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Grow Alpha Beard Straightener To Kill Time During PTSD Program

I need something to do to kill some time. I still have two weeks but this will help a little.

All right y’all um i know in my last video i said that i was down in la for a ptsd program and you know we’re four days into it and during the day it’s been rough and bringing up a lot of emotions uh but it’s for the better but in the evening you know we have spare time but it brings up a lot of anxiety in that time you can only watch tv so much be on the

Computer so much so what i ended up doing is i’ve been against it but i ordered a beard straightener and you know you see how it’s kind of bunched up right here well i think if i straighten it out it’ll give me a few more inches so what i’m going to do is i’m going to flip the camera around and and show you the box and uh i’m gonna open it and show you

Guys what’s in there so let me let me set you up and uh i’ll show you all right so here we go um i’m going to open this up on the box i think it’s hilarious because it says professional beard tools um i didn’t go all out and spend a whole bunch of money on it but it says um being weak is a choice grow a beard and it says it’s all natural and organic and so

This is the beard straightener it plugs in it’s got an on and off switch here let’s see what it came with came with looks like a straight a straight edge some beard oil i want to say this is some beard balm yeah some beard balm nice little little comb a beard conditioner which i have never tried and i am curious and about beard shampoo that should be nice

Because i’m just using regular some scissors and a little bristle brush here’s the the blade for the straight blade it says straight in one second um now how how true that is i’m not 100 sure because i haven’t used it but what i’ll do is is uh i’ll show you all what the after effect is all right all right y’all so i ended up using the beard straightener

Um i don’t know if you can tell the difference but i definitely can it comes down it’s a little bit thinner towards the bottom um but it’s definitely longer i could tell the difference so that’s just a little bit of time it killed while i i’m trying to keep myself busy here and so i’m sure i’ll be putting out a few more videos over the time that i’m here

But if you guys have any suggestions on how to keep busy or things you can think of please just put them in the comment box and i’ll check it out alright until next time god bless

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Grow Alpha Beard Straightener To Kill Time During PTSD Program By Tony Casada