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Gold in our ancient kitchen!

Our ancient soup cupboard gets a bit of bling.

So the general consensus is to go with the three light bulbs um so that’s what we’re going to do although i really did like the lanterns we are susie and rolls that’s short for roland by the way follow our lives renovating a 15th century chateau and citadel foreign together with our rescue fur babies big baxter mad max and little lexia beaver foreign foreign

Foreign foreign we thought it would give you an update on our little dove um on name suggestions and the favorites so far are paloma florence snowy lucky sorry fluff and there’s a clear favorite those there is a clear favorite one front runner which is butterscotch butterscotch um which i suppose it’s a good opportunity to explain that one now uh

That was the suggestion of evangeline our 11 year old granddaughter i’m not sure the white dove and bus go to facebook well fortunately the white dove won’t know anything about it so um so unless you can come up with something better than butterscotch looks like evangeline’s got it and just an update on her her tail feathers are growing back yeah it’s amazing

How quick they grow really quick they’re about an inch short of her wing feather tips now yeah so yeah i just let her have a fly around the kitchen because i cleaned her out so yeah she could stretch her wings get a bit of exercise so she seems happy enough she makes a strange noise it sounds like a cockroach maybe it’s a boy maybe she was homed with a cockerel

And some chickens or something because so you suspect she’s tame the the white ones you see them for sale in the yeah um well garden city garden centers and they’re domesticated yeah and if you set her free she’d be like a target because she’s white yeah we had a white dove before and the hawk got it in there yeah yeah um yeah but she’s a ringneck dove yes so

Possibly called butterscotch we’ll let you know on that one so while roles had the spray can out the gold’s breaking i got him to spray the bathroom key gold foreign foreign welcome back lovely day again uh nearly 20 degrees it’s going to be today 1920 degrees not bad what is it friday 11th of november so yeah still shorts and t-shirt weather so i might

As well take advantage as you’ve seen i’ve taken off these doors that was a bit of a pain it took me nearly two hours to dismantle all that um the frame i i never had any intention of keeping that frame in fact i’m laughingly call it a frame um it was just various pieces of wood nailed and screwed and in some places wasn’t even attached to anything you know just

Flapping around so i’ve decided i’m going to start again with the frame um i’d have found some wood in the barn which i just had to put through the table saw and size it up i’m going for a slightly narrower frame um a couple of reasons really a that’s the wood i had so i couldn’t go for the same size but i didn’t want to anyway um because in the corner where that

Cupboard meets the pantry it’s a bit cluttered um so i’m just trying to reduce the size of the frame a bit just to free up that corner a little bit just from aesthetics really um not a practical reason for doing it it’s just aesthetics um so i’m gonna uh get the frame up i’m just measuring the gap i need so i can put the frame up um i’ve treated it for woodward

Because there’s some side of woodworm in that wood it’s not active anymore but i’ve i’ve treated it so i’m going to have to fill a few little woodwind holes but nothing major i want to get the frame up get a coat of the paint on it get another coat and color a coat of the parchment on get the hinges on the frame because it’s easier if i put the hinges on the frame

And then fit to the door i always like doing it that way but you know is always more than one way of doing a job some people might like putting the hinges on the doors first and whatever um so yeah that’s today’s task right i’m just working out before i put the frame together and up just the spaces i’ve put space between the top door and the bottom door there’s

A space underneath and i’ve allowed for a space above um then i i can lighter that off perfect okay hinge time so i’m gonna work out where the hinges are gonna go um and then when i fix this frame if i’m really clever i’ll be able to actually hide a couple of the screws behind the hinges so now there’s no rule regarding how you space these things but what

I generally do is try and find the halfway mark and because i’ve got two hinges i’ll then put the hinge halfway between the top and the halfway mark and therefore they might be nicely spaced but you never really know until um until you place them there so 111 so that’s 55 and a half which is roughly here let’s double check that yeah 55 and a half um 55 and a

Half by two uh 25 26 27 27 and three quarter i reckon which is somewhere around there and then 27 three-quarter he’s somewhere around there like a bigger gap so that’s one and that’s two so there’ll be that size gap at either end and then a slightly larger one in the middle which i think is a nice space um the other way of doing is you split the areas into

Three and then put them there so they would probably close up there there’s no rule it’s whatever you feel i quite like them though that’s where they’re going foreign to these lovely gold hinges what are two people suggested that actually gold hinge is odds appropriate in a rustic kitchen rustic setting um well you might be right you might be wrong doesn’t matter

But at the end day we’re going to try it and if they don’t work we’ll we’ll repaint them something else but uh we’re quite happy and as you probably worked out by now susie loves her gold um but of course when you think about a kitchen rustic or not you’re going to have modern things in there you’re going to have your fridge freezer your ovens your hobs your food

Mixers kettle whatever um so there’s no real rule that says you can’t have rustic um gold hinges um you know we’re trying to prove we’re trying to put a bit of color in there uh and a bit of contrast because the cover is going to be a parchment color which you’ve seen before the walls are going to be something similar but enough for there to be a contrast and

Then of course we’ve got to look at ways of putting color in the place um so you know we’ve got some lovely red appliances such as the um the food mix i just mentioned um so they’ll be splashes of color around and this will just be another splash of color we think it’ll work you know i’m not gonna get too fixated by this rustic thing but um it is going to look

Rustic no no no matter but doesn’t matter about the odd little detail not in my opinion anyway and if you really feel strongly about it then um you can tell susie because i’m certainly not all right foreign foreign we’re just off to pottier airport i’m doing a fleeting visit to the uk haven’t been back for two years now because when we arrived here we had

Locked downs and then we moved and at the rent place we were staying in and then i got ill so i’ve missed two christmases so i’m looking forward to going back lapping up the um christmas atmosphere yeah you’ve always enjoyed that you yeah you missed out yeah so yeah so the first year we couldn’t do it because of lockdown and last year i couldn’t do it because i

Was in hospital for seven weeks so it’s my sister’s special birthday next week so i’m doing a fleeting visit to hertfordshire and i think if um if you’re correct this is the first time you’ve ever been to protea for non-medical reasons yeah i think so when you’re just flying out yeah so i’m looking forward to it but i’m feeling a bit anxious because i haven’t

Flown for seven years but um yeah i was worried about going through the wrong gate but apparently there’s only one gate there it’s like a shed you’ll be fine there’s nothing else there no it is it’s just one building um there’s an inn and there’s an out that’s it and one play one player play at a time right well just got back susie will be waiting to board her

Flights bless her she um i don’t think she wants to go if i’m honest she didn’t seem very keen hi charlotte it’s mum i’m really looking forward to seeing you i’m really excited i’d like to a really big thank you to alexa she bought some coffees this week she said i love you guys treat yourself to a night out and she bought us quite a lot of coffees actually

So alexa thank you you’re a star and we love you too foreign about you but i’m happy oh that’s come up really nice i think gold works um yeah i’ve left them open because we’ve got still got fresh paint going on in there so i don’t want to actually shut them together um i’ve got to do another coat on this part on the trellis part um but i’ve i’ve painted all

Needs with three coats so i don’t have to mess around around the hinges so yeah i’m happy with that foreign

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Gold in our ancient kitchen! By Tales from Ch√Ęteau Citadelle du Cavalier