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Hey guys and welcome back to my channel so as you guys can see from the title of this video i am going to be doing a get ready with me for a date night i’m about to do my makeup so either you guys can just watch along or we can do our makeup together check out my makeup in my bag and like i said we are going out for a date night frank and i also i get so many

Questions about this mirror it’s been a hot minute since i’ve done a get ready with me but sometimes i’ll do time lapse on my instagram and i always get questions about it and it’s from vanity planet it is a travel mirror i will definitely be taking this on our trip because it’s sometimes when you’re in a hotel or an airbnb or wherever there’s not a place for you

To get ready or the bathroom’s too small sometimes you just want to sit down and use your beer this is perfect for that very travel friendly i’m not sponsored by them this was from a sponsorship though and it’s also rechargeable so anytime on a trip i just charged it the night before and i’m good for the whole time and it comes with the different mode like modes i

Personally like this one i’m gonna set it up right here as i’m getting ready that way i can look at myself and also talk to you guys and i always get questions on how i do my makeup what products i use even though i’m like not a huge makeup person i actually prefer most days to not wear makeup usually i just put a serum on i’ll fill in my brows and that’s it that’s

All i’ll do but since frank and i are going out to dinner tonight i obviously want to do my makeup and look nice i don’t know if i have enough time to i don’t think i’m gonna have enough time to curl my hair depends on how fast i can do my makeup and chat with you guys i’m just getting everything out now that way i can show you all the different products that i

Use really quickly i’m gonna wet my makeup sponge oh gosh you guys i worked out yesterday and my legs are so sweet it’s been so hard for me to bend over and sit down but i am first going to apply this bobby brown face base i highly recommend using this stuff it is amazing i feel like my makeup always looks better every time i use this the times that i’ve forgotten

To use this it’s just not the same so i’m just gonna add a little bit all over my face but going back to date night frank and i we always try to have date night at least once a month try to make it a priority because that’s like our time together date nights are so important in relationships and sometimes we’ll just have them at home this is one of my favorite but

Sometimes you know we want to go out we want to go eat at a nice place to eat dinner grab some drinks uh scarlett was already at frank’s parents house for the weekend they wanted to spend some time with her and we asked if they would wash her for the night so that is where he is at right now as you guys know the kids are with their dad well harlow is with uh ian’s

Mom her gigi it’s just me and frank tonight we’re gonna go to one of our favorite places it’s called maggiano’s and it’s an italian restaurant it was actually where we had our first date amazing amazing italian food we absolutely love it so i am not a huge foundation person i like bb cream cc creams tinted moisturizers things like that so this is like the perfect

I don’t know i’m not even really sure exactly what it is it’s just a bff serum de-stress by trini london i don’t know but this is the only thing i will use now the only thing i think they’re based in the uk so anytime i’m about to run out i have to hurry and place an order and actually this shipped pretty fast i just feel like it doesn’t completely cover my face

Like it can still because i like for my freckles to show i don’t like to look completely like i don’t want to say caked on that’s not the right word but you know what i’m saying i just don’t like that full coverage that’s what i was trying to say full coverage so this is like a happy medium so i just honestly you guys i just use my hands i’m in the color leslie

I’m gonna do that really quick because i do have to put this all over my face and then wash my hands right after i don’t know how oh how you do it you’ll blow my mind without a word born stuck upside down i might be dreaming all right so now i’m going to take my nars concealer this is their radiant creamy concealer in medium one i’m just gonna add some under my

Um under eyes i don’t know what i was trying to say my under eyes and i actually don’t use any kind of setting powder because i really love the dewy look you guys can see like the coverage like it’s like the like the perfect amount i love it i don’t have a setting powder so i actually just take just the tiniest tiniest bit of my bronzer to set my concealer and

That’s usually i’m like trying to find my sponges right here and that’s usually what i do but if you guys do have any kind of setting powders that’s not going to look super um powdery like i just don’t like that super powdery look i like everything to be kind of dewy and not at all but switching topics i ordered a whole bunch of stuff for our trip next week i

