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GeForce Now Testes no Fire TV Stick 4K

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I say now with another video for you here on the naruto game channel i would like you to check out all the links that are there in the description of this video huh, be part of the social networks they are all there in the description of this video here on the youtube channel subscribe activate the notification bell so you don’t miss anything become a member of the channel

With just one 99 per month and there’s also a link to leave amazon set in the first comment of this video so you can buy your xbox rs buy some accessories that i also use here for making live video that can be very interesting for you, look, i’m back with fire tv stick 4k from amazon, which is a really cool device, it turns into any smart television and we’ve been running

Game services in the cloud and attending to subscriber requests today we are going to test the difor signal on this device and in this video i am going to test the android app version of the four signal to install it, we have to use that downloads tab, right and i already taught you in the previous video when i did the tests on the ex cloud how you can download these

Applications that are not in the official amazon library. you don’t know how to do it but it’s very simple, we’re going to download it, not the apk version of the application, in this case for us to install the standard android version and and let’s see how the performance will be in andthen it ‘s good having installed the accessing the application for the first time,

We will have to do some actions here to perform the login. i’m going to do the test. there is no way to subscribe to this in passing at the moment, betting on this video is that they stopped a subscription service in brazil, it is exactly because it is not giving adequate support to the demand, in short, it is playable. version here of the servers available for the people

That brazil is in play you leave there running 500 players 600 players in front of you in the queue it will stay there all day for you to try to play a game andthen and in this in case i had to resort to the vpn that worked very well in my region i don’t live in the interior of são paulo it worked very well for me on the feet that i made a computer in the browsers

The big question that if you leave it in

Automatic mode when you log into your american account of the four signal it does not find the server correctly and it keeps crashing, you cannot enter the game so you have to go to the settings part and manually select a north american server in this case i went here in the dos part united states in the south, right, but you can take the southwest, you have to see which one

Fits best with the region you live in so you can test it and then yes, the queue, right, absurdly and smaller you will pick up and see the people in front of you then you can test the free version of the four signal is and then some technical problems involving wherever the signal is because this nvidia application i use a computer, right? remote a server for you to run

Computer games there when you log in to your accounts here from the steam era and etc. you have to have a keyboard and a mouse here but to work more properly and besides what the application understands that i do it’s a touch screen android device so you’re stuck here to be able to type things and stuff and it’s still going to happen in game compatibility too ok i’m going

To show you a kiss i’m pressing start right on the xbox controller and nothing happens then i’m already using a keyboard here right bluetooth and then press esc then you can use the game this happened in some games ok so there’s some the question also of compatibility with the controls so anyway, i don’t have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse i only have a bluetooth keyboard,

You know, at the time i bought it, it had it in the cell phone holder even to type on my cell phone only i bought nothing for work that if i travel with my cell phone, it will be easier to type in word that way, but i’m going to buy a bluetooth kit so we’re going to make a video just of keyboard and mouse parts since we can use the keyboard and mouse to play on the four

Signal and in the case here of the father there was also a way to clear the look, right, so you have to in that same tab that i already showed in the previous video where you clear the controls, you just add a new device in the case of this keyboard and the when i hold the f3 key, it launches the bluetooth signal empowerment and then you do the problem is that it starts to

Work normally keyboard allows you to control all of them through the keyboard but i need to just see how the mouse issue is going to be, right? now, right, for you to log into infinitely superior accounts faster, right? i always have to rent it and then within the game that question is a computer game you have to make your settings here i open the class 3 remastering here

And it is a very heavy game so play this machine here from nvidia that is available on high it’s already for you to have a good performance if i put it in the other one it won’t run well look and the game runs interestingly image quality is not bad but there are some stutters right even using wi-fi 5 giga hertz or wired internet with adapter that i already showed you also

In the previous video for you this could be some incompatibility of the application itself how to do it there was only that it’s not like the alex cloud issue here that runs badly here not here v what you have is a good feature remembering that i’m also using vpn so the latency can be a little higher the input leg the response time but it’s not so bad i feel that it’s worse

Than when i tested it in the browsers on the computer it’s just that it’s not bad, it’s already working here to play like that, even using it, you can use the server that is aimed here at the region of brazil, you will definitely have a better experience, now the question is being able to use it, right? you can use racing even on the free video account because i signed in

Without which it doesn’t require a gtx card, you ‘ll have more performance than an rtx card but here you’re managing to enjoy high quality using milk i’m studying in high school and it didn’t hurt my performance much and it was very interesting, right, and using bpn there are times when the locks get in the way, okay, so it’s a nuisance now you can also manually add them

There, right? vidores and see if any brings a marriage like that more interesting, but i can’t say i bought the tv to play the four signal doesn’t give the service, it’s still without percent here in our region and to use vpn it’s not so good. right, amazon luna for now, which is the thorn of amazon itself, doesn’t have it, it’s the one that’s most adapted, even using it,

I regret it in my case here, right, and i recorded tests too, not knowing punk 2077, i noticed that the response time was one little better not knowing punk compared to almost three i don’t know if it can also have a relationship depending on the game, right but my experience is better not knowing punk here we can increase the graphics quality also using the nvidia computer

It’s more the same situation can’t change i spent some money on fighter iv to play for the signal you have to wait for the functional one it’s better here in brazil to go and invest it pays to have a website and i saw it to play i’m going to test it also on the mi box, right on that xiaomi tv box, we’re going to test it too to see how the performance is there, but for now

You have to use vpn so i don’t know, it’s hard for us to say which region of brazil will work well right it’s an unknown whatthere andthere and no ammo and what’s up ah but that’s it for now guys in the next videos on the keyboard test and bluetooth mouse i’m also going to get it to test the mobile version even on the cell phone of these games in the cloud and anyway,

There’s a lot of cool stuff there so don’t forget to subscribe and activate the notification bell i’ll wait for you next time thanks already andthere

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GeForce Now Testes no Fire TV Stick 4K By Junior Ituano Gamer