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GETTING RID OF SOME EMPTIES// Things I Loved, Hated, And Used Up!

Today I have some empties to share with you all! Some things I loved and others I for sure hated! Enjoy (open for links and more info)!

Hi everybody welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is jacqueline i make new videos every week a whole variety of things lifestyle beauty adventure all sorts of fun stuff so i hope you consider subscribing and joining our little adventure family here and today i have empties i don’t actually have that much i think i’ve talked about this in like

My past few empties but i’ve been really trying to like simplify my routines and just make everything easier so i don’t have a lot of like empties and i just have like a lot of time to like take baths and like do all sorts of stuff so i just feel like i don’t have as many empties as i normally would um and i actually have two things that i want to share with

You guys i don’t actually physically have with me but i want to talk about so let me start with those two things they’re both nails the first one is actually the nails i have on my fingers these are the kiss nails i’ve talked about these a ton they’re great they’re amazing if you want go on nails i highly recommend the kiss ones i would not get the next ones i’m

Going to talk about which are the opi ones so opi just came out with a whole line of glue on nails i believe they’re exclusively at ulta i’ll pop the picture out of the ones i tried on these were horrible in my opinion first of all they looked fake i put them on my nails and i looked at my hands and i went these look thick it looks like i have glue on nails on and

From these ones i don’t think like when you get really close up on them you can tell but like from far away you can’t tell these are fake in my opinion i’ve gotten a ton of compliments on my kiss nails before can’t really tell they’re fake these ones looked fake and i think the reason they looked super fake was because they didn’t have a lot of like size options

There were a ton of like teeny tiny little ones that like wouldn’t even fit my baby’s nails and then like huge ones there weren’t like a lot of like normal size these nails in there so it’s really hard to find the correct size for my nails even with filing them down on the sides and like trying to make them fit a little bit better on my nails it just didn’t

Work the second thing that was happened was i went to go take off my watch which is just this watch it’s just silicone it’s not very hard i take my watch band off with these nails all the time i want to take my watch band off with that those nails and one immediately bent they were really like they felt kind of i felt like they were to be strong but they were

Really flimsy they just like bent and it had a huge like line in it not good and then within 12 hours of me putting these nails on one popped off and i put it i always put a ton of nail glue on because i want my nails to last so i put my normal amount of nail glue felt like a lot felt like they’re really good and secure and one immediately popped off so in my

Opinion and they’re double the price of the kiss ones so in my opinion i would not go for those new opi ones i was very disappointed in them i will not be purchasing those again so those are the two things i don’t have with me like i said both nails i would go with the kiss over the opi all right let’s do skincare next let’s do a couple things that i always have

In my skincare empties first of all i have two bottles of the notorium azleic acid topical 10 percent this stuff’s amazing i’ve talked about this so so much if you have acne um if you’re pregnant and struggling with a pregnancy acne anything like that azelic acid is where it’s at i’ve been using this for probably two years now and i am obsessed with it clearly

I go through many bottles so so good and i just love the natural ones another thing i go through a lot and love is the mad hippie vitamin c serum again i talked about this a ton it’s a great really gentle effective vitamin c i just think it works really well i love that it also has ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid in it it just makes it for makes for really nice

Gentle effective all around good vitamin c um i have two cleansers well i have more than two colors but these two cleansers are the one i go back to all the time the first one is the cerave hydrating facial cleanser love this fun i don’t like the foamy one i just like the normal plain normal to dry skin one it’s so good if you have dry skin or sensitive skin this

Stuff is amazing it really does help and i it’s just one of my absolute favorite face washes i will go back to time and time again the other one i go back to time and time again is the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for dry to normal skin sensitive skin one i don’t like their like regular one i like the gentle one and it’s amazing this has glycerin it has vitamins

B5 and b3 which one of those is niacinamide i don’t remember which one i think the other one’s pantheon but nice salon is great if you have acne or dark spots or really anything it’s just a great ingredient it has like i said it has glycerin which is great for moisture attention and it’s just really nice and gentle just like the cerave one it cleanses my skin

Without stripping it just like the cerave and it’s just they’re both really affordable so for me they’re kind of interchangeable i like both equally they’re great uh one cleanser i did not like was the neutrogena hydro boost with hyaluronic acid hydrating cleansing gel you can see i did not use very much of this at all so i started using this and all of a sudden

I start getting breakouts along my chin which is normally i get breakouts like around this area and along my jawline mostly usually they’re hormonal but every once in a while a product that my skin doesn’t like will break me out there as well so i started getting breakouts and i was thinking through what i was using and the only thing new in my routine was this

