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Let’s do some grocery shopping haul together. I always like to share the few products I stock up in my kitchen after a trip to the shopping store. I also love doing shopping. When going shopping, what’s a must have for you whenever you get into a supermarket ? Do you go shopping with a list or how do you do grocery shopping for your household?

Hello beautiful people welcome and welcome back to my channel thank you so much for tuning in on today’s video as you can tell through the title we are going to be doing a grocery shopping haul and yeah let me show you the things that i got for this month they are just knickknacks and yeah let’s get into it so we are starting on this section and this is my

Cleaning and a little bit of oils and things like that so my cleaning supplies i got these rash scoring powder i love it i also got morning fresh scotting powder as well i bought about many guys this size and i got my favorite pride cleaning soap and then i got also the simba kitchen scorer i got myself two in one hand washing powder sunlight i got downy this is

One of my favorite down is to use when i’m cleaning clothes because oh it smells so nice and even when you’re cleaning and you can spray the cuttings and they smell amazing i also got nivea maximum hydration this is my favorite pack because it’s maximum hydration i also got these for my men this side i got menengai cream quality soap i got santa cream soap i got

Jamaa cleaning soap i got two packs of hand washing powder i got so i saw a bathing suit i got her pick for cleaning the toilet i got molten dough got imperial leather body wash that one pack i think it’s for ladies this one is men edition i got cleaning pieces this clean it and sufficient cleaning sponges i got morning fresh washes i got this spray air

Freshener i got beam i got white vinegar i got hand washing soap this is apricot now i have never bought it before i got superior shiner over here it’s getting a little bit dark so far and double clean got swept sponge cloth for cleaning the surfaces coming to this direction i have a lot more things i bought lemons and oranges a lot of them i also got a

Corn i got beef sausages value pack i love them oh these are sweets i got from belgium very nice i’ll be tasting those we have uh pick and peel orangeries i have orchid valley apples with i have pocket valley mango delight i got these uh penicillin wine i got a couple of beers and i also got some minute maids three small pieces i got cooking oil fresh fried

Cooking oil i also got ponte which is black currant fanta i got fan tattoo little fanta orange i got these uh concentrated tomato puree for cooking on this side i got these serravita marie biscuit cereal flakes for breakfast i also got this digestive biscuit with 50 percent extra on this side i got santa russia macaroni i think yeah this is for tickling they

Are very nice i love the designs i bought this design as well santa lucia and then i also got this pasta as well so i also bought a job home baking flour for baking as well and i got indomie five parts chicken flavor on this side i’ve got lemon and lime tea keto gold it is so nice i have been buying it and it’s amazing i got uh are want bacteria wipes those

Are my favorite wipes to use whenever i’m removing my makeup and i also got some chocolate here all night daily chocolate i also bought some tingly cheese and onion crackers i got these chef da canyon premium chip da it’s really really really nice these are one of my favorite snacks and i also got these crunchy potato crepes they’re also really delicious more

Grocery shopping haul go to this tomato paste peptan and these cloves tomato paste double concentrate i think one was going for about 138 kenya shillings got festive bread festive my favorite 800 grams got these amazing selling white soft pepper soviets and this one they look so beautiful the packaging i love it got um some spice paprika spice um 100 grams

I think for 170 kenya shillings i’ve got this four buns the big pack got this digestive natural wood biscuit from sandvik got these uh new glitter milk biscuits 400 grams got these corn flakes morning harvest delicious one pack i think this is 500 grams got these happy cherries haribo and the star mix fruit and cola flavored haribo as well goes my favorite

Tea the premium tea got some cupcakes milk baker’s cupcakes got five liters of vena cooking oil on this side got uh four kgs of cobras sugar this side they’ve got salt two packs on this side i got some royco cubes and maggie cubes i got zestra red plum drum blue band the usual uh beef sausages one kg pack call it bacon two packs 400 grams i got it grown

500 grams i got tropical delight orchid valley tropical orange guava passion delicious on this side i have fresh apples pink lady apples on this side i got blackbird natural sweet white wine yay blackbird natural sweet wine let’s see some tosca for the beer nervous super tissues two parts of that god spaghetti mama’s on yes no meat santa lucia we buy

Meat locally yeah yes no paper kitchen towel two rolls so so got chia seeds over here lots of spaghetti for the dried good pepper kitchen towel i have 5 kg dawat traditional basmati rice and here i got piles and piles of our job fortified all-purpose baking flour and i also bought this one all purpose wheat flour from golden for chapaties and malaysias and

Yeah that’s my huge grocery shopping home now return the things honey can you help me yeah and you haven’t tasted this now we can open whatever you want to taste we want to try that one wait for cut of one photo only and yeah that’s my basic shopping haul i feel like it’s it’s more of snacky grocery haul but it is completely perfect so i’m gonna be tasting

This candy that i got from my boyfriend and tell you how they taste yeah so watch out for that video coming to you next you

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