope you guys enjoy this.

Hi guys welcome back to my channel this is basically welcome back to my channel my name is makeup base during winter honestly i feel my makeup is something which changes season to season or i think it’s okay during summer hums are the mattress we want everything to be you know more skincare and less makeup because during winter we need more hydration how much

Is so in today’s video i’m going to show you all how i do my base and i’m gonna show you all how i keep my skin hydrated during winter all my makeup for cake so let’s get into it so we are going to start with skincare and for which we are going to start with face wash but i’m gonna show you all konsa face wash my use so i have been using the ordinary squirrel

And cleanser i love this is dr shade’s name and salicylic acid face wash now stylus is so you know harsh now subscribe this is prepping your skin before doing your makeup for which always start with a sheet masks so always start with sheet mask initiate mask and this is one of them so i’m gonna start with this sheet mark this is from garnier black

Serum mask pure charcoal i’m gonna keep this for 10 minutes and i’ll be right back i’d like to massage and a bit you can also use an eye mask after this now next you can directly go in with your moisturizer but java sheet mask then always start with a mist or you know any you know rose water or something like this like nukes rose water because your face has to

Be damp before you apply your moisturizer but it’s really important that your skin is damp so tubby moisturize so i’m going to spray a bit this is the nukes rose water and it feels so nice you have to have to prepare your skin very well just a chemical to you now next i’m going to apply moisturizer this is from foxtail hydrating moisturizer images okay i’m

Gonna apply this eye serum from pixie or um i always like to apply some serum now it’s time for sunscreen winter or summer months sunscreen is must so i’m just gonna quickly apply this this is from biore uv skincare is done now we are all set for makeup i can feel the hydration like the hydrated oggy skin or sunset protected hair now we can start with the makeup

Makeup changes here but the products are very creamy or sort of techniques so for foundation i’m gonna use this smashbox halo healthy glow all in one tinted moisturizer so during winter if you want to apply foundation always go for you know cream based foundation moisturizer tinted moisturizer is so i’m gonna use this one okay so the trick is use your hands

To apply a foundation ideas look at this song clumsy unhygienic but trust me this is the key to have that flawless skin during winter okay so foundation is done now next it’s time for concealer i think this is one of the best concealer this is la girl pro concealer in the shade pure beige this concealer is really nice the consistency is so good it’s creamy and

It gives you that nice coverage now to set my concealer i’m gonna use my clinic setting powder you guys know i’m obsessed with this product my name is curry because this is so lightweight or especially during winter you don’t want quick product over drying or is it 365 days so i’m gonna use this applied right under my eyes so my base is done and now i’m going to

Quickly go and do my eyes and i’ll be right back hello so i’m back my eyes are done now next for my blush i’m gonna take this simply nam blush this is my favorite one this is in the shade almond brown try to avoid using powder based blush or highlighter a little bit don’t knows look at this your skin looks so fresh so healthy to add some glow i’m going to add few

Drops of next burn to glow liquid eliminator even bottoms you’re using yeah let’s see yeah it’s looking nice thank you to set my makeup i’m going to use the smashbox eight in one primer essence i love this you made a second literally second bottle here so this also adds some glow to your skin so that’s why i love this product for my lips first i’m gonna line my

Lips using the huda beauty lip contour in the shade warm brown and today i’m going to add some color to my lips i’m gonna use some maybelline sensational liquid matte lipstick in the shade 11. so that’s it for today’s video i hope you guys enjoyed this video i’m gonna see you in my next one bye

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Flawless Base 😍 | Winter Makeup | Somya Gupta By Michu