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Get ready with me | My daily no Makeup Routine | Glowy Skin without Makeup | over 50 Beauty

Hi everyone and welcome back 🙂

Welcome back everybody in the last couple of weeks quite a few of you have asked if i ever wear makeup so today i thought it would be fun to bring you along as i’m getting ready so welcome to my first ever get ready with me video now don’t get too excited i don’t have any makeup tips or tricks to share with you but hopefully you will still have fun hanging out with

Me for a few minutes as i’m getting ready so first of all let me put my hair up i got out of the shower a little while ago my hair’s still a bit wet i applied all my morning skincare minus the sunscreen i do have sunscreen on my neck and chest and on my neck and chest i use this right here this is by biosons and it is their squalene and zinc sheer mineral spf it’s

Really beautiful it is non-tinted so that is what is on my neck and my chest but let me put some sunscreen on my face so lately i have been going back and forth between these two both of these are by altmd they’re both beautiful this one is a mineral sunscreen it has zinc and titanium dioxide and it is the uv restore broad spectrum spf of 4d and then this one

Right here is the uv daily it is also an spf of 4d it’s also broad spectrum it has zinc oxide and octinoxate so let’s use this one today we know we want to apply a quarter teaspoon on our face since that is quite a bit i usually apply it in two layers so i take about an eighth of a teaspoon and start with that and so to answer your question no i actually never

Wear makeup which is interesting because growing up i can’t ever remember my mother not wearing makeup she always wore foundation eye makeup a red lipstick always a red lipstick she had red fingernails red toners so she always wore makeup she always looked beautiful and i can remember as a little girl going into her bathroom and watching her apply all her makeup

And being fascinated by the change that occurred in front of my eyes but for some reason i was never intrigued by makeup myself i was always always intrigued by skin care again i can remember going in my mother’s bathroom and looking at all her lotions and potions in the little pots and just being fascinated and trying a little bit but makeup has never really

Intrigued me i can also not remember my mother ever teaching me how to apply makeup so maybe that is part of it so for me basically tinted sunscreen is my foundation now this one as you can see is beautiful it sinks right in it leaves you with a nice sunkissed glow it doesn’t really give much coverage so it doesn’t really camouflage any imperfections and i have

A couple of breakouts from wearing a mask so it doesn’t really cover that up but that’s okay so let me apply the other layer so again about an eighth of a teaspoon and we will rub that in nicely now of course as an adult i have bought the occasional foundation eyeshadow lipstick but because of my lack of expertise because i was never taught really how to apply

It i was always a bit too insecure for lack of better word to actually play around with it so most of it just sat in my drawer until i eventually threw it out and as a teenager i can remember wearing a bit of eyeliner we called it kayal i would put it on my waterline and my friend and i would back then in the 80s you probably remember if you were around in the

80s back then very pale matte lipstick was in so my friend and i thought why buy lipstick if we can just apply diaper rash cream to our lips so that is what we would do we would put diaper rash cream on our lips and some eyeliner now needless to say it looked a bit silly but that was the extent of my makeup routine as a teenager and then when i was about 16 i

Started tinting my eyelashes back then i had it done professionally and for the last 10 years i started tinting my own lashes i made a video on it if you haven’t seen it i will link it down below so this like i said it rubs him quite easily but it still takes a bit of time to settle it’s a bit shiny still it will settle down so then i will take a washcloth and

Take off what has gotten on my lips and also take it off my hands and then next if i film or if i go out i will put some eye drops in my eyes these are by lumify and they do a beautiful job getting the white of my eyes just a bit wider they are not irritating or anything at all i don’t use them every day as i said i just use them if i film or if i go out so i

Just put one drop in each eye there we go it really makes a difference because just on pollution and staring at the computer my eyes will get a bit red so this like i said does a beautiful job getting the white just a bit wider and then i take an eyebrow pencil and start by brushing up my brows my brows are quite long when i lived in california one of my best

Friends is an aesthetician and she would trim and shape my brows she would also back then tint my lashes but i haven’t lived in california for quite a while so like i said i think my own lashes but i am really afraid to trim my own brows which seems silly i do so much diy i just don’t want to mess them up so they are quite long i comb them up and then since

I over plucked my eyebrows in the 90s i have a couple of bald spots and i just fill those in so i don’t sorry i’m looking in the mirror behind you so i don’t really do the whole brow i just do the couple of spots that haven’t quite grown back and then lastly for my brows i take a bit of brow gel and apply that and this looks a bit gross because i always apply

It after i apply the eyebrow pencil so it’s a bit brown but it is still good and so i just make sure to once more comb them up and comb them into place i have done a few videos where i have forgotten to do this and my brows are all over the place they look a bit crazy so i do try to remember to do this every time especially before i film all right the brows

Are done and as i said earlier i tint my own eyelashes so i don’t use mascara i actually do not like wearing mascara at all the few times i have one mascara i will forget about it and i will rub my eyes so i don’t wear mascara instead i tint my lashes i tint them about every two months these i tinted six weeks ago so they’re getting just a bit light at the tips

And the roots i actually have naturally dark lashes but tinting definitely gives them a bit more oomph in the past i also tinted my eyebrows when i used to get a lot of sun they would bleach out and they were basically invisible so back then i also tinted my eyebrows but now that i’m staying out of the sun i feel they are plenty dark so i tint my lashes and i

Don’t use mascara because of that i also don’t put anything on my cheeks because as you can see they always get a bit red by themselves now it’s something that really bothered me as a child i was teased quite a bit for always having red cheeks i’m still not that crazy about it as an adult but they are my cheeks there’s nothing i can do about it so lastly i

Will just put something on my lips i will either just use a lip balm or if i want my lips to be a bit more plump and have some color i will use a lip plumper i don’t use lipstick because my husband and i actually i have a hair right here it’s driving me crazy my husband and i actually have been married for about 10 years now and the very rare times i play around

With a bit of makeup if i put some lipstick on or something he will say i don’t like it i like you the way you are so he doesn’t like every lipstick or anything else which is fine with me because like i said makeup really never intrigued me but i do like if my lips are a bit more plump and have a tiny bit of color this lip plumper right here i’ve had for quite

A while i wrapped the label off i think it is by revision but if you have a good lip plumper please let us know below i would love to try a different one so i just use a little bit of this making sure to not apply too much so it doesn’t bleed into my skin and get the skin around my mouth already and that’s it this is really the extent of my makeup routine as i

Said unfortunately i don’t have any makeup tips or tricks to share with you but hopefully you still had fun hanging out with me thank you so much for hanging out with me any questions or comments of course leave them down below i always love to hear from you until next time bye

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Get ready with me | My daily no Makeup Routine | Glowy Skin without Makeup | over 50 Beauty By Claudia Glows