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Giant Rainbow Dash Hairstyle Hair Cut Makeover MLP Video

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Style Salon ponies can get a rainbow hairstyle! This giant Rainbow Dash can grow her own hair in a rainbow of dough colors. You can even decorate and style POP MLP ponies too like Princess Celestia, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie!

Honey hartsey looks like rainbow dash is coming on into the style salon for a brand new look because this play-doh pony looks really cool we can actually use her wings as like little molds you see that they’re kind of cut out really gross so we can make like beautiful bone rainbow hair for rainbow dash all right it looks like rainbow dash is all ready for a complete

Transformation we need to give her some color cuz right now she’s only blue and yellow so we need her rainbow hair to be added onto her oh she even has even more modes on this side of her so this one actually comes with a rainbow of play-doh colors so let’s go ahead and try this out because rainbow dash has this special little flap right here on the back of her head

That we can actually press and make hair for her so let’s do a whole bunch of rainbow colors ready let’s open this up okay we’re gonna add in a little bit of some purple so here we have a purple ball some pink some orange some yellow dough green and blue now that i have a whole rainbow of colors i’m gonna put each one of these color balls into rainbow dash’s hair

So i’m just gonna put it right in here right on the very top of her and press and this is what’s gonna create rainbow dash’s hair oh here comes your cup she’s growing hair let’s add some more in some blue in there press in the blue press press press press she’s growing her hair hearing oh no it’s turning blue it’s adding the green dough ball and press oh no it’s

Starting green now we’ll add in the yellow press press press now she’s growing yellow rainbow – your hair is so beautiful now a dough ball of orange put it right in there and press here goes more like here it grows let’s add in our pea pink color right in her head here we go keep that color growing nice and strong don’t have any breaks here we go there we go there

We go there we go rainbow – oh beautiful with her super long mane now of course we can add in some color to her tail so all we have to do because these are kind of like little molded pieces in her hair all we have to do is just kind of smash the dough in like that just smash and pull whoa add some blue in smash it in smash in some green smashy smashy now some yellow

Mixed in with a little bit of some orange and a little bit of some pink now of course we can do the same thing to her wings as well we just add in the color just kind of smash it in there add a whole bunch in for the blue and green add in yellow oh get some orange in there whoa and pink rainbow – super duper beautiful so now we can add in her cutie mark i’m gonna

Take some blue i have a mold right here of her cutie mark that i can press my dough into just like that and pop it out whoo there we go put it right on this side there we go now of course we can decorate her hair even more in style it by adding in some of these little cute shapes like we can give her a tiny little star little star in her hair and she’s got this heart

Shape do a little heart shape for rainbow dash put that in her hair now of course we can try to style it like maybe maybe we can give it a twist i just don’t want the play-doh to break there we go we’re twisting we’re twisting we’re twisting it we did it now we could put the stars back on and you know twist fire you’ll even we’ll do a big purple star here we go to

Kind of cover up this area right here that looks a little broken oh rainbow dash you look so beautiful well we can easily use some play-doh to make care for them too so of course for pinkie pie we’re gonna use this super duper bubbly bright pink we may have to share some of rainbow dash’s hair so let’s go ahead and we’ll clip it from here so we’ll give rainbow dash

A very very quick haircut so cut cut cut cut here we go okay just for a second just for a second until we make some more hair for the ponies open this up use all of my pink go ahead and put it on in and rainbow dash is happy to make some hair for her friends there we go we’re growing some hair from pg pi whoo so let’s add a little bit of some purple to pinkie pie’s

Hair just to make it a little bit more fun even though she normally does not have purple in her hair why not with play-doh there we go push that in now we can take all the pinkie pie’s hair and cut it thanks rainbow dash give her a super duper fun tail so there’s a new tail for piece of pie and this is the last piece of pink so i’ll have to add it on in and press

Press press press press press press let’s add another fun color in maybe just a little bit of some orange for pinkie pie i think she would like that alright now that we have pinkie pie’s mane which is just so fun and colorful now that we added some extra colors into her pinky let’s do some super duper fun crazy curls for her so she kind of has it piled up a little

Bit so we’ll pile her mane up kind of make some little curls there we go peach pie has her new hairstyle now we need something for princess celestia so same thing for princess celestia let’s mix up her colors and add in some really pretty colors since i don’t have her hair color i’m all out of pink so i that means i won’t even be able to make butter shiz name

That’s okay that’s the fun of play-doh is mixing so let’s get princess celestia some pretty green hair add in the green press press press there we grow apples do a little blue and purple we can add purple to her hair good she’s gonna have some super rainbow hair it’s like everybody’s getting a rainbow fight makeover by rainbow dash there we go wow we got lots

Of hair here oh so we’ll snip a little bit off for her tail here’s a new tail a new rainbow tail for princess celestia there we go and the rest of her mane here here we go gather up all these pieces and cut alright princess celestia you have been rainbow fied wow she has some really pretty colors going on now what do we have for fluttershy well we have just a

Few colors left so let’s do some yellow for fluttershy you can add yellow to her hair yellow oh looks like i still have some purple left in there go ahead and push that through now we’ll add in flutter sighs yellow push push push push push and one more color for fluttershy how about the last bit of blue there we go yeah we can cut all of this hair we can give

Her super duper beautiful beautiful mane that swirl around her ear there we go we didn’t leave enough for her tail push out the last bits of blue left really mix it up for her tail color a little bit of some green and yellow there we go alright fluttershy add this tail piece on you have now been rainbow five she got a rainbow dash rainbow dash makeover here we

Go now of course we can use little charm pieces on rainbow dash you make little accessories for the other ponies like a heart put this little heart here in fluttershy’s hair because she’s a sweetheart and do a little shooting the star for pinkie pie she’s just such a cool pony i love pinkie pie well i’m the star here we go a shooting star for pinkie pie and for

Princess celestia let’s do this rainbow shape there we go a little rainbow on her now let’s put rainbow dash’s hair right back on attach it right back to her head there we go she looks so beautiful and so do the rest of the ponies i love their rainbow hair makeover i hope you many fans enjoyed this video and i hope that it brought a smile to your face it’s super

Duper fun to play with play-doh you can change it up in any way you want this rainbow dash set is pretty cool i’d loved making all of these different hairstyles for these ponies make sure you press the subscribe button if you love horses you do not want to miss out on any other videos i know you’re just as horse crazy as i am and i will see you guys rainbow dash

Fly on over to my next video 580 fans big shout out to my amazing mini fans thank you so much for your super sweet comments please make more vids of my little pony hi please do more play-doh my little pony i love your youtube videos honey you are awesome you are full of inspiration and you are the best all your videos are amazing you are really fun to watch i’m new

To your channel well welcome to the fun honey i watch your videos every day yay i love your channel you’re so amazing i wish i could meet you i named my puppies that mun is honey and the other one is heart and they watch your video is that not the sweetest i love you honey you’re the best wow alright many fans who remembers what color did rainbow dash grow from

Her hair first was it purple blue green yellow orange or pink i’m 80 fans

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Giant Rainbow Dash Hairstyle Hair Cut Makeover MLP Video By Honey