Was stressing out a little bit because we leave in four days and i just feel like i was not prepared even though i’m still not prepared but just like going ahead and ordering the stuff that i’ve been needing to order for that trip on amazon it’s a huge like kind of weight off my shoulder because i feel like a little bit more prepared and we want to surprise the

Kids because they don’t know so stay tuned for that because we are going to be surprising them so you guys will have to see that video or i’ll probably put up the real first on instagram so make sure you guys are following me on instagram um if you want to see it’s reaction but i’m i’m so excited i’m stressing but i’m so excited i did this to myself you guys i

May stressed out about stuff that maybe not a lot of people stress out about but because i worry a lot and i can be a little anxious at times i get overwhelmed by stuff that’s not like a lot of people would probably not think that that’s overwhelming like i just honestly get overwhelmed by the smallest things let me know if you guys are like that but i feel like

Sometimes i even like have a touch of add and i’m not even exaggerating like i’m being completely serious when i say that i actually talked to my friend jamie a lot because she has it and she says that she sees a lot of the same characteristics in herself and me and i’ll just like vent to her about like just how i feel sometimes obviously i’m not diagnosing myself

Or and she’s not diagnosing me but she just sees a lot of the similarities she’s like yeah that’s i definitely think that you could have a touch i don’t think and i think i do too after researching it i’ve actually thought about going to the doctors about it and talking to them getting an actual diagnosis um i don’t know if i want to get on medication on it or

Not i um have thought about it a lot lately because sometimes it is very hard to function in my brain that’s the best way i can put it i’m now using anastasia’s dip brow pomade people still use these do you guys still use these this i feel like i love this product so much i feel like this is something that’s like overrated now or like nobody uses this there’s

Like this if so the 2010s but i love it this is the only thing i really use on my eyebrows i’m using chocolate and i’m just using i don’t know if you guys care about the brushes or not but a nyx eyebrow brush i really really like this brush and i already have micro shading in my eyebrows so that’s why a lot of the times i don’t even do my makeup i have the lash

Extensions i have my micro shading i usually i’ll just wash my face put some serums on my face like some vitamin c serum and then i just go about my day i don’t really need to or i feel like i don’t need to put on a lot of makeup plus it just takes so much time and i have started to just love my natural self more than makeup i but i do like makeup though i feel

Like makeup is fun it’s a way to express yourself and try different looks and i’m not saying anything about anybody that wears makeup every day because i’m all about doing what makes you happy and if that makes you happy sometimes i will though i don’t know if i have it in here do i yes sometimes i will i don’t even know what this is called i just know it’s by

Benefit sometimes i will use this eyebrow brush just to kind of like brush up my eyebrows a little bit and it kind of like helps them stay in place but it’s like completely worn off so i don’t even know exactly what it’s called it just looks like this i don’t even know what color i am but i think i just got like the this is like the sample or trial size and i

Have not had to buy another one so i couldn’t even waste your time buying the full one this one has lasted me literally forever what do i want to do next i think i want to do bronzer i was gonna do the hula caramel by benefit i think i’m gonna do the tarte one instead this is the creamy bronzer by tarte and the breezy color that’s what it looks like i really like

It because it does again keep that like dewy look but i have to be very careful with this because if i put too much it can be very heavy looking so let me see if i can it’s gonna take some concentration so i’ll be right back foreign take this brush just to kind of like blend it out just just a little bit i feel like that that was so much easier to put on than

The powder bronzer so easy it was so easy to blend too i’m kind of sloppy with my blending though not gonna lie um okay so next thing i’m going to put on some highlighter so i’m trying to figure the name i found radiance illuminating drops by hatch beauty they had sent me a few products that’s why i kind of seemed like i didn’t know what it was but i use this for

My highlight and i kind of go a little crazy with it because i like the shiny look of it so i just put some on my brow my nose my chin and around my eyes and then i’ll take my sponge and i’ll just kind of blend it in a little bit i feel like i could use so much of this and it just blends so well i don’t know if you guys can see it or not the lighting is not the

Best right now because i’m in the bathroom it’s overcast again today um but the next thing i want to talk about i’m gonna do like a chatty get ready with me is we are also going to a tattoo shop before our date night and it’s not to get a tattoo but rather a piercing um if you guys follow me on my adult instagram 18 and plus because we talk about adult topics

