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GRWM New Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin | How to Use Bio Oil on Face

Looking for an alternative to Bio Oil and natural retinol? Check out my updated skincare routine:

If you guys aren’t warning people like i am not a morning person you will love this routine because it’s super quick and super easy hi guys welcome back to my channel where we focus on hair care and skin care if you have not joined this family already please hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any videos that i release today i want to walk you

Guys through my skincare routine and this is really exciting for me because this is the first time that i’m showing you guys my actual skincare routine and this is one that i started two months ago it actually has all natural products which i’m very happy about and it is really good for acne prone skin i have struggled with acne in the past so i wanted to develop

Something that would help prevent acne from showing up and also when i do get a pimple here and there it helps it to go away so much faster so probably within two days my pimples are gone which i love so so much and i don’t know if you have noticed already i really don’t wear makeup i will do my lips and eyes here and there but other than that i don’t wear anything

On my face so it is very important for me to have a really good morning routine so that i can still have that natural glow look moisturized and not look a mess on camera so we’ll go ahead and get started with my routine and as you will see in just a moment i am not a morning person so give me a little grace there but let’s go ahead and get started oh you all know

That feeling when you feel like you just laid down for bed and now the alarm is going off and a camera’s in my face but anyway if you guys aren’t warning people like i am not a morning person you will love this routine because it’s super quick and super easy so i’m just starting by throwing water on my face and then i’m going to go in with african black soap and

I decided to use this soap because it is said to be very good for acne it is supposed to remove acne scars and it exfoliates the skin naturally in the morning i only use my hands to apply the product and i don’t use a lot because as you can see just a little bit there goes a long way and it starts to lather as soon as i start to rub my face and it just has a very

Very soothing feel as i apply it which i really like and you don’t want to leave this on your face for too long because that could dry your face out so i am going to use cool water to rinse it off in just a couple seconds and i use cool water because it helps to close my pores another reason that i like to use the cool water is because it helps to wake me up

In the morning so you’ll see after this i will look like i am in a much better mood and you can also see there on the wall that there is a plug which is actually plugged into my ring light but trust me i’m being very careful to make sure that water is not getting over there and it is not actually as close to the sink as it looks on camera safety first next step

Is to spot treat any pimples that i currently have on my face and i use lemon juice to do so so i’m going to apply lemon juice to a q-tip and then i will just put that q-tip on whatever area has a pimple at that time and this is something that you do not want to leave on your face for long so i leave it on for about 20 seconds and then i rinse it off with cool

Water and i just read somewhere online that this helps and it actually does work for me my pimples are usually gone within two days after using this so i really like it and you would store it in the refrigerator now i’m just going to wait for my skin to dry and while i do so i’m going to brush my teeth with a new toothbrush that i definitely would recommend by

Burst now that my face is dry i’m going to use the bio oil as my moisturizer and i really like this because it is a very light oil but you still do not want to use a lot so i tip it over very quickly just to get a small dot on my hand and that was actually too much so i’m really gonna rub it into my hands this time and then i’m just going to pat it all over my

Face to make sure that i am getting extremely moisturized i chose to start using this one because it is natural and also because it focuses on removing acne scars which i did have on my face and i still do have a couple but i definitely think that it is really good at removing acne scars so i love this product a lot now because i have thick eyebrows i am going

To brush my eyebrows into place so i just brush them up and kind of out and then i will take my fingers and go over the top of them just to make sure no stray pieces are sticking up now i’m going to go in with burt’s bees lip balm and then their lipstick so i really like their lip balm because one it is natural and also because it is tinted so i really like

This color and i will link to this color in the description box for you and then i am going to use their lipstick which is number 502 and i love this color as well i got this on amazon so i’ll link to that also but i think this combination is very good for people with dry lips because both are moisturizing and both are natural so definitely do recommend both

Of these products as well and that is literally all that i do in the morning and as you can see it took a few minutes for me to finish and it is so easy to do and like i said before i do not wear makeup so the bio oil really gives me that glow that you can see it is literally like i am wearing a highlighter and then the lip balm and lipstick just set it off

Normally i would follow my skincare routine with my hair routine where i take my scarf off and then i apply some oils which i will link here but that is normally when i do a wash and go but since i did not do a wash and go it was very easy to just shake my hair out and that is literally it i am ready to get dressed now and then we can switch over to my nighttime

Routine i am fresh out the shower and ready to start my nighttime routine i’m going to use the same products that i used in the morning but in a slightly different way so i’m going to start with the african black soap but this time i’m going to use a brush to apply it to my face and i don’t use a lot of the soap here because it does foam a lot as it circulates

Around my face and you’ll see that it just basically takes over my face as i’m doing it but i only use the brush at night because using it twice a day was too much and it felt like it was scratching my face and to avoid the irritation i just stopped using it in the morning and i think this works much better for me but it is a really good tool to exfoliate so i

Definitely did want to keep it in my routine somewhere and again just as i said in the morning you don’t want this to stay on your face for too long so after a couple minutes i am going to make sure that i am thoroughly rinsing my face off with cool water because you don’t want your face to dry out and then the cold water helps to close your pores after i finish

Rinsing my face i’m going to do a spot treatment again with the lemon juice and the q-tip and this is only done again if i have a pimple that i want to remove very quickly and i saw on the internet that it’s recommended that you should do this a few times a day but i don’t have time for that so i only do it twice a day once in the morning and then once at night

And then again as i do the spot treatment i do let the lemon juice sit on my skin for 20 seconds before rinsing it off with cool water next i’m going to use the bio oil again after my face has completely dried but i am going to do it a different way so you will want to stay tuned to see what i do differently at night with the bio oil and as i’m still waiting i am

Going to brush my teeth and floss and then my face will hopefully be completely dry after that and it was so i’m going to go in with the bio oil and this time i’m going to use even less of the oil and i’m going to apply it first to my eyes and then i’m going to massage it onto my forehead and then i’m going to apply it around my mouth and i am only applying it

To these three areas because these are the three areas that i really want to prevent aging so it’s really important to keep those areas moisturized and i do have oily skin normally so in the summer i would not do this every day i would do it either every other day or every three days or if my face does feel dry then i will go ahead and do it even if it is outside

Of that routine and once i’m done applying the oil i am completely done with my nighttime routine so again another very quick and simple skin routine and i am ready for bed all right thanks for spending the morning and night with me today i really hope that you enjoyed the routines i would like to note that the morning and night routine are very similar but the

Couple changes that i made at night really have made a huge difference in how my skin feels throughout the day and with the acne so i thought it was really important to show both of those to you i really hope that you enjoyed both if you did please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already and as always i’ll see you next time

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GRWM New Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin | How to Use Bio Oil on Face By AshieLauren 365