Cleanser cleansers normally don’t do it to me normally i’m pretty okay with trying new cleansers they’re usually pretty good but for some reason this one my skin hated so i actually stopped using this to see if this was the culprit my skin immediately stopped breaking out went back to normal cleared up really fast so this was the culprit i just don’t know what’s

In here that was making my skin break out because it sounds great it might just be a fact that it lathers it does foam up it might just be that that foaming was a little bit too drying for me um whatever ingredient uses to make it to foam i don’t know my skin did not like this and i do not recommend i really did not not enjoy this at all um i might keep it to

Like cleanse my body with i don’t know or give it to my husband or something i don’t know it’s just this wasn’t for me i did not like it so either get rid of it or use it in a different capacity but not for my face a cleansing oil i really like and i’ve talked about before is the ultralight cleansing oil from neutrogena this is a great inexpensive cleansing oil it

Works super super well i love the texture of it i love the way animal supplies um and it’s just a really nice oil cleanser that’s accessible easy to find and easy to use so if you’re like looking to like dip your toe into cleansing oils this is a great place to start in my opinion really gentle gets everything off though without leaving your skin dry or stripped

So love this um i have a little mini bottle of the micellar cleansing water from garnier um so sometimes i use this on my face um like if i’ve woken up early in the morning and i’m going to like go take a walk or something and put sunscreen on and then cleanse my skin and do my whole skincare routine like after that i’ll use this as like my first cleanser to

Get that sunscreen off um the other thing i love to use my cellar water for stick with me here this is it’s really good is to clean tennis shoes i know it sounds weird but you um stick it on a cotton pad and you just wipe it on your tennis shoe and it gets all the dirt off and they’ll look not brand new but they look really good so it’s a great use for this um

But i really like this on my skin as well it does work really well to just like get that sunscreen off it works pretty good to get like makeup off too i just prefer an oil or a balm cleanser but it’s not bad and i would recommend it all right the last skincare oh two more skincare things actually the next one is the kinship self-reflect sports fpf60 i love this

Stuff and sometimes it goes on and off the alta’s website and i don’t know why but it is amazing if you see it snatch it up it’s so good um it’s a mineral sunscreen it has zinc oxide that’s all it has a zinc oxide but it does not leave a white cast this is the first one that i found that really doesn’t leave a white cast it’s really hydrating it’s really glowy

It’s beautiful and i just loved it and like i said it goes on and off of ulta’s website so i don’t know what the deal is there but it’s really good and i thoroughly enjoy it and i also love that it’s waterproof because i feel like a lot of my tinted spfs aren’t waterproof or sweat proof so it makes it hard to like go take my walk or you know do whatever i need

To do and have to like worry about my sunscreen sweating off so this is really really good though amazing uh the last uh skincare thing i have is this pharmacy brightening coconut gel sheet mask i usually get the hydrating one i tried the brightening one this time and it was really good i really liked it um obviously i didn’t see any like crazy brightenings i

Only used it once um but it felt really good my skin felt really hydrated i didn’t have any negative effects from it so in my opinion it was really nice i got this from the exchange it was a little bit cheaper than like getting at other places i don’t know if i would buy it like full price but it is really good i do enjoy pharmacy’s uh sheet masks especially

Because they’re like that coconut gel so i just love the texture of the actual sheet mask so love these all right i have two makeup things really quickly first of all is the next control freak eyebrow gel this was all right i know people like to compare this to the anastasia beverly hills clear brow gel this is not as good as that the clear brow gel from

Anastasia really like cements your eyebrows to your face and they do not move like if you want all-day wear that’s the way to go i thought this was good i kind of left it like on my vanity and in my bathroom and just used it like to quickly like tame my brows but i don’t think it gave me like a crazy amount of holds um but it’s good it’s cheap i enjoyed it but

It’s definitely not my all-time favorite brow gel the other makeup item i have is the rimmel kind and free mascara i love this mascara i actually bought another another tube which i don’t find myself doing very often with mascara as i usually go back to like my tried and true ones um but this one has made it into my rotation it’s so good i just really really

Enjoy it i think it makes my lashes look beautiful it lasts all day long and i just really really enjoy it so i’m excited have another tube and this one was great okay i have a few things for my hair first of all is the melee uh i think it’s meowing mealy i don’t know uh rosemary mint strengthening hair mask so i originally bought this when i was going through

Some postpartum hair loss which uh very quickly if you don’t know postpartum hair loss isn’t actually like hair loss you stop shedding as much when you’re pregnant so when you reach like the three four month mark your body starts shedding that hair again and it’s over shedding all the stuff that you didn’t shed while you were pregnant if that makes sense so it

