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Garrafa de gua esportiva bouteille deau de sport sports water bottle

Não se esqueça de INSCREVER e fazer parte desta familia. ⚘❤

Hello once again welcome to the manual arts teaching and learning channel thank you so much for continuing to follow for being with me i think you are joining for the first time and i hope you like this work i hope it inspires you to go so that you can also work on some pieces that i have at home i have no idea what to do we don’t need to put things in the document all or

All because some breastfeed say but you know those that if that’s what we have for sports bottles those that have been classified i’m getting yellow stripes because of the time it has a fret it’s not because of the use it’s a few years old so what do we feel like doing with them we don’t need to look at the result of this work i loved that it’s afraid and that you can do it

In a garbage decoration in the things we we want it because things don’t really have it’s right to be where we need it to be also inclusive i did it with the con stand is not i made isadora but even on the plants but you can remove the lids and put them outside it is also very beautiful in a vase i hope i really hope that you follow this video step by step because the lady

Is mine and the voice and i ‘ll call you then 22 before sports plastic i’m going to paint them with black spray paint and 33 metallic is better bronze in the next update and after that i’m going to speed up the drying with a hair dryer because it helps it ‘s cloudy and not to run the risk of making marks with my fingers on the pieces the time when doing the acceleration

Of this house after that we can use the unties but that not if we want and i made an actor in the in the in the ready metallic i made a black color adornment that i think it goes very well and in black i have more color takes star wars more colorful and with the adornments of bigger or vain and it was more expensive the shorter nails around the party of these pieces i made

A fi we’re in a different style the more classic the other one more let’s say watched it’s the same the more curious one the other one is more reserved it ‘s perfectly fine to combine the two pieces together but it’s also for drying obviously the stops in the space that require the one who want to do decoration for the teachers and tired your mother your neighbor or can

I cousin each one of you gift who knows a blindfold it ‘s not hi it’s ok for us to hurry the mouth after all we also need to be present like this always remembering not smart and now i really wait to watch the step by step of this video and don’t forget the fruits don’t forget don’t forget never after all i’m here for myself and for voice i’m here for work so it doesn’t

Happen likezinho on my channel a restriction on my channel ok and so really the video until the end of because it’s worth it i hope you stay with me and until next time well thank you and there and there

And there andthere and there and nothing else and there and there


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Garrafa de água esportiva 🧴 bouteille d'eau de sport 🧴 sports water bottle By Artes Manuais