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Goa Situation Update – November 2022 | NEW RULES, Guidelines, Nightlife, Watersports | Goa Vlog |

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Hey guys welcome to my channel in today’s video i’m going to be giving you guys the latest situation update for the month of november 2022. this is now the peak season this is the main holiday season here in goa so if you are new to the channel my name is moses j saldana i’m a local film goa so i give you updates on all of the things that are happening here guys

If you need to the channel please do hit the subscribe button as well as if you want more information like you want to find some really cool places and things like that i post a lot of reels on instagram so definitely check out my instagram as well as i give you guys the latest updates on all the parties that are happening and stuff like that on my stories on

Instagram so definitely check out my account and you can probably follow me and you can check out everything guys so anyway we are going to be doing some important information in today’s video because there are some new rules that have just come in which could give you guys a fine from 5 000 up to 50 000 and you could even get arrested guys so please watch this

Whole video so you know all the information and don’t get in into any trouble here in goa now first of all most of these rules have been put in place for the people not to trouble you but i’m going to explain everything else i’m also going to explain to you about the shacks i’m going to spell explain about water sports i’m going to expect about the car and bike

Rental prices that are shot up right now i’m going to explain to you so you guys have an understanding of how much you’ll be paying when you come to goa and what prices to expect and things like that now first of all let’s talk about the rules before i get into the other details now first of all the new rules which have been put in from the government of goa and

The tourism department is uh basically to remove a lot of these doubts that irritate a lot of you guys when you come here so the touts are basically people who are trying to you know they give you those pamphlets and they try to sell you things or you know the vendors that keep on coming onto the beach and harassing you to buy some chains or necklaces or things

Like that so the government has you know put in these fines to completely eliminate uh these kind of vendors also the hawker stalls you know selling fruits or things like that illegally will be completely removed now so that is i mean it’s helpful to the tourists where people don’t really bother you and you know people who keep on trying to sell you something on

The road when you are not interested and you just want to chill and enjoy your time at the beach but now let me start to tell you about how this could affect you now as a tourist when you come into goa you expect to chill on the beach you want to have a few beers i understand all that so i’m going to tell you how this can affect you first of all if you are you know

Not many of you will do this but if you cook in public that is completely banned now you’re not allowed to you know get your own vessels and start cooking somewhere this happens a lot because tourists come with these buses and you know they bring their own vegetables they bring out their own meat and rice and everything and they cook on the streets of goa which is

A little crazy and they make a complete mess of the place so that is why they have completely banned cooking in public like that other things are now which can affect you a lot which many of you will do is drinking in public so now drinking in public at all public places like beaches or breaking bottles on beaches or things like that uh drinking on the beach is

Completely strictly not allowed now you will get a 5 000 up to 50 000 fine you could even get arrested so make sure to you know know all the rules yeah so that is one of the things no drinking on the beaches if you want to drink on the beach you can drink at the beach but in the shacks so you can go to a shack you can sit inside the shack and then you can drink

No problem you will not get into any trouble but if you buy from a wine store and you take it to the beach and you know people are leaving bottles littering is not allowed so you cannot throw your bottles or your chips packets here and there if you are caught again you will get into trouble so these are important things to know before coming here uh yeah guys so

Those are like the important things that they have implemented here to help uh you know keep our beaches clean here in goa uh now let me talk about the other things now prices of bike and car rentals have shot up uh quite a lot so now bike rentals are starting like a activa which is the basic older ones are starting from 400 rupees here and uh if you’re going to

Get a little better bike it’s around 500 to 600 i and then after course you have to pay around 300 rupees for petrol petrol is not provided uh you have to buy on petrol from the petrol pump closest to you so they give you enough of petrol to reach the petrol pump uh also only one helmet is provided in goa you need only one helmet for the only the rider you don’t

Require for the person sitting behind uh you can take a small child with you if you are required uh the other things that are important to know is water sports are all open now even the fines are available for the water sports people as well if they are not in the designated water sports zone then they will get fines as well yeah so another thing which is very

Important for rules is drinking and driving guys so if you are drinking and driving or drinking and riding you could get into trouble so that would be around 5000 rupees fine for drinking and driving it’s around five to ten thousand rupees for drinking and driving so make sure if you’re drinking and driving uh no don’t do it but yeah uh if you’re if you want to

Drink you know get a hotel which is very close to the beach or which is very close to the activities that you want to go to like the clubs or whatever so that you can drink and walk home or walk to the place which you are staying and not get into any trouble but the police away is strict about drinking and driving now and from november december there would be even