Over there that i don’t feel comfortable since you know this channel was built on family children pregnancy content i like to keep it separate just because i do know that companies and brands they watch like even though i don’t see a problem with talking about that stuff i have to look at it as like a business standpoint or and because um because i do work with

A lot of brands so i have to keep it very child friendly kid friendly as much as i can and you know about that genre but there’s a part of me that likes to talk about adult topics that a lot of people don’t talk about on social media because it’s considered taboo but it’s completely normal things to talk about anyways what i’m trying to say is i have a separate

Instagram for that kind of content if you guys want to go follow me the link will be down below it’s brunette dot brit anyways if you follow me on there then you already know what piercing i am going to get and if you want to know because i will be posting the behind the scenes go follow me but i am so nervous it’s just a very sensitive area by the way you guys

I’m using the tarte man-eater blush and glow cheek plump this is in the color pink i love this stuff so much i’m just putting it all over my cheek i’m nervous because it’s a sensitive area and it’s gonna hurt even though i know i’m a big girl i can handle it if you guys watched fletcher’s birth video and you already know you know um i do have a high pain tolerance

But i just get it i always just get nervous and anxious just normally like anybody else would just because it’s gonna hurt i know it’s gonna hurt but i’ve also talked to people that i personally know that i’ve had it done and they say that it doesn’t hurt i don’t know i do have my nose piercing which that actually did not hurt as bad as i thought it would which a

Lot of people have said about this piercing that i’m gonna get but again it wasn’t a sensitive area and you guys know i have tattoos i i can tolerate pain but something about needles i don’t know i feel like there’s a difference see there’s a difference between tattoos because it is a needle and piercing needles there’s a huge difference that’s how i feel let me

Know if you guys agree i’m trying to decide what else i want to add i think i might add a little bit of eye shadow i’m using this chella hello beautiful eyeshadow palette where is my oh my gosh i usually never apply oh here it is i never apply eyeshadow just because with lash extensions you don’t want like a lot of makeup to get it’s okay every now and then that’s

Why i don’t do my makeup every day either or put eyeshadow on because you don’t want that to get in there all in your lashes and caked on so let me just add a little bit on my eyelid might be right back i’m using i don’t know what color this is it’s just like this really shimmery color right here i’m putting on my eyelid and then i might do like a little bit of

A smokey eye with the rest of the colors i think it’s called instincts yes it’s called instincts i’m going to add some there and then a little bit below my brow s all right so really quickly i’m going to add to actually let me go grab the other one i really like this lip plumper if you guys want a good recommendation i got you get the too faced lip injection

This is the maximum plump i have the clear i think this is the clear one it’s a smaller size but it’s also last me a really long time but i got this one i think it’s called cotton candy kisses and this one is just i think just the regular one or clear i don’t know i don’t know but this is like been the best lip plumper like if you want to if you want to make it

Look like you have lip filler but you don’t want to go get lip filler get this one because it it works and it’s not super painful it’s gonna tingle but it’s not like going to be like outrageously tingly and painful i’m debating if i want to add a little bit of mascara at the bottom i think i am okay hold on i’ll be right back actually i’m gonna use this one the

Sky high one from the neighborhood thank you all right so i just got done adding mascara to my bottom lashes i actually think i’m done i don’t think i need to add anything else i’m just gonna go with tarte’s shape tape stay spray it is a 16 hour setting spray so let’s hope i don’t cry during my first thing i don’t think i will cry but i do need to set my makeup

Though so just spray it a little bit all over my face and i don’t think i’m gonna have enough time to curl my hair unfortunately i really wanted to i’m trying to think when do we need to leave bye i might be able to curl it really quickly okay let me go ahead and do that so i hope that you guys enjoyed this video if you guys did please give it a thumbs up and let

Me know if you guys would like to see more of these kind of like chatty doing makeup with me get ready with me um i still don’t even know what i’m wearing so i’m gonna go thank you guys so much for watching and i will see you in our next video all right we coming forward

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