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Hi friends in today’s video I will be trying out this hair dryer I bought online. It’s supposed to be a dupe for the revlon, let’s see how it goes . Also don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe, it’ll mean the world to me. Thank you 😊.

Hi friends and welcome to my youtube channel thank you guys so much for clicking on my video in today’s video i’m going to be blow drying my hair the hairdryer we are going to be using today is this one i just recently got this online and this is what the hairdryer looks like and this is if i’m not mistaken this is a dupe for the revlon i forgotten what it’s

Called but this is the dupe for the revlon um hair dryer i watched so many youtube videos of people using the the the original revlon one and i searched for that but it was too expensive for me so i instead bought this one and i’m going to be trying it out to see if it works and this is what it looks like it’s made of is made out of plastic it has the the

High medium low and off here and i think you just have to twist oh yeah you just have to twist this to take it to whatever level your you want so yeah i’m going to be trying this out it’s on the living condition i’m going to be using is the canto argon art argan oil leave-in conditioning repair cream and i’m just going to put in my cancer living condition as

Time goes by and our section of the part the part i want to stretch first so my camera wasn’t filming but the settings i’m using to blow dry my hair is the middle one this one here this one so let’s continue so guys i’m done blow drying one side of my head and i’m going to go off camera to blow dry this one and then i’ll be back so i’m done

Drying my hair i have some pros and cons that i want to share with you guys concerning the blow dryer so the first is the pros the blow dryer is pretty good and i blow dried my hair pretty quickly like in 30 minutes i already detangled my hair so it wasn’t it didn’t take long for me to finish blow drying my hair that is a pro for me the second is it has these

Um spaces like i don’t know how to how do i show you guys yeah you see those spaces it has like spaces so if you are blow drying your head the air doesn’t just come out from one place like it doesn’t just come out here but it comes out around the blow dryer so it’s very easy to like you can turn it like this you can go down you can like like wherever you turn

It air is going to come out of it so for that for me that is a pro because i’ve i’ve i used the blow dryer once before and it was that the one that has edges coming out from the the mouth and using this one i think this for me this is better and it also has like a brush on it so it’s doing double work like you are blow drying your hair and it’s also combing

Out the rectangles for you so that it’s a pro and then the con i have just one thing i did not like about the blow dryer it’s very bulky so if you have like tiny hands it’s going to be really big in your hand and it’s it’s like it’s heavy kind of heavy to hold so if you if you have like a very small hand it’s going to be a lot of work for you to use this blow

Dryer but yeah that is it for my video thank you guys so much for watching and if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to like comment and subscribe and i’ll see you guys in my next video i’m just going to go protective style my hair and then bye guys

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