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hair chalk chalenge!!!!

Welcome back doughnut lovers today we are going to be doing the hair chopped salad so what it is is we’re going to be putting like random color hair chalk yeah in our hair so we’ll like pick um wit it’ll be random i yeah so we’ll just randomly grab one off like the floor cuz it’s going to be mixed up and then we have to put it in our hair and the other people can

Choose where they put yeah chocolate and you got so we each have partners to do our hair who wants to do my hair i’ll do it okay avery and then naomi here do you want to do your hair maddy okay and then so now nyomi a gym yeah okay so let’s get started okay so we will just empty them out right here okay who wants to go first um i’ll do your hair okay okay i only

Have all the colors we have is this read this orange this yellow oh in this dark pink this light on let me get a blindfold this screen this it’s a dark green this light blue kind of her boy loose so yeah it’s dark clean and then a light purple a dark purple okay so we have this as a blindfold so put it over my eyes so i can’t see anything so i just pick okay what

Did i get hey oh oh matt nyomi we have to discuss where to put it close your eyes again okay so you use you can just is this and close it on my hair so close your eyes again we’re going to put and you guys don’t touch it so i don’t okay we got it memorized okay so just close it on the park how does it do it and then you go like this and grab the hair and you click

This song so that you have like a straight surface and you clip it on i’m actually turns up really well it looks like it cutting yeah she got put it up boy yeah sorry if at a certain one any of our video you can’t see yes it’s just yeah come okay i’m napkin so here’s what you haven’t no far oh yeah so turn your head and wait we’re doing more than one section no i’m

Just need to finish oh this is kind of looks like a tiger pattern of it yeah okay and now get on your head and here’s the finished product alright the next i’ll go next oh my god i love it calimesa wasted okay so okay i’m name is booked seats o u23 okay i got this color green and then you have to block like an onion you guys you to get to choose where you’re gonna

Put it i think three is gonna okay we went to work okay we discussed it yeah we doing okay i’m gonna frustrate that’s fine these are the best colors i didn’t want really why don’t want this one it’s ugly i can’t do this terrible you need rest robin you can help them it’s like coloring maybe i guess yeah oh and we’re using all natural so it doesn’t like do any

Harm yeah it washes out with a day with a normal shower just maybe add a little extra like row yeah and a little extra with it too much because i can’t go to school i barely did any look at it maddie you look oh my god yes let me help oh too much hair yeah that’s good uh yeah okay okay your turn my charm is see this okay you got that here’s the finished product it

Doesn’t really show up so right there yeah you can see it barely okay i’ll go get the blind okay you have to do it like really hot oh yeah music it’s gonna be hard with you because like need black hair black okay also choose one i need they’re just a light color nor dark color she’s fine that’s how you like it purple i’m phone light purple okay if it turns up yeah

Okay i’ll do it we got it no no no no no i can hear you guys okay weird we’re ready so we chose the top of right here stop turn turn more more other way other way perfect oh yeah that’s right i’ll be right back don’t leave me butterflies oh it looks so pretty i’m not done okay i think we shall be done turn it looks pretty let’s wait until avery gets back this is

The next one okay stop thanks for watching you guys we will you will see avery in the next video but thanks for watching bye guys bye

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hair chalk chalenge!!!! By Donut Sparkle Girls