Seems like a lot but it’s actually probably not as much as you think it is if you start to not as like bald spots or something then you might want to see a doctor but for the most part it’s totally normal there’s not much you can do to prevent it but of course you can use products to help you know strengthen your hair and repair bonds and stuff like that but for

The most part it’s kind of inevitable um but i did try this out while i was going through that just to like give my hair an extra boost and i liked it it smells really good i don’t know about the strengthening of it but it made my hair feel really soft and conditioned and i really enjoyed using it so i would recommend it is really good um and i love the price

Point on this brand it reminds me a lot of like can’t two or not your mother’s where they make a really good products that are affordable so i really enjoyed using this i would definitely buy this again a shampoo i hated was the not hated it just did nothing was the pantene miracle moisture boost with rose water shampoo this did not hydrate my hair this made my

Hair feel so dry and like i definitely needed to do a mask afterwards and for me it just wasn’t hydrating enough maybe this would work better if you have straight more oily hair but i have very curly dry hair and this did nothing for me except clean my hair yeah i wouldn’t i wouldn’t buy this again so it was yeah uh the last thing for hair is the herbal essences

Body envy volumizing mousse this is my go-to mousse so good so inexpensive this or the purple one both really good love them i will go back to urban austin this is mousse time and time again because it is so inexpensive it works so well it’s not crunchy or sticky and i just love it it’s the best hair mousse in the game love it all right i have some like body and

Bath things first of all i have the frank body uh coconut coffee scrub i love this it smelled amazing i really enjoyed the experience of using it it made my skin feel really soft and it was just really nice to use but it’s expensive i don’t know if i would buy this all the time i might buy it every once in a while it’s like a treat for myself or you know for like

The summers it’s like the perfect summer product actually this would be perfect in the winter more than the summer i don’t know but you know what i mean like a little treat every now and then i might pick this up but it was expensive and for me i would rather like go with my tree hut scrubs than this but i did really enjoy it and i will probably get more at some

Point um i might try like their normal one not the coconut one because the coconut one was more expensive but it was really nice and i really enjoyed it i also have a venus gillette uh with olay ultra moisturizing shave gel they just happen to be out of my normal shave gel so i got this it’s fine it’s a shave gel it’s definitely not my favorite gel shave gel i

Love the aveeno positively smooth there’s some sort of magic in that one it really works um but like i said they were out of that one when i went to go get more shave gel so i tried this like i said it’s just okay it’s a shave gel nothing magical about it and then i have my dr teals i have their um epsom salt and cook with uh coconut oil and i have their super

Moisturizing avocado oil bubble bath i like both of these uh i think they both smell really good to be honest i don’t know this doesn’t smell like avocado or anything to me but it smells really good it kind of smells like citrusy and i really like it the coconut one though it smells like a tropical vacation that i love it smells so good i i just really enjoy the

Smell of this one and i i just love dr teal’s products i’ve talked about these like every empties they work really well they’re inexpensive and i just love having these around for my bath time i think i’m actually out i need to go get more but um yeah so good these are some of my favorite ones i also love the lavender one but yeah these dr teals just definitely

The way to go for a bath okay i have a couple empty supplements that i want to talk about i have the neocell keratin hair volumizer and they’re hyaluronic acid i liked both of these i don’t know if they made a crazy big difference i did use the full bottle so it was 30 days worth of them yeah i don’t know if they made a huge difference if anything i think the

Hyaluronic acid one really helped i noticed my skin felt more hydrated and more supple um i didn’t notice any like crazy hair growth or volumizing in my hair with the keratin one but i enjoy both of these i’m always like nervous to talk about supplements because you know they’re very controversial i don’t take a lot of supplements i take a probiotic and then

Obviously when i was pregnant i took a prenatal vitamin but all right now tend to take a ton of supplements i don’t know they’re just not something i ever really got into or did enough research to know about um but these ones were pretty good and i liked them like i said i might do hyaluronic acid again the keratin didn’t really seem to do anything for me so

That’s just my opinion on those and then lastly this is really gross i’m very sorry i have a toothbrush head i just want to show you guys um i get these from target they go on my electric toothbrush but i change them every three months like clockwork um but yeah target makes really good toothbrush heads if you have like a name brand electric toothbrush check out

Target but yeah that is all my empties like i said it really wasn’t that much which is nice um i feel like i’m making less waste and i’m really using the things i’m buying which is nice but yeah let me know if there was anything here that you like love you hated if you have something you use up every month let me know leave me a comment i’d love to hear from you

Guys don’t forget to subscribe we would love to have you join our little adventure family here and yeah i think that’s it for this video so i will see you in my next adventure bye foreign

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GETTING RID OF SOME EMPTIES// Things I Loved, Hated, And Used Up! By Jacqueline Lemieux