More strict so please make sure to you know keep the rules now the next thing which is very important to know is all the shacks are completely open here you can enjoy in all the shacks as i mentioned you can eat drink at the shacks without any consequences yeah but make sure to you know follow the rules and not take your bottles onto the beach or anything you know

Even for photos or videos if you are caught you know you’ll have to explain that you are in the shack but make sure to not try and get into altercations like that so yeah now that is the important rules now let’s talk about clubbing all the clubs and parties are open there is a lot of clubs that you can go to uh also let me tell you about night markets before let’s

Talk before talking about the clubs i’m going to tell you about the night market so now there are two new night markets that have opened up here so it’s not new uh the friday market is the old market which has we had shut down for a few weeks but now they are back so every friday you will get the friday night market which is at hilltop which is in anjuna so uh sorry

Hilltop avagathor so you can go to the night market there the wednesday flea market which is in anjuna is open so you can go to the wednesday night uh day market it’s in the day so you can go from around 10 o’clock in the morning uh till around 6 30 in the evening this market is that even goes a little later but yeah that is the wednesday market then also we have

Another new nice market which has come which is the saturday night market the saturday night market is in arbora which is right next to the baga road i’ll put that link in the description so every saturday now that night market will be open so that’s a very big night market it’s not the old ingo’s market this is a new market which is near baga it used to be there

Before but now they have reopened it it is very pretty i’ll do a few videos of that place to show you guys and you get an idea of that market uh also now let me tell you about yeah the hotel prices hotel prices are extremely high right now so i would recommend if you are booking book right away before the prices go up uh make my trip and agoda has the best booking

Right now also now guys uh keep in mind when you’re coming to goa uh you have to have a higher budget because things on the beach and shacks and prices are quite steep now it’s not as same as last year or before that uh prices are little higher if you want to get cheaper options and budget food options you can watch my playlist which is the goa food vlogs which

I do a lot of food blogs here so you can just refer to that playlist which is on my channel and you’ll get all these budget food options like thalis and things like that which will you know save you a lot of money and these are all in popular areas so you you don’t have to you know spend a lot of money south goa everything is open all the shacks are open in south

Goa you can go to cola beach kola beach the kayaking is open you can go to palo alam palo alam the butterfly boat trip is now open uh you can go to utada which has beautiful one of the most beautiful beaches in goa what are supports one of the best water sports you can do in south goa is mobor beach or cavalosim for best water sports in north goa if you want you

Can go to uh wagathar or anjuna these are cheaper uh i think is one of the cheapest in goa kalangut baga you know what happens is there are too many people there is thousands and thousands of people so you have to wait in line for quite a long time and because of that they make the trip a little shorter even though they charge you quite a okay price around 1500

For like the full package with five i you know itinerary that is fine uh now the island trips are open you can go to the island trips grand island is open they even give you lunch and breakfast is around 1700. dolphin trip is included in that you can grande island i mean uh yeah so grande island trip is open the you can go to the islands uh yeah so the dude sagar

Waterfall is open the jeeps are available i would recommend if you’re going to do sagar to book before going don’t go directly there because the line is so long uh i just you know i just had somebody going there and they told me the line was like one and a half hour or something so what you can do is you can book it from a travel agency so the travel agent already has

The trip booked with uh you know the jeep only then they directly take you just have to wait for 10-15 minutes and then they take you in the jeep to the dudesagar waterfall uh the other good things to try out when you’re here in goa is to go to places like the you know spice plantations these spice plantations are very nice right now uh they make you some amazing

Lunch and it’s a really good experience if you’re trying you want to try something different and guys also my new south goa itinerary has just come in so if you want to do a three days itinerary for south goa you can watch that video also i have a four days itinerary for north goa you can check out that one as well i’ll put them both in the description so if you

Are planning to go to travel all over goa and want to see some of the best places uh recommended by a local then definitely follow that yeah guys so that is a little bit of the information from here in goa if you have further questions you can comment down below and i’ll be happy to help you guys but yeah just to give you guys a last reminder of the nightclub so

All the nightclubs are available uh there are a lot of other parties that are available like sunburn there’s like many sunburn versions that will be available as well parties and things like that so for that follow me on instagram i’ll be posting them on stories all these events that are happening every day whatever events are happening here because there are a

Lot of these unique parties pool parties things like that which are available so i post a lot of them on my stories so yeah guys thank you for watching please do like and subscribe and i’ll be bringing you guys lots of other videos from here in goa

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Goa Situation Update – November 2022 | NEW RULES, Guidelines, Nightlife, Watersports | Goa Vlog | By Moses J Saldanha