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Gia Orders FAVORITE Baby Doll SKIT, But When She Comes in the Mail, a HUGE SURPRISE! Is She REAL??

Gia is excited to order her new baby doll and checks the mail often for her arrival! But, she’s in for a HUGE Surprise when she opens the package and finds a REAL LIFE BABY!!!

Are you excited yeah how excited i’m really excited really excited okay let’s go over here to see it you’re really happy oh gross what do you want to do here you got some ice cream huh is it good yes is really good good you ate it all yeah mommy was really good i’m gonna get your sister one from the ice cream shop let’s go make her one here’s you one

Delicious oopsies gia what you doing playing with my dollies playing with your dollies what’s your doll’s names um alicia okay alicia and sarah sarah are they twins no no who’s older sarah or alicia can you not see that she’s over look how small she is that’s true she does look a little bit older are these your favorite dolls yeah but i am getting tired of these

Um little dolls i want a new doll retire you want a new doll and i wanted to look like a real dog a real baby yeah well i understand that what would you have what would your perfect little baby doll look like it would have brown hair and brown eyes would it be a girl or a boy a girl a girl since you’ve been such a good girl at school this year and you’re in your

Last few days of preschool i think we should probably go inside and maybe get on the computer and pick out your perfect doll what do you think yeah that’s a good idea get my doll finish your ice cream first she can finish her ice cream eat up little baby strawberry ice cream with my favorite she’s done she’s done so all right now she’s gonna have the town okay and

Push them inside and we’ll go get on the computer and pick out a new doll new baby girl let’s go i’m so excited i’ll meet you in there hey gab you carefully get on the computer for a little bit oh great i’m playing prodigy i’m level 33 we won’t be on it long i promise okay your sister wants to pick out a new baby wait just one second yay i got the tag finally

Hurry up cool are you excited yeah yeah all right go have a seat why she needs more dumb baby dolls well she hasn’t seen the school year for her and that’s what she wants to pick out all right have a seat and let’s get this pulled up and we’ll pick out a new baby doll i know how to top right here yeah choco okay this is how you top it in okay so it’s r you’re

Close let me help you no i can do this like are you a computer genius you think so i’m better than her okay let mommy help you okay gia we’ve got these custom but mom look i got reborn babies i don’t see them let’s click on them and let’s see what we find oh my goodness look how cute i already see the one i love you see her the second one look she’s got dark

Hair a girl with a beautiful bow click on her click on her you can use your finger touch her no i want to do it with you where’s the point do you love her click on it it’s pretty good oh slow down now click on each picture let’s look at it oh my goodness gia she’s expensive i don’t know can i really get her don’t you think she’s a little expensive you promised

Well you have been a really good little girl let’s look at her pictures really quick oh i think she’s beautiful look at the babies is that the one you want yeah all right we will order it and it will be um in the mail it’ll come in a package okay maybe in a few days we have to be on the lookout for it okay i’m pretty sure i’ll come today you think today it may

Take a few more days than that but we’ll be on a lookout okay okay um what about that new doll that you’ve got oh that’s right what about it i’m gonna be here at the front porch oh you think it came in the mail today yeah let’s check unlock the door sometimes they leave packages on the front porch is it there is it there no oh no just a pair of shoes what that’s

Not fun but i got this castle maybe it’ll come tomorrow you want to check again tomorrow yeah okay mommy mommy let’s see if my baby was here honey you think it came today yeah it has to be oh surely sure it’s here it’s here what does it say hold on read it to gia enjoy your new baby so it is your baby you think it’s heavy oh a little bit you think you can pick

It up oh you got it good i’m so excited to see what it’s gonna look like oh be very careful it’s your brand new baby you ordered on the computer all right get it down are you ready to open it yeah can you do a little dance for me to show me how much you wanna open it yeah all righty let’s get some scissors and let’s cut it open okay hey cool you’ve got some

Hurry hurry it open turn it the other way be very careful scissors can be dangerous did you get it no i’m gonna try a little harder remove this side wait you’ve got to turn the wrong way turn it the other way yeah like that take it oh perfect yay you’re getting closer and closer and closer okay time for the big reveal i’m not done are you careful got it

Here let me help you oh my goodness are you excited yeah how excited i’m really excited really excited okay almost almost almost the tape i can’t get it all right ready let’s open it up let’s did we order a real baby i guess so it’s so cute she looks just like the picture except maybe we ordered a real baby hi baby baby in a box delivered to our front door

Should i get her out what do i do i’ll get her out gia do you understand this no this is a real baby this isn’t a doll this is a huge responsibility let me help you be careful with the baby oh my goodness can you put it in my hands oh my goodness again oh what are we gonna do with this little she’s beautiful i didn’t know you could order real babies we don’t

Have anything for babies what are we gonna be very careful what are we gonna feed her i mean we have plastic pretend baby dog bottles no we don’t have real diapers oh what are we gonna do oh my goodness maybe who do i call should i call the company gia that we ordered her from yeah you think yeah and then what should we say oh i think she’s scared you will

Come talk to her i don’t know what to do with the baby but i got like when millie she’s not happy talk to her talk to her talk to her play with her smile at her make faces i don’t know why what are we going to name oh my gosh should we send her that name should we send her back to the store she doesn’t seem happy look at this it’s a real baby mommy i got some

Cheese for her to eat cheese you want to feed a baby cheese do you eat cheese little baby would you eat cheese tonight she doesn’t seem like she even wants to be helped how long has she been in this package for your life you think she’s hungry i bet she needs a bottle i’m gonna go see if i can find something okay okay okay okay i found the best bottle i could

Find i think it was yours from when you were oh she’s so hungry gia what do you think should we keep her yeah do you love her yeah i think i kind of love her too she’s so beautiful look how good she ate she doesn’t even like cry to eat anything who knows how long she’s been in that package could it be like two days or something oh my goodness she’s been in in the

Delivery truck in a box i can’t believe that we’ve ordered a baby doll off the computer and and you said you wanted a baby doll that looked real like a real life baby but it is a real life baby yeah that’s why i wanted one oh wow hold her bottle up so she can get her milk okay well we can give it a try will you make sure you help me with her yeah i have to go

To the store and get diapers yeah but what about you holder all the time when i do the laundry and the dishes and the shopping well maybe we could do that so you get the cuteness and i could hard work oh i like that that sounds like a deal i’ll take the cuteness and you get the hard work since you chose this baby okay i think we’ll keep you we love you already

What should we name her still we’ll be thinking on a name okay what about crosby crosby that’s a pretty baby girl but we need a different one she seems sleepy why don’t we be quiet and we’ll feed her and let her rest okay you

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Gia Orders FAVORITE Baby Doll SKIT, But When She Comes in the Mail, a HUGE SURPRISE! Is She REAL?? By Funflix Fam